Introduction from Nick our director of photography & production guru. This is a listing of a few types of production that we have worked on. My background spans camerawork in motion pictures, video cameras, as well, still photography cameras. Along with my skills of a DP, cameraman & photographer, I am also proficient as a sound recordist, gaffer, data manager, DIT, gaffer, and video editor with multiple capabilities. I also have a camera crew that is equally proficient in these skills as well. Below are samples that are a montage overview of all the various type productions I have worked on. If the title of a video indicates a position other than director of photography or cameraman or cinematographer, or the production support role has been specified. These samples however do not include every production we have ever worked on, however you will get the impression of my camera crew’s extensive experience in production dating to 1990, branching out nationally & global in 1991. All the work below is produced by our direct involvement and not borrowed / plagiarized.

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Nick Teti, Denver & Colorado director of photography, cinematographer playlist.
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Lower on this page you can review the Demo Reels, parts 1 and part 2 showing a montage of work performed over the years of my video, film and applied television productions, with some as a solo cameraman, or director of photography with a video or camera crew. All my collective skills ease the burden on any hiring client, enabling a more efficient production, regardless of the specific genre, message, production or program.

Alice Cooper, Samsung, HD TV Commercial

2 Camera Canon C300, Corporate Video Production in Denver, Broomfield & Boulder Colorado

This video was recorded & produced in Denver, Boulder & Broomfield Colorado over 3 video production days. This is a small sample of this marketing & sales video using testimonial interviews in a montage fashion recorded by director of photography Nick Teti & our HD video crew as camera, gaffer and sound recordist.

National Geographic TV Documentary on the Columbine HS Shootings

Travel Channel Piece, 25 Mind Blowing Escapes

Director of photography Nick provided a HD video crew, as well cinematographer services with an Arri 35III camera for this production. Most of the footage was acquired with the Panasonic HDX900 camera on this broadcast video for television.

Demo Reel Montage, all topics Part 1, in Colorado, National, Global

(Nick), This is montage of all the video productions, including television and film I have worked on as a videographer, freelance cameraman, director of photography, as well providing a crew. Please view more production samples below. Aside from my location sound services; regardless of your location, my company can also refer crew members, along with other equipment in a specific area of Colorado for other crews, shooters or networks. The examples above detail work throughout the state, national samples and some production examples for production clients outside the USA. This montage does not cover every production I have ever worked on, but you will get the idea of my diverse production experience. The audio was replaced by a sound track to keep the audience from being jarred b y the constant change in subject matter.

Demo Reel Montage Part 2, in Colorado, National, Global

Demo Reel montage, part 2, Nick Teti & Mister Photon Media. For client’s searching a local film, television or video crew based in Colorado, we’re able to reach the major metro or larger or popular production areas within minutes; but call on us, Mister Photon Media, to wherever your production is located in the state.

Concert Video Production in Colorado

This concert was shot in 720p HD originally in Arvada Colorado. We provided & referred camera engineering, as well camera operator & utility referral to this concert. Nick’s additional skills aside from DP/cameraman include location sound, lighting as as gaffer, rigging as a grip, video shading, some engineering, as well post expertise that can be used to the benefit of any hiring clients production, as well.

NFL CBS Coverage, Pre and Post Game Coverage

This is pre and post game coverage for CBS NFL coverage for Pittsburgh & Broncos divisional playoff game. I have shot for NFL, NFL Films and other related programs for this network over the years, as well other networks covering sports like CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Mountain West, PAC 10, Sunbelt Sports, Golf Channel, NBA/NBA Entertainment, PGA Tour Productions, among several others.

The Racing Line: To Camera and all content

Aside from being a solid director of photography, Nick has also been a long time veteran sound recordist with a lot of experience in this, as well lighting, data management, post production among other production skills. If your a producer or shooter comping to Colorado needing crew members to support you on your video, film or television production Mister Photon Media has the right people with the right gear, as well specific, yet broad experience. If you are an incoming crew or director of photography or a cameraman, videographer or cinematographer as well and need a veteran sound man, or other expertise like gaffer, grip, data wrangler/manger, camera assistant, teleprompter operator or other production guru, with all the support gear to supplement your production needs when traveling into Colorado, consider Mister Photon as a Colorado resources for crew personnel as well. On this production of The Racing Line I was hired as a sound recordist / mixer in Pueblo Colorado. I was hired as a sound man to record voice over/narration, to camera addresses, foley/sound effects and assisted with other production tasks. As well I referred other camera crew members to these shoots like the gaffer & key as well. The challenges were mixing sound in car without letting the engine & car mechanics dominate the voice over. Other challenges in auto racing programs include avoiding over-modulation from high winds and loud auto noises. As you can tell I’m a pro at this by tuning in to this YouTube video.

MLB Player Profile for FSN West, LA

This is LA Dodgers coverage for Fox Sports West, whom I have worked for, as well as FOX Sports several times over several years as a freelance ENG sports cameraman, as well providing director of photography services for packages.

Rory McIlroy Pro Golfer Coverage, BMW Championship, Cherry Hills Colorado

This is a group of coverage of professional golfer and world #1 pro golfer (as of 12-2017) at the BMW Championship in Cherry Hills Village Colorado. The last interview was a bit tricky as the venue wanted no silks or lighting control at the clubhouse for the last interview, so was the contention of changing sunlight. The interviews relied on microphones whereas the tournament coverage samples, and B Roll relied on the camera mic as a sound recordist with a boom mic is an unwanted intrusion on a golf course. This is a sampling of the entire tournament footage.

Corporate video production for T-Mobile, Telly Award Winner (SD)

This corporate video production served as a employee morale & motivation video, as well, a B2C sales piece for T-Mobile. This is a SD/standard definition video production that was recorded and produced before HD video was available. Aside from from this Telly Award, Nick’s awards for camera work also include Emmy, Accolade among some independent awards from other peer competitions.

This is a shot you see with a side by side live television interview. You do not hear the questions, as they are being asked to the person on camera from the director by IFB. I have provided several live shots for various CNN shows (CNN Headline News, Larry King Live, CNN Weather, AC 360 among others). Others include Blooomberg Television, The Weather Channel, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, C-Span, FOX Sports/FSN, SPEED, NFL, NBA, The Golf Channel, among a few others. My news gathering experience spans many networks around the planet. I have helped several other corporate clients with live truck shoots, as well several sports networks.

SD Version, US Para-Olympic Hall of Fame Package

We had to turn the original HD videotapes from the Panasonic HDX900 to the producers so this is a HD version of the HD video crew services we provided in Vail Colorado for the Olympic Hall of Fame induction of Sarah Will. If videotape is still your preference, such as from the HDX900 we can also record a backup as well to my Atomos recorder while still recording high definition videotape formats as well. Aside from 1080 or 720p formats HD, I can shoot 4K or UHD or 5K formats for clients.

Discovery Channel sample, On the Case with Paula Zahn Excerpt

This is a portion of an entire program resolving the criminal case of Brent Brents, whom terrorized Denver before being arrested in Glennwood Springs Colorado. I provided a several assignments to this production, as well in the police chase, the reenactment, the interviews, among B Roll detailing this true crime television story.

Reality TV Production Sample, What Would Ryan Lockte Do?

This is a sample from the reality television show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” airing on E! We had to place a lavaliere mic on him later in the shoot, as well, in the underwater scenes so some of the audio is from the shotgun microphone only, aside from the boom microphone (hence the reverb you hear in the swimming pool area). The rest of the footage was a behind the scenes approach to the show as the B Camera position. I have shot several reality TV shows including The Bachelor, Top Chef, For Love of For Money, Date My Dad, SWAN, Oprah’s Big Give, The Amazing Race, The Bachlorette, Extreme Makeover, My First Sale, My First Place, among several others.

TV Commercial video production for the city of Golden Colorado

Television commercial, Peak Automotive, Nissan, Colorado

Quick Interview Montage, RED Robin Restaurant: sales & marketing video

Including Red Robin among others, including hiring video or television production companies have hired Nick of Mister Photon Media for local services from the personnel to other solutions to produce television advertising or commercials, corporate videos, video news releases, training videos for employees, demonstration videos, sports profiles, interviews, specific TV programming production or crews to hiring producers, among others needs.

ABC National News, Good Morning America, Crime Story Coverage

This is sampling from a piece for ABC Good Morning America for the murder trial of Harry Henthorn who was convicted of murdering his second wife, as well now is under investigation for the murder of his first wife. Both of these cases we motivated by Life Insurance claims. Aside from ABC National news may freelance and former staff experience spans other networks such as BBC, Fuji, CNN, CBS, BBC, PBS, TV Asahi, FOX, NBC, Nine, ABC Australia, among several others. Some sampling of particular news or investigative reporting television include Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Lou Dobbs, The O’Reiley Factor, A Current Affair, On the Case with Paula Zahn, Solved, among several other particular journalism and investigative types of programming.

AT&T Corporate Video Production & Television Commercial – samples

Nick provided services for this video advertising AT&T in Fort Collins Colorado. The video campaign featured Olympic Skater Caroline Zhang. The campaigns were used in television commercials, web videos, advertising videos and also an employee communication / motivation video campaign.

BET Programming, MAAD Sports SD Video

Before HD television broadcasts and 16×9 SD video, SD 4×3 video was the standard. In Denver Colorado following Carmello Anthony, then playing for the Denver Nuggets. Aside from this reality television piece, I have worked on several other factual entertainment pieces, including ABC’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Amazing Race, For Love of For Money, Oprah’s Big Give, Dad My Dad, I’ll Try Anything Once, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Extreme Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover among several others. Here’s a link to Black Entertainment Television, BET.

20 and 10 second SD television commercials, before HD broadcast or 16×9 broadcasts

These television campaigns above advertised Good Feet, and I have provided crew services to this television advertising campaign. These video productions were shot all over the metro area, including Denver, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial among other places over the years. My experience spans most of Colorado and many states for television advertising, corporate video production among other advertising campaigns. My credits span the globe for various types of clients, networks, hiring producers & crews.

Safety Training Video for a Construction Company

I have been hired for several demonstration or training video for consumers or employees or other audience. I can also record voice overs to digital video recorders, cameras, or other recording devices. Often these videos are also called a demonstration video in production lingo. From complex procedures or for any type of industry, I can assist you as any type of client in any type of industry or organization.

CNN News Piece, “Prenatal Promise,” Lou Dobbs Tonight

I have worked for various CNN shows, and CNN broadcasts in Colorado, traveling through the USA and to a few other countries as well.

CNN 10th Special Forces Piece, CNN Heroes

This piece details the heroism of Master Sgt. Rob Flouney, in Iraq for the 10th Special Forces, (The Green Barets’ as their name). Some sample networks I have worked for several times over years include CNN, ABC, ABC News, CBS, CBS News, APTV, BBC & BBC News, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, The Weather Channel, ESPN various, History, Discovery, National Geographic, NBC & NBC News, among many others.

GoPro Multiple Camera Cop Ride Along, for Inside Edition

This was a 2 man HD video camera crew shoot for Inside Edition. One of our segments focused on crime, as well the proximity to a certain business. For this shoot we used 3 GoPro cameras that were dash mounted in the police car. We attempted to persuade for one of the cameras to be used on a differing POV, such as the car, as well it’s background or foreground environment, however the producers were more interested in the shot in the interior of the police car. We did end up passing the other media from an additional camera from a pick up in the same shoot day so we could not incorporate this footage into this scene.

Oracle, Corporate Video Production

These types of specific programs have included testimonials, sales or marketing pieces, employee training, communications or other informational videos, among other assignments.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign Speech Coverage, National News Highlights

I was hired as a ENG cameraman, also mixing audio as a one man band for the national news feed taking audio pre-mix from the podium & mult-box, then mixing it through my Sound Devices 664, then into camera. This, among other speeches I have covered, as well other types of politics include TV commercials, online campaigns, presidential speeches, among other political coverage. An assignment like the one listed above takes confidence in one’s skills, I am at the top of many call lists including NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, CBC, CNN Espanol among a few others.

Political TV Commercial, Denver & Colorado

Before HD video & SD widescreen video, 4×3 standard definition video was the choice for professional video production. This is an older political television campaign before 16×9 aspect video was available. In spite, this production reflects professional quality with the challenger winning the election as well. Since this time Mister Photon Media has provided director of photography services, crew members and other production services to political producers and politicians among others, including several broadcast networks.

SPEED Channel Piece, Furniture Row Racing

This 720p HD video production was shot by DP/DP Nick in Denver, throughout Colorado, and traveling. Our HD video crew consisted of 3 people for most of this assignment, however often 4 or 5 people were employed for this production. This is the standard definition version of the program aired on SPEED Channel.

Elitch Gardens & Six Flags Amusement Park TV commercial footage

SPEED Channel, Barrett Jackson Piece

This among other numerous programs for SPEED are in our professional portfolio over the years.

Deep Undercover Episode, Denver CO, One-Man-Band Camera

I provided DP, as a one man band shooting, lighting, and mixing sound for this program. I shot this wide as there to be graphics elements keyed to the left and right during this A Roll/interview flushing out the story of one episode of “Deep Undercover.”

Corporate video production for Weltok, in Denver CO

Here is another one man band cameraman, DP, and sound mixing example for you for a corporate video production for Weltok. I was hired by Sherpa as a local in Denver to shoot this production. If you need camera crew members in Colorado and you’re traveling into Colorado, I provide these services as well. If you need a sound guy with additional lighting gear, I can help here too. I have additional lighting, grip and camera support equipment I can provide when you hire me as a sound recordist as well to you, so you do not have to travel so much gear when shooting in Colorado when you come from another state. If you need a gaffer with gear, or other support my expertise spans these roles, aside from camera, and I can assist here as well if you are shooting in Colorado. I can also refer these production people as well, other camera crew members or provide them as a director of photography to support any client’s scale of production.

Corporate Video Production, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Colorado

This business video production was shot for Kaiser Permanente in the Denver Tech Center at the Colorado corporate headquarters. This video production was created before HD video cameras and technology had became available, however; you get the picture that I have been shooting for a long time.

Indy Film Production, The Gold Nugget

This is an indy film with a gag like ending titled “The Gold Nugget.”

Raw Footage for the Travel Channel, The Forbes 500

This footage is the raw footage, including B Roll, interviews, and testimonial types approaches for the Travel Channel series The Forbes 500. I provided a large crew to assist me as I shot this footage in Vail, Beaver Creek, and Aspen Colorado locations.

Peyton Manning 3 Camera Interview, FOX Sports, SD Version

This is a 3 camera shoot with Sony F3 cameras, with PL mount lenses for FOX Sports One for NFL coverage on former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. This is the SD version of the shoot that was originally recorded in HD.

Construction Safety & Training Video Production in Loveland CO

This video production was produced for a construction and building company with an emphasis on safe building techniques and practices for OSHA, as well other related compliance practices. Video production for training, education, sales, marketing, products & services, PR, as well specific types of businesses are in my expertise.

Keep checking back, as this page updates frequently, when spare time arises.

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!!! Green screen & animation compositing video

This composited video sample was a scene in the short film, “Great Balls of Fire!!!, ” for the National Science Foundation. This feature relied heavily on animation and video for a video production educating on the ‘What If’ scenario of a giant meteor striking earth.

CNN Piece, Outsourcing Airline Safety

This ENG/News story was shot by Nick Teti providing photojournalism services covering how airlines source out maintenance, among other services; in turn raising concerns that air travel safety is compromised.

RED ROBIN montage for television commercials & corporate video productions

ENG video coverage in Denver, Semyon Varlamov Court Appearance

Semyon Valamov, the goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche was charged with Domestic misdemeanor assault, prior to charges dismissed in Denver CO in late 2013. Nick provided ENG cameraman (news photojournalist) services to cover this event to several networks, with release of the footage to these hiring clients.

GO PRO Hero 3 footage in Vail Colorado, Australian Para-Olympic Team #1

All these shots below on this topic are focused on the athlete, as opposed to their point of view, as these pieces will featured these athletes during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

GO PRO Hero 3 Footage, Vail Colorado, Australian Para-Olympic Team #2

GO PRO Hero Footage, Vail Colorado, Australian Para-Olympic Team #3

Conference video production, The International Space Station

We provided videographer services, and technician services to cover this conference for the International Space Station in Denver CO. This is not a sequential start to finish video of the conference, but a highlight reel of the weeks festivities. If you need multiple videographers, and technicians, including location sound to support your conference, Mister Photon Media can provide these services to support your video production. As well, we can provide still photographer/professional photography services to you as any type of client.

SD 3D computer animation

3D computer animation for Frigid Films

Downtown Denver Colorado time-lapse video

These video, film and television production samples above were filmed or recorded all over Colorado, including Denver, and many other places in the United States of America.

John Deere sales marketing video production: B2B for customer base testimonial

Camera crane, jib footage and B2B sales & marketing video production in Golden CO

Portion of a Qwest / Centurylink corporate video production sample

This is a brief introduction showing a few samples from a longer corporate video production for Century Link. This company was currently being acquired and formerly known as Qwest Communications, so no titles we’re used. The B-Roll give an introduction, and the interview follows.

Country Time Lemonade behind the scenes & B-Roll for a internet commercial

PSA Video, “Cut the Carbon,” 2nd place award by The Environmental Defense Fund

I won second place in the competition for Cut the Carbon, a carbon reduction program that was first proposed by the Environmental Defense Fund, before the Obama administration implemented it.

PSA sample from TV & internet campaign, “No Guns in My School”

Corporate Video Production: To-Camera Video Pre-Recorded message, for Bill Gates, Microsoft

This pre-recorded to-camera address was to be played at a corporate conference for the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and recorded with the Canon EOS C300 camera. If you are looking for an experienced cinematographer, or even camera operator to run your camera, I have the experience with several cameras that I own, as well several others, and often operate several other producers or networks’ cameras; I’m able also to bring additional equipment as well to meet the clients needs.

Trailer for a Netflix Documentary Film, Destination Team USA

This is not the entire film, as you need to watch this on Netflix to watch the entire film about Olympic Hopeful athletes who do and don’t make Team USA for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The camera used was an Arri Amira for this feature.

5K RED Epic Dragon documentary

This documentary series was filmed with RED Epic Dragon cameras where I provided sound guy services across the Boulder Colorado areas including Boulder, Louisville, Longmont & Lafayette with gear. I m highly familiar with RED camera sync as well mixing & recording audio techniques, as well operating RED cameras as a director of photography.

Video Demo Playlist, at YouTube

This OUTSIDE link is located below if you would like to watch videos, and skip forward or backwards. You can play the video by hitting the play icon or skip videos on my playlist by hitting the arrows. Clicking the video title the player controls takes you to our channel, so you’ll have to return. This video has no overlaying video suggestions from YouTube so you can watch this without surfing to other examples from YouTube. You can copy / past this link: into a new browser window or tab so you do not lose track of this website, or hit your “BACK” button on your web browser to get back to this web site.

35mm Motion Picture Film Time Lapse to Video Samples

This is a 35mm film transfer and down-converted to HD video. There is no audio recorded as this cinematography was filmed with an Arri/Arriflex 35III camera. The second example below is a shorter piece.

Web Video, Front Range Community College, Pre YouTube

This video was produced for CD ROM when CPU power for video files was not optimized and standard definition video was better suited for an audience using a computer. We also made a MPEG of this video for early web streaming off the college web server as well for DVD players as well. We provided director of photography and video crew, along with video editing, graphics, and voice over recording for this video production. If you just need a camera crew or crew members to assist you, we can provide provide entire HD video, ENG, EFP, TV or film crews or the personnel to join yours or support you as a director of photography for your video, film or television production of any type. This video was shot in standard definition BetaCam SP, and the final video was downcoverted to a smaller pixel size to manage the then slower computers available. With the advent of Blue Ray, and faster server technology, HD & 4K video is easily managed by several audiences & technologies, as well by our crew.

Time Lapse Video, USAA

This time lapse video used video, motion picture film & photography in Colorado Springs for the USAA as a marketing video where we provided a local freelance camera crew in Colorado Springs CO as well editing and the other needed elements for this video production. We kept a 4×3 aspect ration at the time to match video, motion picture film and still photography as well, the television aspect ratio at the time was 4×3 SD video. With modern HD cameras, DSLR and HD able cameras, time lapse can be immediate without additional camera support peripherals as well. This was produced by a marketing company whom hired us as the cameraman with the crew to acquire footage for the DVD, as well this program was used in portions online. For cost quotes, to book Nick, a crew member or a complete camera crew, please contact by telephone at the fastest method (720) 299-2084 or email as second method: