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Local Canon EOS C300 video crew & camera crews in Fort Collins & Colorado

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We provide local video crews & camera crews in Fort Collins CO wherever else needed in the state with the Canon C300, other Canon cameras, as well from other makers. The C300 records MXF or you can easily transcode rewrapped Quicktime 4-2-2 format movies in either 720p or 1080 format interlaced or progressive, in NTSC or PAL video. The C300 can be one of the best picture producing cameras for bit rate quality, as well the shallow depth of field that can be achieved as well. Mister Photon Media can also transcode the cameras MXF files for you into another format on site or later with file transfer services as well to you as a client.

Why is the C300 popular for HD video production, film or television production ?

Canon EOS cameras including the C300 record MXF, a common video format recognized by Adobe, Apple, Sony & AVID editing platforms. The C300 can record up to 50 MBS per second at 4-2-2 color sampling, enabling better quality video, that anyone can play back from a modern computer. HDSDI or HD SDI from the camera can also provide synced video with audio to an external recorder like a PIX 240, Odyssey, NanoFlash, Samurai, among other external recorders when high data rates are desired.

The cameras HD-SDI ports enable playback to a production truck or for a live broadcast as well the camera has a HDMI output. The XLR inputs allow better & synced audio recordings with a standard for location sound recordists to interface with easily, unlike DSLR cameras that have more limitations on audio interfaces, as well recording set ups. Video files can be edited immediately as well after or during a shoot. Disk storage has also become more reasonable in price enabling the C300 tapeless workflow to reach any type of clients. The cameras sync and time code ports allow syncing to other C300 cameras or other professional video cameras or sound mixer / recorders without having to resort to dumb slates with additional post production syncing required as well.
On location production set in Denver Colorado

We have helped quite a few clients with this camera as well, from advertising agencies, producers, production companies, television networks, and a few business producing their own video production, and our support items for the camera enable full day shooting.

Lenses & Camera Support for the Canon sC300

We have several accessories aside from lenses & batteries to support this camera on any full day shoot, for any type of client. Canon lenses are ideal due to their various choices enabling a DP/videographer or camera person to adapt to shots & spaces quickly, as well as, use more lenses with less cargo & cost when traveling. They offer a whole world of reputable lenses for even the highest end cameras as well performing to the standards demanded by every industry professional. These cameras shoot to high speed UDMA compact flash cards enabling downloads the the high definition quicktime movies while the shoot is going and the CF cards are more cost efficient & more available than P2 or SxS cards. The Canon EOS 7D & 5D Mark II or C300 also have incredible low light sensitivity & high ISO/ASA with less noise than many other cameras and can take advantage of fast shutter speeds, & adding other benefits to the DP. There are also several other makers whom make EF lenses such as Tamron, Tokina or Sigma that also work will this camera or other Canon EOS cameras as well. Zeiss among other makers also make EF lenses for these cameras. The C300 with a PL mount lens opens the door as well to several other manufacturers for lens choices.

Other Services Summary

Aside from C300 crews, we offer other related services to individual clients needs. Any of these solutions are our expertise and they include:

  • Director of photography with this camera or others,
  • Camera operator to operate your C300 or other Canon camera or other formats including Sony, Panasonic, Arri or RED or Black Magic,
  • Transcoding and editing or just passing the footage off to the hiring client,
  • Camera assistants to other videographers or directors of photography, AC, assistant camera,
  • Personnel aside from camera including location sound, gaffers, grips, DIT, data wranglers, production assistants, producers, teleprompter operators, directors, PA, among other experts,
  • Tape feeds, uplink logistics, FTP, or file transfer or hard drive delivery of footage
  • File conversion, transfer or editing or just passing the files on to you as you head for the airport.

various shots by director of photography Nick Teti

A Quick Summary of Our Local Services

    Let's elaborate. Our experience and capabilities can help anyone; from the business, to the producer, the broadcast network or the producer. If you can think of it, chances are we have shot something like, exactly like it or close or can help you. Our experience in the Boulder areas and CO include green screen, interviews of all scale, business to business or consumer advertising, charity and social campaigns, politics, internal company communications, television commercials, infomercials, feature films, specific TV programs, documentaries, events, ENG/News, current affairs to think of a few. From planning, scouting, shooting, and personnel with the equipment, Mister Photon Media.

High Noon television production

We've Got Cameras! We're Equipped with Canon & Other Cameras.

We have format choices for you! Our cameras arrive with solo videographer/cameraman or DP or entire crew; they include - Panasonic P2, DVCPRO HD videotape or DVCPRO/DV. Sony includes HDCAM, HDV, XDCAM, Sony RAW, NXCAM, AVCHD, BetaCam SP, DVCAM. Canon includes Canon EOS 7D or 5D Mark II cameras or the EOS C300. We also have a Arriflex 35III motion picture camera package, as well a RED camera package (RED EPIC). For camera support we bring monitors, professional tripods, plenty of batteries, plenty or talent/experience, lighting packages, grip and enthusiasm for every client who hires us.

We have cameras aside from Canon. We're Equipped.

Sony Solutions

- Sony AVC HD format with the Sony NXCAM - either the NEX-FS700U ( aka the FS 700UK, FS700U, FS 700U) or HXR NX3D1U (AVC HD formats) for 2D or 3D video.

- XDCAM with the Sony PMW EX3, 320K or PDW series cameras (PDW F350 or F700 cameras)

- Sony HDV videotape with HVR Z1U or Z1U cameras (V1U offering 24p or 30p progressive recording as well)

- HDCAM HD videotape via the Sony HDW F900

- SD video with BetaCam SP, DV or DVCAM cameras

Panasonic Video Solutions

- Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape - this camera can also dock to a FireStore or NanoFlash recorder

- Panasonic P2 with the HPX 170 or HPX300 cameras

- DVCPRO 50, DVCAM, professional DV in standard definition or motion picture film with the ArriFlex 35III camera

Canon EOS Video Solutions

- EOS 7D

- 5D Mark II EOS DSLR cameras

or the EOS C300. We have several EFS mount lenses and 3 EF mount lenses, with access to others as well.

Arriflex Cameras

- We shoot with an Arri 35III motion film camera for motion picture film production services, and have operational expertise (+ rental insurance) with the Alexa, Arri 235 - 435 + some older film cameras from Arri, as well Aaton. If film telecine + the other needed steps in production is not your preference, we shoot with RED as well, and will also be upgrading our Sony NEX FS700 camera to 4k as well.

RED & 35mm HD

- If you prefer RED or Sony PMW F3 or the NEX FS 700U or DSLR HD video or the C300 or other 35mm format camera - yes we can; Mister Photon! from 720p video up to 4k or 5k. We also have experience with other 35mm high definition cameras, as well motion picture film cameras as well if these camera are not your preference.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Cinema 2.5 K camera with 3 EF lenses & camera support

We also have ample experience with other video & film cameras

Pre 1980's cameras are in our expertise along with the modern day cameras and camera equipment. Aside from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Arri - we've conquered other makes / manufacturers with proficiency as well. Bring your camera package for us to operate with Mister Photon Media providing this on a regular basis as well.

If you do not see what you're looking for, please give Nick or Michelle a call at (720) 299 2084 or (303) 346 2377 - thank you for the visit.


How Fast can we get there for your video production outside Fort Collins?

Mister Photon Media is also available in the Denver metro area and close to other areas including Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Greeley, Lone Tree, Littleton, Lakewood, Boulder, Pueblo, Loveland, Longmont, Louisville, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Broomfield, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Parker, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Golden, Ken Caryl, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch among other central areas that we can access in minutes.

Larger Mountain areas include the common tourism & commerce areas from Vail, Avon, Aspen, Eagle, Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs, Copper Mountain, Georgetown, Black Hawk, Central City, Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Evergreen, Grand Junction, Cripple Creek, Steamboat Springs, Evergreen and Idaho Springs; although Mister Photon Media provides services to any part of Colorado. We have experience providing video, film, television, ENG, EFP, or other specific crews with exact expertise in all of these cities listed above, as well in many other Colorado areas.

There are many suburb areas, larger rural areas in the south, west to east as well we travel frequently, providing exact camera solutions, camera support along with the right people to make it happen!

two production samples, one in Denver Colorado, and the other in Morrison CO

Mister Photon Media - local crews (720) 299-2084