Nick Teti
Telephone: 1 (720) 299-2084

Colorado conference photographer
& videographer / Video Production, Mister Photon Media

For clients needing a professional still photographer for an event like a meeting, PR coverage, or other business need, Nick Teti and Mister Photon Media. We help throughout Colorado. We can also assist with concerts or other events. (Except weddings).

Aside from photographer services we can also provide a videographer, video crew or video production services. For conferences, events, political conventions, virtual meetings or conferences among other needs that require live broadcast, live streaming or for television.

Conference & Event Sample Photographs

Professional event photography by Nick Teti, photographer

Colorado photographer, conference event photographer
Senator Michael Bennet, D, Colorado speaking at the DHCC in Denver CO, photographer Nick Teti
Concert event photography by Denver Colorado professional photographer Nick Teti

Colorado Conference Videographer, Video Production

For clients needing a Colorado conference video produced, including a zoom or other type of virtual conference or meeting, Mister Photon Media. Providing professional videographers, a complete video crew, as well video production.

Multiple cameras, presentations, graphics and other video sources can be blended together or done by single camera if budgets are smaller. Aside from conference or event video, Nick & Mister Photon Media also provide video production and television production services, or still photographer services for other needs in Colorado.

We can also live stream conferences and virtual meetings or company events.

Video produced for a Conference Highlight Presentation

Conference montage video production,
The International Space Station


Nick provided videographer services, and technician services to cover this conference for the International Space Station in Denver CO. This is not a sequential start to finish video of the conference, but a highlight reel of the weeks events.

If you need multiple videographers, and technicians, including camera, technical directors, location sound, lighting, graphics, or a photographers to support your conference, Mister Photon Media can provide these services to support your video production. As well, we can provide still photographer/professional photography services to you as any type of client.

Sample AAA Conference video,
in Colorado Springs

Hillary Rodham Clinton Political Campaign,
National News Highlights

Nick has several experiences in live broadcasts, including political coverage on conventions, as well political campaign stops. An assignment like the one listed above takes confidence in one’s skills, being at the top of many call lists. Including:

  • NBC MSNBC & NBC News
  • NBC Sports
  • CBS, Sports & CBS News
  • ABC & ABC News
  • CNN various & CNN Espanol
  • Tribune
  • FOX & FOX News
  • CBC
  • APTV
  • Many Cable TV networks
  • among a few others.

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Other Conferences

We as a video crew, Nick as a photojournalist, videographer, as well director of photography covered other conferences that include:

  • 2008 Democratic National Convention, other DNC conventions outside Colorado, as well RNC conventions.
  • Several political rally’s / speeches.
  • Corporate / business conferences of all types of varied clients.
  • Sports conferences, Summits, including the Olympics among other sporting events for many networks.
  • Remote virtual conferences and meetings.
  • Uplinked conferences by satellite trucks.
  • LiveU, TVU and other streaming technologies for broadcasts.
  • Other live broadcasts, events, performances photographed or recorded.

Virtual Conferences, Remote Meetings & Events in Colorado

Mister Photon Media has a highly experienced technical director who can direct and switch live events, broadcasts, remote conferences or meetings, to networks or CDN’s like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, Dacast or Skype.

We can take a camera or multiple, graphics and other sources switching them so the other audience can see the conference, presentation or meeting. For smaller budgets a single or two cameras can be used or a larger video crew can be employed. If you desire a satellite truck uplink from Colorado to any other part of the word, Nick can refer a company to you that does not require an internet connection.

Other Video, Film and Television Production Playlist

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