Nick Teti III, Storyboard Artist,
Concept & Fine Artist

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Storyboard Samples, page 3-2

Below is another frame from the storyboard TV advertising series.  You can see the entire sequence here.     The prior page and page after this one are all the same treatment of a storyboard where I conceived the story and drew it out for the hiring agency producing for their client for a television commercial.  Aside from advertising agencies I can provide storyboards for other clients like production companies, networks, film producers among others. I can also draft up concept art and take it to the storyboard stage, draw or create art for graphic novels, comics or other use, including poster design. Aside from pencil drawing, I can illustrate storyboards digitally, or use a hybrid method, or use a number of media types for a specific look or theme building mood using color palettes. I co-own the usage rights to all storyboards I create, however I will respect release deadlines and not pre-publish any work before your production is out.

Storyboard artwork by Nicholas Teti III, 720 299 2084

Storyboard artist, storyboard art drawing, Nicholas Teti III, Nick

Based in Colorado,
Art for any part of the globe

I can help clients with storyboard art anywhere on the globe, or other artistic services mentioned. Graphical services aside from video and photography production include:

  1. Storyboard Art
  2. Conceptual Design & Concept Art by traditional media or digital creation
  3. Graphic Novel Illustration
  4. 3D and 2D motion graphics / animation
  5. Character Design
  6. Comic Book art illustration
  7. Poster Design, cover design
  8. Fine Art
  9. Other video, film or television production support
  10. Still Photography

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Skype: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado USA).

What’s App: Nick,

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