Hire Colorado HD camera crews: HD video crew, film crew, TV, ENG, EFP, or crew members including director of photography, cameraman, videographer, photographer, sound man, sound guy sound recordist, sound mixer, production assistant, gaffer, grip, teleprompter operator, producer, director, data wrangler, data manager, or assistant camera
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Mister Photon Media: Local HD video crews & camera crew services:
film, ENG, EFP or television crews in Colorado including Denver for video or television production

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Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084   

Serving all CO, book our crews SPECIALIZING IN local camera crews that include freelance director of photography, cameraman, or videographer services including crew members for statewide support. As a producer or production company take comfort that our services are specialized with gear, with Mister Photon there to represent you for your clients.
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Our experienced solutions to all clients

  1. Broadcast Television/TV crews shooting for specific networks or programs or commercials with exact experience to the program: reality television, commercials, politics, live broadcasts, concerts, factual entertainment, journalism, current affairs, TV commercials, infomercial's, sports, documentary, cable programming, news, syndicated programs, advertising, etc,.
  2. 35mm film crew, director's of photography or personnel for entertainment, features, advertising, documentaries, advertising or other productions with film stock or 35mm high definition cinema cameras. Also 35mm format HD video equipment, as well qualified crew members for options.
  3. ENG video crew: For news, live shots, uplinks, SNG, investigative reporting or related broadcast video with preferred network cameras. These crews are also often called an ENG camera crew or ENG camera crew services.
  4. Professional videotaping, filming, digital video recording for video, film or television production with preferred cameras by our videographer's. With transfer, editing, transcoding, or other services to clients.
  5. HD or SD video crews equipped with specific cameras, shooting (videotaping or recording) either PAL or NTSC; for any type of production, we shoot the matchING to your needs
  6. EFP video for specific programming or other production needs.
  7. Corporate video production crew services - aka a corporate video crews.
  8. Media transfer to DVD, YouTube FTP, Drop Box, WeTransfer.com, videotape, digital video file. As well video editing, motion graphics, animation for video production including for television, YouTube, corporate video production or other productions.

We are in the local major metro areas in minutes including Denver metro, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora, Fort Collins, among several other areas within minutes along with many suburbs. We also understand that video, TV and film production requires the resources anywhere in the state so consider our services where needed anywhere in Colorado.
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Cameras to Choose & Support Gear - Your Format Preferred including Sony, Canon, RED, GoPro, Panasonic & other cameras

Our camera links: Sony, Canon, RED, GoPro, Panasonic &
we 're equipped with lighting, sound, grip & other equipment.

Award winning cameraman, videographer & director of photography

Founder, Nick, videographer & an accomplished DP/director of photography has won several awards for his camera work including Emmy's, 1 Telly, 1 Accolade, NATAS cable awards among other recognitions (including film festival awards) for both videography and photography direction. Nick, "I cover All aspects of message for business video or film productions, network specific programs, hired by producers needing the self contained confidence, creativity with the experience to deliver on demand wherever in CO or traveling." Nick's professional experience dates to 1991 in video, film, TV and photography starting in Colorado before working nationally & global.
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Need a local Film Crew? We're there for you.

We can film in 3P motion picture film via our Arri 35III camera & PL lenses or shoot with modern 35mm format HD, UHD or 4K formats in Sony or RED or Bal ck Magic. Our director of photography Nick also has several HD 35mm camera packages to acquire footage from 720p to 5k. If you're a film, video or TV crew needing support in Colorado, call us for members supporting your DOP/DP with current & previous experience in production with the gear for your film production. We have specific audio gear, slates, lighting, grip, among support equipment aside from cameras that are mandatory for film production. Our experience for motion picture companies includes Sony Pictures, Paramount Entertainment, Mirimax, Lucas Films, Tight Films, National Geographic TV, independent features, producers & advertising agencies.
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Personnel supporting your crew or you

Need a Particular Crew Member's Support? We can also provide the right people for any television, video or film production along with the right gear. Here are expertise per each crew member available for freelance hire:

  • Camera Operation

  • Talent Direction

  • Lighting and Rigging

  • Sound Mixing & Recording

  • Data Management

  • Camera Assistance

  • Other Expertise

Corporate Video & Business Video Production

Are you advertising in high definition or SD video? Or for B2B or B2C videos here in Colorado? We've also videotaped/recorded for many different video productions from PR or marketing business videos, corporate video producers, advertising, communications, employee & training videos, demonstrations, television commercials, infomercial's, company services advertising, franchise videos, youtube or social media, or streaming Internet video. We also shoot for companies producing web videos, DVD, MPEG, Quick Time, YouTube etc.
Read more about our video crew solutions for your video production.

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Various shots by director of photography Nick Teti for ENG video/television news, for a crime documentary and breaking news

TV / Television Crews for Production

We've worked every type of television programming with scaleable solutions for yours. From single cameraman (AKA videographer) or a complete crew with NTSC or PAL cameras for TV broadcast; anywhere in Colorado to your specific production needs. Our broadcast recording & videotaping services are diverse - for ENG or news, sports, reality television, documentaries, political campaigns, current affairs, cable TV, video news release, green screen, BROLL, uplink/SNG/remote live shots, interviews; among many other programs. We're accomplished in lighting, sound, composition & storytelling. Our TV crew has videotaped / shot most every type of television program you can think of with HD, SD & for many countries. Read More on our HD video crews. Or read more about our television production crew services.
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montage of various shots by director of photography Nick Teti

Video, film and television produciton samples from our HD video crew: Reality TV, TV commercial and one concert

Televsion production advertising samples by DP Nick & our HD video crew: documentary, TV commercials / advertising




Mopar: Nick & MIster Photon Media provided a local Colorado Springs camera crew for a the brand covering all aspects; from parts to vehicles, using B Roll, testimonial MOS style interviews, as well other recorded elements.

ARD / WRD German TV: Nick is providing freelance cameraman services for another sports documentary using B Roll, as well A Roll, along with other style interviews atypical from traditional camera composition rules.

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Yo hablo Espanol tambien - Los camarógrafos - cámara de la tripulación y miembros todo en Colorado. Code Copyright Nicholas Teti III.
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