Cameras for video, film or television production, or professional photography for any company & client

Finlandia Vodka professional sample by photographer Nick Teti.
Finlandia Vodka professional photograph sample by photographer Nick Teti. Aside from video crews, film, ENG, EFP, corporate video, television or other crew services, Nick or founder provides professional photographer services, director of photography – cinematographer and videographer services in addition to camera crews.

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Below are our cameras we own, as well we have access to others not listed on this page, along with the operation experience. If you see a colored link below, it’s to another reference article in this website or to an outside web site for your reference, except the RED ones that direct you back up the this page’s table of contents.

Sony format cameras

Sony NEX-FS700R Super 35 Camcorder (720p HD up to 4K)

Lenses include:

  • 18-200mm E lens,
  • 17-70mm E Mount lens
  • Metabones EF adapter
  • 8mm E-Mount fish eye
  • 12mm Canon mount lens
  • 16mm Canon mount lens
  • 15-75 Canon EFS lens
  • 24-70 F 2.8 Canon lens,
  • 18-35 F 1.8 Sigma lens,
  • 70 to 200 Canon EF 2.8 lens,

Sony PXW-FS7 & Sony XDCA-FS7 Extension Unit

  • Includes the same lenses for the FS700R camera. This camera records HD formats, 4K and UHD 4K formats. With the extension unit we can also record QuickTimes ProRes HD formats as well. The 4K & UHD formats are XAVC format that is recognized by Dacinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut X and some Autodesk editing systems. We can convert XAVC HD & 4K formats video to other files for clients like QuickTime, MP4, MPEG, among other codecs/file types.

Sony PMW F55

  • With Canon Lenses in prime or zoom lenses listed below.

Sony XDCAM Cameras

PMW Series:

  • PMW-320K with a Fuji 5.6×16 wide angle lens
  • PMW-F3 with MTF Canon Mount
  • PMW-EX3 with additional B4 lens mount
HDV & DVCAM Dual mode cameras
  • HVR-V1U HDV / DVCAM videotape camera


  • This camera records both 3D or 2D AVCHD video shooting to internal storage or SDHC cards.

BetaCam SP – Sony DXC D30 BetaCam SP SD video camera

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Panasonic Cameras


  • This HD videotape shoots 1080i or p or 720p in NTSC or PAL

Lenses Include:

  1. Fuji HA 5×10 HD lens
  2. Canon HJ 7.6×22 HD lens


  • AG-HPX 170
  • AG-HPX300 (higher rate on 300)
  • 4 P2 Cards


– Panasonic DVX100A camera, 4×3 or 16×9

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Canon Cameras

(Canon Mount lenses listed above)

  • EOS 7D SLR
  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS C300 camera with additional available, with other matching options available
  • Hoodman viewfinder.

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Canon & Canon Mount Lenses

  • 12mm prime,
  • 16mm prime,
  • 15-35 zoom (F1.8),
  • 15-85 zoom (F3.5)
  • 24-70 zoom (F2.8),
  • 70-200 mm zoom (F2.8),
  • 70-300 zoom (F4.5).

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E-Mount Lenses

  • 8mm Fisheye
  • 18-200 zoom
  • 16-70 zoom f4

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Arri Film Camera

  • Arriflex 35III motion picture film camera package with Cooke S4 14 lens + Zeiss 35, 50 & 85mm prime lenses.
  • As a camera crew & Nick, our director of photography we are experienced operators of SRII, SRIII, 235, 435, and the Arriflex Amira, Alexa, along with some older Arri film cameras.

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RED Cameras

  • RED Scarlet M with Canon Mount lenses,  MAGS & reader
  • EPIC Dragon up to 6K with Canon Mount lenses, MAGS & reader
  • Experience operating One, Scarlet, Epic, Raven, Weapon & other models.

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GoPro Cameras

  • GoPro Hero+ Silver & Black cameras with suction mount & waterproof housing included. Additional GoPro’s are available as well.

Digital Recorders

  • Atomos Inferno recording up to 4K with SSD’s,
  • NanoFlash recorder wtih CF cards

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Black Magic Design

We have owner rates on Black Magic Ursa video crew services, as we are partnered with a local Denver camera rental company.

B4 Video Lenses

  • Fuji 4.8X Super Wide angle lens,
  • Fuji 7.5X14 Pegasus III,
  • YJ18x9B4 long telephoto lens
  • (HD) Canon HJ 7.6×22 long telephoto lens
  • (HD) Fuji HA 5×10 super wide angle lens

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Matte Box & Filters

Lens filters & Petroff P-sized matte box also available with other camera support

  • Grad ND, blue sky grad, polarizer, sunset grad, pro mist with other filters available

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Camera Crews, with Gear is what we DO.

Mister Photon Media specializes in crew personnel as well for TV, film, video, ENG, EFP or other types of productions. Our camera crew members able to mix sound, assist with lighting, or other production tasks. Nick also has a larger background in production aside from camera operation that includes lighting, data wrangling/management, location sound, post, and assisting other DP/DOP’s (director of photography), videographers’, or crews with production personnel as well in an assistant camera role. If you need other expertise in camera assistance, or the group supporting you, or specific people with production expertise that matches your needs, with the right equipment, consider Mister Photon Media to provide local veterans for your shoot. We can also refer specific camera crew members to your production for support including:

  • Cameraman Nick as videographer, camera operator or director of photography
  • Still Photographer
  • Photographer’s Assistant
  • Assistant Camera, AC or camera assistant
  • Sound Recordist
  • Data Manager or Data Wrangler
  • Producer
  • Director
  • PA/Production Assistant
  • Gaffer
  • Key Grip, Dolly Grip, Swing or Grip
  • Teleprompter Operator
  • Makeup Artist
  • Other crew members to support you.

Types of Professional Freelance Crews with the Gear

  1. ENG video crew, aka News camera crew or video crew
  2. HD video crews
  3. 4K or 5K or 6K video for any type of production
  4. film crew services
  5. corporate video crews
  6. Television: with a broad range of experience on broadcast network TV programs
  7. Documentary
  8. Sports
  9. Any other type of video crew, (excepting weddings and similar events).
  10. Specific, yet a broad range of industry experience, as well for various types of organizations

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Read about all our other equipment by following this link. In addition to cameras we have all types of camera support equipment from Arri, Chimera or LED lighting, HMI lighting including Joker, professional tripods,  Matthews Grip and other grip equipment, Monitors from Sony, Panasonic & Elvid, among other professional gear resources.

A potion of ESPN's 30 for 30 by our local freelance HD video crew in Denver Colorado, with Nick as the cameraman/director of photography, as well John as our sound man. The person in this picture is NBA basketball player Anthony Davis.
Mister Photon Media’s C300 HD video crew / camera crew in Denver Colorado for ESPN’s 30 for 30. Nick provided a 2 person HD television crew as a director of photography, along with a sound recordist for this documentary television production.


Mister Photon Media can assist any type of client producing any type of video or film either in Denver or any part of Colorado. Call us at either
(720) 299-2084 or (303) 346-2377 to book us, for rate inquiries or other production needs.

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Conference covered by photographer & director of photography in Denver CO. Mister Photon Media can cover corporate / company conference or events with videographers or photographers for video production or other media need.
Conference covered by photographer & director of photography in Denver CO. Mister Photon Media can cover corporate / company conference or events with videographers or photographers for video production or other media need.

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