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Camera Crew in Fort Collins & Colorado

A Quick Summary of Our Local Services

Regardless of the type of client, Mister Photon Media has a scalable solution from the individual members to support other crews, producers, networks or camera people, or we can provide a larger group of people. We also bring ample camera support including batteries, recording/filming media, tripods, audio, grip & lighting gear for any type of production. Here's a quick summary of services:

    • Single videographer or entire video crew, including 2 person/man crews with specific cameras (camera crew also called a video crew)
    • Film crew and cinematographer services
    • Videotaping/Recording with specific cameras or filming in 35mm motion picture film
    • PAL or NTSC video camera crews - for ENG or EFP in HD or SD video, documentary, reality TV, corporate video, television programming or commercials, infomercials, advertising, marketing, PR, web viral video campaigns etc - we have the right crew with the previous experience for you.
    • Camera crew members: DP/DOP (director of photography), teleprompter operators, location production sound mixer/recordist or boom operator, grip or gaffer, directors or producers
    • High Definition video crews with specific cameras from Sony, Panasonic, RED or Canon
    • In Fort Collins, northern CO areas or all Colorado local.

    Click on a thumbnail below to watch a few sample videos

    Demo Reel part 1  Video demo reel part 2  Inspire Me, the film. Trailer, director of photography shot this film winning 2009 Accolade, Best of Show  Concert, where we provided camera operators, crew & engineering

Why video, film or television production in Fort Collins?

Fort Collins is the largest northern Colorado city near Loveland, A ways from Greeley, and containing the most business of these cities. Fort Collins also has a large amount of computer, science & technology businesses around the city among other retail, agriculture & finance sectors as well. All types of businesses are in the city and they call Mister Photon via producers or production companies who hire us to shoot for them as a local crew resource, including camera crew members like DP/DOP - director of photography, videographer/specialty cameraman.

Who on our Crew? Aside from our camera people our camera support professionals include production sound mixer/recordist or boom operator, teleprompter, gaffer/grip or producer/director, or these members to support your crew or camera person. CSU is also a big force of Fort Collins with innovation and education driving Colorado's business, government + initiatives, along with developing job industries. Our camera crews have provide video & film production services to Saturn, IBM, Intel, HP, Whole Foods, Target, Wal Mart, Budweiser among other companies in Fort Collins. We provide crew members + entire camera crews to numerous production companies, as well as a few television networks as well all needing footage in Fort Collins with Colorado native locals able to move around with previous familiarity.

Camera Choices with the entire crew or camera person

Whether you need a videographer/- Panasonic P2, DVCPRO HD videotape or DVCPRO/DV. Sony includes HDCAM, HDV, XDCAM, BetaCam SP, DVCAM. Canon includes HD video EOS 7D or 5D Mark II SLR 35mm cameras. We also have a Arriflex 35III motion picture camera package. For camera support we bring monitors, professional tripods, plenty of batteries, plenty or talent/experience, lighting packages, grip and enthusiasm for every client who hires us.

Notable areas in Fort Collins Colorado / Links (to outside web sites)

City of Fort Collins information

Fort Collins Colorado weather for production planning

Fort Collins Co information

Maps of Fort Collins CO & northern Cities in Colo (this does not include every city, town or place in Colorado)

Fort Collins CO map

Loveland Co map

- Below are other areas in the northern Colorado areas we commonly provide crew services to on a frequent basis

Lafayette Co

Louisville Colo


Westminster Colorado

Longmont CO

Thornton CO

Northglenn CO

Meeker Colorado


Steamboat Springs

Craig Colorado

Wellington Colorado

Granby Colorado

Yuma Colorado

Sterling Colorado

Windsor Colorado

Evans Colorado

La Salle Colorado

Brush Colo





Fort Lupton





Aside from these areas above Mister Photon provides specific specialty camera crews, or crew members including cameraman/DP/videographer services throughout Colorado. We also can provide multiple camera operators or crew members as well for events, concerts, corporate videos, television programs or commercials, ENG, SNG, EFP video productions or for other specific video, film or television production needs. Call for rate costs 1 (720) 299-2084.

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