Samples from our founder Nick - Colorado native videographer & director of photography
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Freelance local camera crews in Colorado, Mister Photon Media

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Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084   

Mister Photon Media provides Colorado state wide solutions with specific expertise; including television crews, film crews, ENG or EFP video crews, along with specific cameras including Sony, Canon, Black Magic Design, Arri, Panasonic or RED. We specialize in camera crews & personnel so our focus is adapting to gear trends our clients prefer. We also have access, as well experience to several other manufacturer's for resources to you, including owner rates on other cameras not listed in our inventory. We also provide freelance camera crew members with gear to assist yours throughout the state; anywhere to support your DP or add production personnel. Whatever your video, TV or film production as a company, network or producer; we're familiar for your specific program & message goals along with the previous experience. Our crew works together all the time; contact us at: (720) 299-2084 telephone, or

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Samples from our HD camera crew in Vail Colorado and Beaver Creek, as well Avon areas for television broadcast production.

Our Professional Cameras

Here are a few of our professional camera choices common among several varied clients that we shoot for:

Professional cameras for individual clients needs

Sony Cameras include:

  • XDCAM: PMW 320K, PMW-EX3 & PMW-F3
  • XAVC / AVCHD HD or 4K: Sony FS700R & PXW-FS7 with Emount lenses or Canon lenses
  • HDCAM videotape
  • HDV videotape
  • BetaCam SP in 4x3 or wide screen
  • Experience and access with other Sony cameras in SD, HD, as well 4K.

Canon Cameras include:

  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS C300
  • Experience with several other Canon DSLR, as well video cameras.

Canon & eMount Lenses

  • 12mm prime
  • 16mm prime
  • 18-35 (f1.8),
  • 24-70 (f2.8),
  • 70-200 (f2.8)
  • 70-300 (f5)
  • 15-70 (f3.5-5.6)
  • 18-200 (2) eMount
  • 16-70 eMount
  • 8mm eMount
  • Access to other lenses.

Prime Lenses

  • 8mm fisheye eMount
  • 12mm, f1.8
  • 16mm, f1.8
  • Access to others

Panasonic Cameras include:

  • AJ HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape
  • AJ HPX300 or HPX170 P2 cameras
  • AG DVX100A DV/DVCAM camera
  • AG Af100 with 4 lenses

RED Cameras include:

  • RED Scarlet and EPIC cameras with Canon lens mounts with zoom, as well as, prime lenses covering any type of shot.

Arri / Arriflex:

  • Arri 35III film camera with PL lenses
  • Operation with the Alexa, Amira, among other 35mm Arri cameras in film, as well HD or 2K to 4K formats

Black Magic Design:

  • Black Magic Ursa with Canon lenses


  • NanoFlash with CF 4 cards
  • Atomos Recorder (up to 4K)


    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well. We also have a DJI quad copter aireal drone as well. We also have access to more GoPro cameras as well for larger scale or different looks for production.


  • DJI Phantom 4

Please visit our Equipment Page for all of our equipment lists, including lighting, grip, cameras, sound gear, drones, jibs, tripods, cranes & other gear.

We also have access to other professional cameras as well at owner rates along with the operation experience.

Please visit our Equipment Page for all of our equipment lists, including lighting, grip, cameras, sound gear, drones, jibs, tripods, cranes
& other gear.

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montage from Nick our DOP/DP covering production in television broadcast, as well as film productions

Nick Teti in foreground providing ENG video cameraman services to networks during the Kobe Bryant trial in Colorado, at the Eagle court house. Mister Photon Media provides other types of camera crews aside from ENG video crews in Colorado including TV, film, corporate video or other camera crew services, including crew members to support yours

DP Nick is also a experienced producer, director and cameraman - able to guide resources along, plan, direct on camera talent, as well, efficiently move your production needs along without burden, but adding the creativity. We can refer specific resources, production rentals if we do not have them, additional crew members & where to go for lunch.

Experience & Solutions for All Clients

Wherever in the state or whatever your video or film delivery, broadcast, message or program; you have a group of video & film production veterans to see your production to screen, DVD, YouTube videos, companies web site or however you imagined; as we've videotaped, filmed or recorded many before for companies, coordinators, networks, producers/production managers among others needing refined compelling video or film for a captivated audience. Bring Your Crew & We'll back You Too - We're hired supporting other camera crews also providing their directors of photography or videographer's support staff / crew member for their productions too. Professionals like us cast many commercial industries & television genres; capable of shooting/producing anything.
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Looking to pick up personnel in Colorado?
- Here's a summary of our crew members

  • Camera: cameraman, also referred to camerawoman or camera person or operator,
    or videographer or director of photography/DP or DOP.

  • Still Photography/Photographer

  • Sound Person; Location production sound mixer/recordist,
    boom operator, sometimes called a sound man or guy or woman or person or audio tech

  • Teleprompter Operator: The teleprompter operator runs through the lens, side mounted or sometimes presidential prompters

  • Lighting: gaffer or grip or key grip, with experience in both lighting, grip, camera & rigging as well getting other production tasks done

  • Production Assistant: called a PA or camera assistant or all around helper on a video,

  • AC / Assistant Camera or also termed a camera assistant to help your DP or crew

  • Producer/Director

  • Digital Imaging Technician - DIT for coloring, grading, pre post preparation

  • Data Wrangler - for gathering files, organizing, transcoding or other tasks
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Our HD television crew in Morrison Colorado for a TV commercial video production - Left. HD green screen sample for AT&T for both a television commercial, as well corporate video production in Fort Collins CO by director of photography Nick Teti
Diversity & years of professional experience

Diversity - Founding cameraman Nick's experience spans B Roll, interviews, employee training/recruiting videos, sales or franchise video, business advertising DVD videos or television programs with multiple scenes, chapters, locations ideas, or procedures for continuity or multiple messages, marketing/ PR videos, corporate videos, videotaping events & press conferences, infomercial's, political TV of all types, biography, television commercial, documentaries, green screen video, current affairs, reality television, news, ENG video, elaborate interview lighting or other specific camera support techniques, advertising to or Google Video + many other experiences.

Aside from most all the cable television channels, major networks and many companies we bring the enthusiasm that helps any client out in any business or message. Take comfort in our director of photography Nick's decades of experience along with a video or film crew with comparable diverse production experience winning several awards that include Emmy, Telly, NATAS & Accolade.

All of the details are always with exceptional lighting, clean sound, composition and storytelling when you need a videographer, experienced director of photography or the cast of crew members to videotape or film your media: we pay attention to everything technical, including our support members (especially sound people). It's why we're hired. We're frequently hired to support other camera crews traveling into Colorado providing local camera crew members from location sound mixer or recordist, gaffer, grip, teleprompter operator, field video producer, director, location scouting, PA or boom operator.

Crew prices are always the same - When you hire us for a TV, film or video crew, corporate video crew or a crew member for local solutions; either in (these links to maps for you shoot / planning production reference ) Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver the Rockies or where you need in Colorado locally. Our experience, professionalism, creativity is evident with your ease of mind.

Not Just Equipment. Aside from our camera work; we're efficient at supplementing your production when & where you need Colorado familiars with 2+ decades of professional broadcast/non broadcast, video & film crew experience for clients across the planet. You always get the best from Mister Photon. Please review our equipment page >> We effectively & efficiently we bring your ideas to any audience - understanding your unique needs as a unique client. Back to the table of contents

Two samples from our crew of Mister Photon Media. Left: for The Golf Channel, in Colorado Springs. Right: Concert video production in Denver Colorado
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