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Mister Photon Media Colorado HDX900 camera crew & other formats video crews

Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084

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Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD video crew / camera crew services,
including DP/dop or videographer in Colorado

Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084

The Panasonic HDX900 is in the DVCPRO HD videotape format and very versatile for any countries video standard. This popular camera records a HD picture by 3 2/3" CCD's. The HDX900 shoots 720p in PAL or NTSC and 1080 i or p in both NTSC or PAL formats. The HDX900 records native HD only, but you have the option to output simultaneously a standard definition video signal while recording high definition video. You can also output a HD SDI video signal for live shots or monitoring via monitor out port and video out with both connections. Aside from the HDX900 camera, we have other professional cameras that we record with as well.

It's a recognized camera popular in any country, for many producers, production companies, post houses and networks among others needing permanent video recordings onto videotape without large amounts of hard drive storage. The DVCPRO videotape records the HD signal with audio en enables the producer to digitize the videotape to a digital video format. The HDX900 also has a 60p mode as well and hosts other advanced features with extensive paint menus and can be equipped with HD 2/3 B lenses including cinema & prime lenses. 35mm lens adapters are also available for the HDX900 camera if the DP wishes to employ P mount or other 35mm lenses as well.

The DVCPRO HD videotape format of the HDX900 enables a smaller sized 2 person camera crew as well to shoot continuous without pause or loss of the muse except to change media.

Permanent - The videotape format of the HDX900 enables a permanent storage solution unlike the need for multiple redundant hard drives (when one fails with the only media and it's gone forever, unless backed up elsewhere via Blue Ray, duplicate hard drive etc).

Lens Choices - The HDX900 takes any 2/3 professional lens including wide angle, cine style prime lenses, super long telephoto or ENG type lenses (HD lenses being preferred for picture clarity and the larger / wider aspect ratio). Matte boxes, filters and a array of other camera accessories are also available too for the HDX900 + it can be docked to a (these outside links) Nanoflash recorder, or FS firestore as well to additional recording options.

Why The HDX900 with a videographer/DP or for HD video crew?

The DVCPRO HD videotape format is a long lasting tape media and easy to work with enabling shoots to be un interrupted, unlike tapeless cameras which require larger amounts of high speed compact flash cards, SxS or P2 media or to hard drive the DP or videographer does not have to pause shooting to transfer footage, required by tapeless video acquisition. The DVCPRO tape mechanism is highly dependable resistant to dust spoliation in the field - unlike array cameras (RED, Viper, etc) array systems more temperamental to extremes in temperature, dust or climate. The camera is ideal for single photojournalists/ENG cameraman/people/videographers or ENG or EFP camera crews or other types of camera crews (corporate video, TV commercial production advertising, documentary, reality television, indy features production crews, or other general purpose high definition video crew services).

Who Have We Provided HDX900 camera crew services to?

Many, many people, clients, independent producers, networks and others. Recent include (links to outside sites) Smithsonian HD, AT&T television ads & corporate, Google Corporate & national, numerous production companies, Microsoft, CNN, Discovery Channel, Whole Foods, Nintendo, History Channel, many documentary & production producers, Paula Zahn, among others - All satisfied customers.

Aside from the HDX900 we offer P2 Panasonic DVCPRO HD camera crews and DVCPRO 50 video crews in NTSC or PAL. We also provide other high definition video production camera crew services with choices popular in Canon, Sony cameras or other makes from 2 person crew or larger or other choices with a single videographer/DP/director of photography for freelance hire wherever in Colo.

Where do we provide HDX900 DVCPRO HD video camera crew services in the state?

Simple - All Colorado - Anywhere, place, town, city or area where you need us with a HDX900 or other HD video camera. -
Here's a outside link to Wikipedia's directory of Colorado's cities, towns, zip codes for your reference. Colorado's largest metro areas
are the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the Boulder Colorado areas.

Call our DP/videographer Nick at (720) 299 2084 for more information.

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