Storyboard by storyboard artist Nick Teti/Nicholas Teti III,

(720) 299-2084

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Nick Teti III, artist & Storyboard Artist

Nicholas Teti III (Nick for short). I am an artist providing storyboard art, comic artwork, concept art, fine art. In additional to video, photography, media and graphics. I have been drawing and making art since the 1970’s, (as a kid). Starting in video, photography and television in the 1990’s.  Please scroll down and through the menus above to see my artwork and production work.

I have a college BA in Communications/Media Production/Journalism and a minor in Fine Art. If you need a storyboard artist that can take your ideas from script or treatment to storyboard. Or from concept art, to video, television, photography or film, contact me. My degree, prior experience before college as an artist and my years of experience.

Both art, as well television, photography & film can help any client take a script to the screen or to other medium. And for other artistic need or to enjoy.  You can hire me to assist you in a specific stage of concept or in media production.

Advertising Storyboard #1

Storyboard Artist,  Crest with Scope #1Storyboard Artist,  Crest with Scope #2

Storyboard Artist,  Crest with Scope #3Storyboard Artist,  Crest with Scope #4

Storyboard Artist,  Crest with Scope #5

Advertising Storyboard #2

Below is one of other pages showing storyboard of my art. Aside from storyboards, I can make art in several mediums including digital, pencil, ink, paint, marker, pastel other art material. Or a mix. Use the table of contents above to view more of my artwork. As well read about my company’s other services. 

Storyboard artist Nick Teti, (720) 299-2084

Storyboard art, storyboard artist - (720) 299-2084

storyboard artist Nick Teti, (720) 299-2084


Art Capabilities

I can help with a number of types of artistic mediums as well services. I can also mix traditional art sources with digital medium to create artwork for story boards or other art. Not just in storyboard art or concept artwork, I can also provide fine artist services or for television, film, entertainment, design, and other media platforms.

Fine Art

  • pencil, colored pencil,
  • ink (brush, dipped paint or modern ink pens)
  • charcoal,
  • chalk,
  • watercolor,
  • tempura paint,
  • pastel,
  • painting with acrylic,
  • Mixes of some of these mediums.

Storyboard art and fine art by artist NIcholas Teti III, Nick 1 (720) 299-2084,

Digital Art

  • Illustration
  • Animation, or rendering, including sketched shading, or cartoon shading
  • Photography
  • Video and motion graphics including video footage, film, graphics/animation and other media integrated
  • Medias can be mixed together. (720) 299-2084 Digital Art by artist Nicholas Teti, 3D renderings

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Skype: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado).

What’s App: Nick,

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