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Nick Teti aside from video production, photography, motion graphics and animation. I provide storyboard artist services. As well Illustration, art, concept art, set and character design. Among other artistic services. Scroll down this page for an introduction to storyboards. Please use the table of contents above or below to see more storyboard examples.

  1. Introduction to Storyboards
  2. Ads Storyboards, Crest, Auto Dealer
  3. Comic Storyboards
  4. Land Rover, Part 1
  5. Land Rover, Part 2
  6. Land Rover, Composite
  7. Tide Laundry Detergent
  8. Feature Scene, 1 Cut
  9. Science Fiction Samples

Storybaord artist, concept artist, comic & graphic novel artist Nick Teti, 1 720 299 2084,

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Story Board Samples, Page 1

Storyboard frame #1, Scene from Feature Film

Storyboard frame #1, storyboard artist Nick Teti 1 (720) 299-2084,

This is take from a scene of a feature film currently in storyboard, conceptual art and script phase. I own all rights of use to this media.

Story board drawing #2, Scene from Feature Film

Frame 2 of storyboard, feature film,

This is another storyboard frame depicting another shot in the scene on a feature I am working on in concept production. This is the pencil only version.

Storyboard art #3, Scene from Feature Frame 3 of a storyboard, feature film. Artist Nick Teti, Nicholas Teti III.

This is another storyboard from frame depicting another shot in the scene on a feature I am working on.  In concept production. This is the pencil draft version to keep some elements private. The series is in the concept art phase, and I am the writer.

If you need a storyboard artist or concept artist with knowledge of video, film and television production, I have the skills. Including writing, camera blocking/operation, composition, color, and editing/post. 1 720 299 2084 Concept Art for feature film poster, Storyboard & Concept Artist Nick Teti 1 720 299 2084 Concept Art for feature film poster, Sotyboard & Concept Artist Nick Teti

"Crew" 1 720 299 2084 Concept Art for feature film poster, Sotyboard & Concept Artist Nick Teti

Concept Art vs. Storyboard Art

Concept art is often used for developing ideas including characters, themes, and plots. Among other assets in a video or film or television production but it can be incorporated into storyboards. If can also be used in graphic design, comics or other media.

Many feature films rely on scripts, concept art and storyboards. If a writer & director develops a film or production, they may not need a storyboard. But it is a great idea to save time on shot and scene blocking, including actors, cameras and the environment. It’s better to have a storyboard that is scripted. Plus a script with storyboard frames for camera & shot blocking.

It also assists in costume design, set design, camera crew direction, camera framing, lighting, actor direction among other use.


Tribute Art / Fan Artwork. Bernie Wrightson art tribute. Not for profit.
Tribute Art / Fan Artwork. Bernie Wrightson re-drawn. Not for profit. Think of comics as the original storyboard. Bernie Wrightson was a major art influence of mine.

Concept Artist / Storyboard Artist, 1 (720) 299-2084, Colorado USA

"Skateboarder" storyboard artist Nick Teti III, 1 (720) 299-2084 Storyboard frame, 1 7200 299-2084, Nicholas Teti III

Development, Concept Art

& Storyboards

Concept art is often the first stage of any production in media. And is often used in story boarding to develop storyboards or scripts. It can be used to develop ideas that then become finalized in storyboards. And scripts as well. It’s often the first stage of drawing, illustrating or creating storyboards.

From scripts and designing a feature film, TV commercial or other need. Concept art can be used in more than comics or feature films like design, engineering or other needs.

With storyboards can be the script or to enhance the ideas of a script. Conceptual art as well is used in various stages of scripting, drawing storyboards. Or to create the themes and other needed elements, including the story, plot or message. Storyboards are often drawn after concept art, but often in the conceptual stages.

Think of conceptual art as the planning stages. Then the creation of the needed ideas to then storyboard and script into a program or production. Or communication, other message, in film or television production.

Storyboard Media Examples: pastel, watercolor, charcoal.

Mediums creating storyboards, artwork

comics or concept art

There are a number of mediums from pencil, ink, paint, chalk, pastel, crayons, markers, charcoal among many other traditional artwork. or other art methods. The digital methods can mix these medias above with digital painting or drawing. Or combine a drawing or painting to a digital canvas to be colored more.

Digital mediums like 3D software, 2D software, graphics / illustration software. Including raster or vector art that are used in concept art, and storyboards. And also comics or graphic novels. Adobe software like photoshop and illustrator, animate are the most common from Adobe. Autodesk has Sketchbook and Toon Boon has Storyboard Pro.

Storyboard artist, (720) 299-2084

What is a storyboard artist?

Storyboard artists or illustrators draw a script or use illustration into frames or pictures. Or use digital methods like collage, 3D rendering or graphics software to create a storyboard. Storyboards can also recreate a script as well giving more visual guidance.

To a camera crew, camera person, producers, editors or other people producing media. Mostly for television, film or video. They may also create a storyboard from a treatment on narrative or other written or verbally expressed ideas. Storyboards include the environment, characters, events, products, or other things together. They may be used for entertainment or for advertising or other purpose.

Comic series Spartacus, Storyboard Artist, concept Artist

Why Hire a Storyboard Artist or Concept Artist

Storyboards provide better direction for a director, director of photography and actors. And for other members of a film or television crew. The storyboard art and concept art can also help set designers, costume designers or carpenters. Or assist others whom make scenery or props or other resources in a film.

Anything from camera movement, to actor direction to all other ideas. These ideas are depicted in storyboard art and often concept art.

Acrylic Paint, / Nick Teti, fine artist

Fine Artist

I have a fine art background, years of applied experience since the 1970’s. When I started drawing and painting as a kid. Then also learning modern digital art methods, aside from the artist services listed above. I can be hired as a fine artist as well.

I have applied education since elementary school through college as well. I can also be hired as a digital artist, for design, illustration or other media. I can also integrate fine art methods into concept art or storyboard artwork.

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