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Colorado area Camera Crew

Mister Photon Media began when Nick started as a contractor after years of staff jobs in television production. Nick’s experience includes editing, producing, talent direction, camera operation, photography and related skills. Including audio, lighting among other skills in photography, video and film. Nick’s BA is in journalism and applied art.

We can provide and entire camera crew of specific type or crew members with specific expertise to support you as a client.

Types of Camera Crew Services

There are nicknames for specific camera crews and niches in some instances. Here are a few types of crews that Mister Photon Media provides.

  • Television Crew, capturing live broadcast footage or recording footage for TV programs to be edited. Typically for a TV series or an individual program.
  • HD or 4K video crew, are the most common types of video crew. Larger pixel format cameras from 5K to 12K are available as well.
  • Film Crew,  is sometimes a nickname for a video crew or television crew. But it’s more appropriate for a camera crew filming with a motion picture camera, or a 4K or larger pixel format camera,
  • Corporate Video Crew, a video crew hired to produce and shoot or shoot for a producer. The purpose being some video message for a company.
  • ENG Video Crew, is an electronic news gathering crew. Either shooting live news or television or recording for a future broadcast. Sometimes used for other terms or assignments, but they all apply to television.
  • EFP Video Crew, an older nickname for electronic field crew that is not used much.

Video, film, television production samples

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Camera Crew Members for Support

For camera people, producers, production managers needing to form a camera crew in Colorado, Mister Photon! With ample local talent,  Follow this link to learn more information.

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