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SPEED Channel shoot for On Assignment with Dave Despain in Boulder Colorado by our camera crew.
SPEED Channel shoot for On Assignment with Dave Despain in Boulder Colorado by our local freelance HD camera crew.

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Cameras Listing, Video & Film

Mister Photon Media’s camera crew can scale to the need. A TV crew with specific TV program experience, ENG, EFP or corporate video production. Or other type of crew or the crew members.

Nick, is an award winning cameraman & director of photography winning Emmy, Telly, Accolade & Beacon Awards. Or hire us to support you as a camera crew, producer, network or other business.

Sony format cameras

FS & FX Series Cameras
  • Sony PXW-FX9 (4k to 6k)
  • FX6 (4k to 6k)
  • 2 Sony PXW-FS7 with XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit HD to 4K/UHD
  • Sony NEX-FS700R Super 35 Camcorder (720p HD up to 4K)
    • 18-200mm E Lens
    • 16-70mm E Lens, F4
    • 8mm E-Mount fish eye, F1.8
    • 16mm E-Mount, F2.8
    • 19mm E-Mount, F2.8
    • 12mm EF Canon mount lens, fish-eye
    • 15mm Canon EF lens, fish-eye
    • 16mm EF Canon mount lens
    • 15-75 Canon lens
    • 24-75 F 2.8 Canon lens
    • 18-35 F 1.8 Sigma lens
    • 70 to 200 Canon EF 2.8 lens
    • Metabones EF adapters (x2)
Sony Alpha RII
  • 4K video and 5k still photos. E-Mount lenses work the best on this camera.

PMW Series:

  • PMW-320K with a Fuji 5.6×16 wide angle lens
  • PMW-F3 with MTF Canon Mount
  • PMW-EX3 with additional B4 lens mount
HDV & DVCAM Dual mode cameras
  • HVR-V1U HDV / DVCAM videotape camera
  • This camera records both 3D or 2D AVCHD video shooting to internal storage or SDHC cards.

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Panasonic Cameras

  • HD video, 4K and UHD formats
  • HD videotape recording 1080i or p or 720p in NTSC or PAL
  • AG-HPX 170
  • AG-HPX300 (higher rate on 300)
  • 4 P2 Cards

Canon Cameras

(Canon Mount lenses listed above)

DSLR and 35mm 
  • EOS 7D SLR
  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS C300 camera
  • Hoodman viewfinder.

Arri Cameras

  • Arriflex 35III motion picture film camera package with Cooke S4 14 lens + Zeiss 35, 50 & 85mm prime lenses.
  • Nick has operated of SRII, SRIII, 235, 435, Arriflex Amira, Alexa, along with some older Arri film cameras.

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RED Cameras

  • RED Scarlet M with Canon Mount lenses, reader & cards
  • EPIC Dragon with Canon Mount lenses, reader & cards
  • Experience operating One, Scarlet, Epic, Raven and Weapon models

GoPro Cameras

  • Go Pro Hero+ Silver 3 & Black cameras with suction mount & waterproof housing included. Additional Go Pro’s are available as well.

Digital Recorders

  • Atomos Inferno recording up to 4K,
  • NanoFlash recorder

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Canon & Canon Mount Lenses
  • 12mm prime
  • 14mm prime
  • 16mm prime
  • 15-35 zoom (F1.8)
  • 15-85 zoom (F3.5)
  • 24-70 zoom (F2.8)
  • 70-200 mm zoom (F2.8),
  • 70-300 zoom (F4.5).
E-Mount Lenses
  • 8mm Fisheye
  • 16mm F1.8
  • 19mm F1.4
  • 18-200mm variable
  • 16-70mm 4.0

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B4 Video Lenses
  • Fuji 4.8X Super Wide angle lens,
  • Fuji 7.5X14 Pegasus III,
  • YJ18x9B4 long telephoto lens
  • (HD) Canon HJ 7.6×22 long telephoto lens
  • (HD) Fuji HA 5×10 super wide angle lens
Matte Box & Filters
  • Lens filters
  • Petroff P-sized matte box also available with other camera support.
  • Chrozeil Mattebox
  • Grad ND, blue sky grad, polarizer, sunset grad, pro mist with other filters available.

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Reality show, TV/television crew on the television show production The Last Cake Standing in Denver CO.
Mister Photon Media on the set of Last Cake Standing. Our other experience on reality shows started from the first ones to ever air. Call on us for an experienced TV crew.

Camera Support Gear

  • High-Bright Outdoor teleprompter
  • Freestanding In front of lens teleprompter
  • Through the lens teleprompter
  • Presidential Prompter System
  • Prompter systems come with teleprompter operator

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Professional Monitors & Recorders
  • Panasonic BT-LH1700 17″ HD monitor
  • Elvid 7″ HD Monitor
  • 5″ 4K to 1080p monitor for Steadicam
  • Atomos Inferno 4K recorder, that can record QuickTime ProRes, or DNxH including in other video resolutions.
  • Convergent Design NanoFlash, that recordist MPEG, QuickTime, MXF formats up 1080 HD.
  • We have Sony and JVC SD monitors as well

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Professional Tripods
  • Sachtler 20III with Gitzo carbon fiber tripod legs, (with no spreader needed based on the design). This is the most used tripod in the inventory.
  • Sachtler 3 stage carbon fiber legs with mid level, as well as ground level spreaders.
  • Manfrotto 516, 501 head with aluminum tripod legs, and spreader. These are lighter and can be moved quickly, but still are ample for our cameras.

These tripods are popular among camera people and film, television or video crews.

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Stabilizers, Gimbals & Rigs
  • DSLR Gimball (Zhiyun crane 2)
  • Monfrotto MVG 460 Gimbal
  • Vision Monopod
  • NEWER shoulder mount
  • Wooden Camera shoulder mount
  • FlyCam 5000 with vest (similar to SteadiCam system)
  • Ronin with EZ-Rig
  • Fig Rig
  • LevelCam
  • Experience & access with other SteadiCam rigs
    Nick is a veteran steadicam operator

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Camera / Tripod Dollies
  • Avenger floor dolly
  • Doorway Dolly
  • Pipe Dolly
  • We have experience with other types of Dolly’s as well.

We have also worked on larger grip trucks like semi trucks loaded with armadas’ of lighting, generators, grip equipment, and other lighting control, as well, several rigs.

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Mister Photon Media in Dillon & Breckenridge Colorado for a TV commerical video production. Gaffer, grips, electrician, and a jib operator, supporting the director of photography.
Mister Photon Media in Dillon & Breckenridge Colorado for a TV commercial video production. Gaffer, grips, electrician, and a jib operator, supporting the director of photography. Call on us for these people or other crew members for video, film or TV productions.
Jimmy Jib / Camera Crane
  1. 40′ Jimmy Jib that can be reduced in size to 6 feet for smaller locations or for differing types of camera movement.
Sliders & Rigs
  • AGUS camera slider
  • Dana Dolly
  • Experience with others & access to others

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On the set of a music video television production in Denver Colorado, Nick & the camera crew of Mister Photon Media not seen in picture.
On the set of a music video television production in Denver Colorado in-between takes, Nick & the camera crew of Mister Photon Media not seen in picture.

Lighting List with Gaffer, Grip,
Electricians or Camera Crew

Nick has provided gaffer, key grip, dolly grip and other related services, as well can provide you as DP with crew. Bringing these people as well when shooting. We have a small 1.5 ton grip van.

We can refer a larger box truck providing a gaffer, grips, keys, swing, dolly or other grips or electricians. That are well versed. Our lighting list is directly below and we access to other lighting, grip and electric resources as well.

With the years of experience for any type of production in video, film, or television. Nick’s experience as a gaffer includes for television commercials, film production, for television sets, studios, as well ENG or EFP type of productions.

And versed in all the types of television production, as well corporate or non broadcast. We also have several gaffers whom can help join our crew when needed. Or we can work like a one man band, or 2 person camera crew with camera & sound handling everything.

Kino Flo Lights
  1. (3) Diva 400 Watt lights,
  2. (1) Diva 200 lighting
  3. Floziers & crates
  4. Access to others in Diva or Tegra

Additional Kino Flo & Flo lighting available with advanced notice (Tegra or Diva). Other LED panel lighting is also available.

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Arri Fresnels
  • (2) 150 watt Fresnel
  • (4) 300 watt Fresnel
  • (4) 650 watt Fresnel
  • (4) 1000 watt Fresnel
  • (2) 2000 watt Fresnel
  • Chimeras & Speed Rings
  • (2) Dedolight Specials with gobos
HMI Lighting
  • (2) 200
  • PAR with lenses, speed rings and Chimeras
  • 400 PAR
  • 575 Fresnel with speed ring
  • 1200 PAR
    Additional HMI lighting is available with advanced notice.

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LED Lighting
  • (4) 600 Watt dimmable LED lights with barn doors (3200 K or 5600K temps)
  • (1) 50 Watt LED sun gun (3200 K or 5600K temps)
    Access to other LED lighting
Chimeras & Diffusion
  • (2) x XS
  • (1) small
  • (2) medium
  • (2) large
  • (2) XL
  • 5 Speed Rings

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Grip Equipment

Gaffer, Grip, Grip Truck or Van Available with grip & lighting or other camera support as well.

If you need to hire a gaffer with a grip truck or van, or a complete crew.  Mister Photon is there for you in any part of Colorado. Here is a list of our grip equipment and we have access to other grip equipment and lighting gear.

  • 2000 watt generator
  • Dana Dolly
  • (6) baby C-Stands
  • (2) Gary Coleman’s
  • (2) Juniors
  • (8) sandbags
  • (2) full apple boxes
  • (2) Mayfers
  • (2) Cartellinis
  • (6) ceiling scissors, grip clips
  • Arri ceiling clamp
  • (2) 5 in 1 silk / reflector and one additional gold & silver sided smaller reflector
  • 4×4 Bounce
  • 10×10 butterfly frame
  • rags brought per specific conditions
  • Flags – single, double, solid: in both 18×24 & 24×36
  • 42” ¼ silk
  • 42” ½ silk
  • 4×4 flag reversible in white & black
  • (2) 4×4 frame for gels or silks (gels expensed per client need)
  • 4×4 rags include: silver, gold, black, white, silk, spun
  • Gray Muslins, Douvatine other colored Muslins & backgrounds
  • Botero portable green screen,
  • chroma key papers and other colored papers
  • Neutral Density, Full Blues and other color correction rolls
  • (3) 1k dimmers
  • electric cords
  • Seamless paper rolls

Mister Photon Media: Television Crew on Location, Morrison CO USA

Sound Gear

Sound Recordist, our camera crew or yours

Nick & Mister Photon Media aside from camera crews, can also provide sound recordist services. When Nick is shooting as a DP, cameraman or operator, a skilled  sound recordist is always at the ready. If you need a 2+ person camera crew, film, ENG, corporate video or other type of crew.

When you need a sound recordist to assist yourself as a DP or crew, Nick can help with ample experience (30+ years). Years of credits, having the gear and the references. Aside from sound people and camera people, Mister Photon Media has all the other people.

To help you form a well qualified freelance crew for producers, networks or other businesses or organization producing video, film or television productions. If you are needing a couple extra roles or more, we can help.

Countryman Microphones
  • (5) Countryman wireless B6 microphones,
  • (2) Countryman B3 wireless microphones,
  • (2) Countryman B6 Hard Wire
Lectrosonics Wireless
  • (2 pairs) UCR 100
  • (2 pairs) 211
  • (2 pairs) MM 400
  • (2 pairs) LMA
  • Countryman, TRAM and Sony ECM77  & Lectrosonics microphone heads for the transmitters.
Sennheiser Microphones
Sennheiser Wireless Lavalieres
  • EW G3 (4 pairs)
  • SKP 500 (2 pairs)
  • AVX100 (2 pairs)
  • Mic Stick Plugs (2)
Sennheiser & other Shotgun Microphones
  • 416P
  • ME66
  • ME62
  • 2 Pairs of Sennheiser 518-584
  • 5 Pairs of Comteck/Listen Technologies 216 mhz
Nuemann Mics
  • Neumann KMR82i MT shotgun
Other various Microphones
  • TRAM TR 50 hard wire lavalieres (2)
Hand Held Microphones
  • Lectrovoice RE 50B handheld mic
  • Shure SM58
  • (3) Audio Technica ATR90
  • Access to other
Audio Mixers & Recorders

Our Sound Devices 664 is our most used mixer & recorder, but we have other listed below, as well not on the listing.

  • Tascam HS P82 – multi track recorder with time code sync, 8 separate + 2 stereo mixed
  • Sound Devices 664 – multi track mixer/recorder with time-code I/O
  • Sound Devices 552 – 5 channel mixer/2 channel recorder with timecode in
  • PSC AlphaMix – 4 channel mixer
  • Tascam DR-100mkIII recorder (PCM WAV or MP3)
  • Marantz – 2 channel mixer recorder (PCM WAV or MP3)
  • Mackie 1402 VLZ console mixer

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Time Code Equipment
  • Tentacle Lock-it Boxes (x2) with various cables for cameras
  • Delco Slate with Microframe TimeCode Sync Master (smart slate)
  • Delco Dry Erase Slate
  • Chalk Slate
  • BNC cables
  • Arri Alexa & Alexa Mini cables
  • RED One Cable
  • RED time code for all models
  • Lemo Connections
  • 2 hands when in a rush
Other Sound Gear
  • Sound Blankets
  • RF Explorer RF Scanner, including application software
  • Laptops in Mac, PC & Linux (apps include Davinci Resolve, FCP X, Adobe)
  • CF, QXD & SDHC card readers
  • Cables include BNC, RED, Lemo, Alexa, Breakaway
  • Gentner Phone Bridge
  • XLR cables
  • adapters, attenuators
  • high pass barrel filters
  • ground lifters and other audio accessories.

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Laptops / computers
  • 2016 MacBook Pro 15″
  • Apple Cinema display
  • HP Elitebook laptop
  • Mac Pro (Aluminum tower)
  • Additional monitors

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Camera department crew members

  • AC/Assistant camera
  • Director of Photography
  • Videographer
  • Cameraman
  • Camera Operator OP
  • Sound Recordist, Boom Operator or other sound engineer assistance
  • Data Manager/Wrangler
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Drone Operator
  • DIT
  • Data Wrangler / Manager
  • Jib Operator / Crane Operator
  • All other support like lighting, sound, rigging, colorist or other people.

Mister Photon, camera crews & support for video production,

film or television anywhere in Colorado, including Denver.
1 (720) 299-2084