Various video production, film and television production samples by director of photography, photographer & cameraman Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media providing HD, SD video crews, as well commercial photography in Colorado areas, as well globally
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HD, or 4K Video crew in Colorado:
PAL, NTSC, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, RED, GoPro & other cameras

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Some Production Samples
For Video, Film or Television Production
Experience for all types of clients
Video Crews for Anyone in Colorado
Crews for Producers/Production

ABC - The Bachelor - Via our Director of Photography - Nick
Nick DP/videographer provided a video crew for the Bachelor, and the Bachelorette (several seasons). Aside from this show, Nick and Mister Photon Media have provided video crews of all types of clients producing broadcast, as well non broadcast programs for years.

Introduction to our video crew & summary

Mister Photon Media was founded by Nick Teti, a Denver Colorado native whom attended college, as well as internships. Before graduation from college, Nick was offered employment at Denver 8 Television, and also finishing a focus on video, as well film production, along with a photography study in applied arts. Nick's professional background includes still photography, motion picture film, television and video production. Our television crew's experience spans the major metro production areas like Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial, Broomfield, Westminster, Fort Collins, Lakewood, among other areas.

Vail, Black Hawk, Central City, Aspen, Snowmass, Dillon, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Telluride, Durango, are among the mountain areas that are popular for production.

Aside from many other areas in Colorado from north to south, and east to west our experience spans several other states, as well as, countries in video, film, as well as television production.

Some video and television production samples

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For Businesses or Producers Our Crew Provides Solutions to Anyone.

For B2B video most of our assistance is providing video crew or videographer/videotaping services, including HD video production services for corporate communications, or television commercial advertising. Consider us videotape for specific messages if you're a producer or company needing to compel clients or your potential customers into action with several video delivery options. We can videotape specific video deliveries for your DVD, YouTube video, company video to a web site with a specific video production message to a audience within the company, to another business or consumer with specific cameras ideal for the delivery (including television broadcast or non broadcast like internet video). As a 20 year videographer veteran evolving to director of photography, Nick has a BA in video/film production and shoots to help you connect your message effectively; whoever your audience; with communication psychology with the ability to help or direct anyone on camera; even the nervous VP at your company. Nick can also direct anyone or coach anyone for the best performance & look on the camera with a delivery to convince anyone, any audience or potential client or customer your message needs to connect with. Back to the top of page

A concert video production, a reality TV program, a sports broadcast video production and a piece for Travel Chennel by Denver Colorado based DP / director of photography, videographer & cameraman Nick Teti

All types of experience for all types of industries

Our production experience helps all business in all industries; from health science & hospitals, automotive, journalism, specific industry or employee training, demonstrations, finance & commerce, food & beverage TV advertising, business videos to business or consumer/client video, hospitality or travel or leisure programming, political campaign TV, television commercials, services marketing videos, product advertising for television or internet video, advertising retail or products; including for television, other video for specific industries, entertainment & television production. - Any type of business to consumer or business video production.
Read More About Nick.

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on the set, large HD video crew, Last Cake Standing

Need a Crew? Producing You Own Video? Why Mister Photon?

We are prepared for your specific video production solutions and adapt to changing demands, scenes, locations accordingly and live in the state we shoot in. We're a local Colorado Crew & When You Need Us for advanced or last minute solutions. - Easy, Call; we're available for single videographer, specialty DP/cameraman, video or film crew member right then & here with offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins + minutes from the Rocky Mountains. Mister Photon is a group of Colorado locals with an abundance of past production experience together throughout the state, unlike referral agencies claiming local headquarters in every major city, with every camera, lens and resource (seem a bit far fetched ??) We focus on Colorado where we are licensed to do business/insured in = Better service to you throughout Colorado - We have also traveled as a video, film and television crew services nationally/globally as well. We can provide you references across the globe whom we have helped with specific production crew tailored to exact need.

We have access to many other resources outside our equipment as well, and won't sell you on false equipment packages or anything else unrealistic, or charge you for everything we can think of as well. Call us if you have questions any time, and if you're considering a camera format, crew service, crew member, or specific production capability you don't see on our site - give us a call. If we don't have a available resource, we can refer a service to you, or get the best comparable match for you throughout Colorado for your television, business or corporate video, commercial TV spot, feature, online video campaign/digital video etc. etc.

If your a producer, or company making your own video hiring a resident Colorado solution for your videographer or crew directly reduces your costs and allows direct communication as well. We won't increase your costs on unfair fees or others charges making it a one time relationship. We're in the business of making clients like you happy with award winning, highly referenced, professional reliable video production crew solutions. Or whether you hire us for freelance videographer, DP or crew member to support you - we have references for you & after we shoot for you, you'll be happy to give us a great one. .

+ The Experience! Our founder Nick's college degree in video/film production and 2+ decades applied production experience helping all types of businesses & production hires with resourceful, creative solutions that communicate your story, services, messages & needs more effectively. We're not just a contract/freelance videographer or DP or resource that shows up and shoots passing on the invoice; we're a highly interested group of diverse crew having years of film, television, as well as, non broadcast video production expertises that we bring to every client for every shoot.
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Are You a Producer / Production Company with Specific Video Camera Format Preference?

Our camera crew has many video cameras. Along with other preferred cameras, equipment & brands we can accommodate any scale of production, from the one man band, to the two man crew, all the way up to a larger group with multiple production responsibilities/capabilities. Please visit our equipment page for more information on our professional cameras, lighting, grip, sound gear & other camera support.

Additionally we're owner operators of several cameras from GoPro, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Arri, and Black Magic with access to other cameras, camera support gear, and other needed gear insuring that we can get the best possible match to any client hiring us.

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Video and television production samples by director of photography, cameraman, videographer & photographer Nick Teti, based in Denver, serving all Colorado
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