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Local broadcast television / TV crew
located in Denver serving all of Colorado areas

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Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084   

Count on Mister Photon Media to provide veteran, award winning NTSC or PAL local TV television crews solutions with specific 4K or HD cameras for specific television productions anywhere in Colorado. These services of a video crew shooting for television have derived the term a television crew or TV crew. Often, ENG video crews are referred to as a television crew as well. We shoot video for any country, or production broadcast standard, any network, or any hiring producer - we deliver for any type of assignment. We're experience and equipped for any type of ENG, or EFP shoot, as well for any specific television program or advertising or commercial - Mister Photon has the resources. Our experience spans statewide, nationally and in other countries as well. We are also experienced at live television or live shots, including SNG, sports, live hits, interviews from location & morning shows or programming for other types of live broadcast where we meet the gap between adaptability, as well, veteran experience, and creativity.

Our broadcast experienced television crews have the specialty of expertise for several varied programs + productions demanding techniques & storytelling. We're composed by a seasoned videographer or DP with additional persons including teleprompter, production location sound mixer/recordist, boom operator, gaffer, grip, makeup or PA. These are the most requested from television networks or broadcast producers from us, however we can help with other solutions as well. The most common services for broadcast we provide are a HD video crew with camera person & location sound mixer (AKA audio tech, production sound recordist); however our options for individual crew member choices meet any assignment - including to support you. Rely on us as well for our camera support equipment, experience along with creativity. For production companies needing a local crew we provide a videographer along with more crew members to scale for the specific programs demand; with a particular professional camera format as opposed to 'talking you into something'.
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Video crew servicse left to right in Colorado by Mister Photon Media. Middle and Right images show our ENG video crew covering television news.

Self reliance in every crew member in ours or to support yours

Our founder Nick is hired solo as a veteran cameraman providing lighting & recording sound along with the camera operation for many networks across the Rocky Mountains, about every part of the state, as well has traveled nationally, as well globally for television producers, as well, networks. A short list of TV clients include NBC News, ABC News, FOX Sports, FOX News, CNN, Biography Channel, ESPN, CNN Espanola, (Yo hallo Espanola ma's o memos) for EFP, other ENG assignments, as well other types of broadcast television, not only in Denver, but all of Colorado. Nick's credits & television experience span several other states, countries, and for clients, including broadcast television networks, as well cable networks across the globe. Although we a located in Denver we provide local TV crew services across the state, as well travel when needed for our hiring clients.

Our crew's background television diversity - From 2 decades of expertise providing videotaping/recording for documentaries, ENG/EFP, many cable networks, news, sports interviews or broadcast, green screen, entertainment TV or magazine shows, sports (all types), non & factual entertainment, journalism, documentaries, drama, true television or reenactments, food television, travel & leisure, commercials, live shots, packages for talk shows, reality television, current affairs, infomercial's, science fiction, advertising for many products/services - Many Program Genres.
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Our television crew on the set of the show, The Last Cake Standing

Crew Members to Support Yours or You in Television or Video Production

If you need personnel with or without specific gear to support you as a DP/director of photography, videographer, producer, business or any other entity, please call us, and we can help - no problem. Our crew members include:

  • Teleprompter operator with prompter,

  • Production location sound mixer/recordist or boom operator, AKA an audio tech or sound or audio guy, a sound person or sound man for video, TV or film,

  • Gaffer or Grip for lighting & rigging,

  • Makeup artist or 'makeup person,

  • Producer or Director,

  • PA - production assistant,

  • Data Wrangler & DIT / digital imaging technician,

  • AC - assistant camera AKA a camera assistant,

  • Camera - DP/DOP, videographer or operators,

  • Other production crew members to support you in Colorado's major production markets like Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Vail, Aspen, the metro areas, or where you need as a client.
We're always interested in working with new clients and taking on the challenges of new programs,
so please give us a call with your ideas - 1 (720) 299-2084. Back to the top of page

Demo montage showing a montage of work by videographer & director of photography Nick Teti. The first is a play list of videos.

By hitting the SKIP button you can skip forward or backwards.

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