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Credits: DP/DOP, director of photography, videographer/cameraman & crew

Below is a group of credits by category and a brief explanation of each production assignment. Although we have left several credits omitted, you can gather we have been shooting a very, very long time. Our founder Nick's credits span most every USA network and many abroad. Additional experience
includes work for businesses, hiring agencies, various organizations, among others across the planet. The credits links are to the clients website for your reference to what type of business or organization.

If you are making a serious inquiry for references contact us by telephone to discuss your needs. If you are looking for our production portfolio, please follow this link for examples. Mister Photon!  is our collective camera crew and we also have helped many production companies, producers, networks, businesses + about every type of organization you can think of. The links below briefly detail DP & videographer Nick's experience as a producer, camera person, providing entire crews or crew member services for video/film/television production clients. Visit our Channel as well.


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Recent & General Credits Journalism / News / ENG
Legal & Insurance Hotel, Tourism, Hospitality
Information Technology & Computers Science & Aerospace
Television & Advertising Health & Medical
Government Education / Social
Engineering, Architecture
Sales, Retail, Consumer
Chemical/Manufacturing  Mining
Fundraising, Social Issues Financial, Enterprise, Banking
Political Municipal-Government
 Corporate Video Real Estate
Petroleum & Energy Construction Companies
 Reality TV Programs  Wine, Spirits, Food


Select Credits By Category Below

Recent & General

Anthem Blue Cross- Several corporate HD video Assignments in Denver & Colorado, as well traveling into other states providing our video crew for corporate communications campaigns, as well advertising.


Recent & General

NBC News - Onging ENG & SNG shoots by photographer/photojournalist Nick, as well providing ENG video crew services for Today, and nightly news broadcasts.

Journalism, TV News, Broadcast, Current Affairs Journalism # 1
Journalism, TV News, Broadcast, Current Affairs Journalism #2

Recent ENG News Assignments:

FOX News, Denver, Lakewood & CO ENG camera crew for Justice with Judge Jeanne

APTV - I have provided AP television news with several ENG and EFP crew services, as well single cameraman/photojournalist stories through Colorado and nationally.

About Nick's ENG Experience - 2 EMMY Awards for news photojournalism as a cameraman (+ 3 separate Heartland Emmy Awards for cable TV programming) and have used my news shooting, editing & producing to my advantage enabling me to work efficiently in multiple combined roles to deliver the rushes on time for the networks whom book me as a freelancer.

Eurovision Netherlands -
Local Aspen Colorado HDX900 HD camera crew (2 person) for pre videotape, live broadcast interviews, broll and other TV broadcast stories videotaped - videographer Nick.

ITN - Local Colorado freelance cameraman and crew providing videotape photojournalist services and news crew services for current affairs in Denver & Colorado Springs metro areas. We can also provide PAL video crew & broadcast new packages with a couple PAL cameras including DVCAM PAL, DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD videotape, XDCAM or P2

(UK) - HDX900 DVCPRO HD services videotaping in PAL. Local Colorado 2 person HD crew for profile program packages produced by Shine

Associated Press Television (APTV): many photojournalism assignments including ENG, EFP, SNG and news stories videotaped throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs surrounding metro areas primarily by my Colorado camera crew. Aside from the metro cities in Colorado, I have also provided single photojournalist for APTV national news throughout Colorado videotaping primarily in Bets SP format before transitioning to digital video.

Critical Mention
Nick: I have provided photojournalism for the CNN Lou Dobbs posts 'Solar Storm' and other NOAA related stories in the past videotaped with BetaCam SP and HD formats. I have also provided journalism video for other networks posting to online media outlets as well.

CNN, CNN Medical & Other CNN Programs
(Nick) I am glad to have my relationship with CNN as a cameraman providing their news network with video crew services, news packages in Denver, Colorado Springs, and many other metro Colorado cities that I am close to. I have traveled throughout Colorado wide including the Rocky Mountains, nationally and globally for CNN for news stories. I have also provided CNN camera remote crew services, SNG news, live shots, videotaped photojournalism pieces, national camera crew for politics coverage, including live shots & photojournalism. My photojournalism (video news cameraman services AKA news videographer) experience for CNN shows include Lou Dobbs Tonight,
Anderson Cooper 360, CNN National, CNN Espanol (Yo hablo Espanol ahora mismo, amigos), CNN Morning Express, Larry King Live, The Situation Room + a few others.

CNN Image Source HD footage for the archive videotaped by DP/cameraman Nick for political coverage in Denver & Colorado Springs Colorado primaries.

FOX News - Nick - Recent assignments included single local cameraman services in Colorado's major cities from Denver, Boulder Co, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Englewood, Greeley, among other metro areas locally due to proximity. Since 2003 I have have freelanced as a cameraman, and provided crews for FOX National throughout most of Colorado.

Recent FOX News assignments included ENG video camera crews for FOX News National & Justice With Judge Jeanne

I have provided for several years throughout Colorado's cities photojournalism services videotaping and recording for Fox national as well as local Colorado news. I have also provided ENG cameraman services in Utah, Louisiana, South Florida, Nevada & California as well for other national news traveling. I have transitioned with the format trends for FOX + other clients providing specific format camera crews in COLO local markets & nationally (formats include BetaCam Sp, P2, DVC PRO HD formats).

Al Arabia TV USA - Denver & Aurora local areas Photojournalist (cameraman) for coverage on Najibullah Zazi in Colorado regarding terror indictment providing MOS, suspect coverage. News stories & broll videotaping. Other broadcast TV video crew services included other videotaped interviews for morning & nightly news, and web cast packages: videotaped locally in Denver and Aurora. Photojournalist / cameraman Nick has also videotaped other news packages for Aljazeera Television in the USA as well as Colorado.

Time Warner Cable - Long standing EFP & sports cameraman shooting in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Colorado Rockies + traveling outside the state providing continental USA cameraman services for various cable programs, along with sports programs aired nationally.

Local Colorado Time Warner Corporate Cable -Freelance camera crew services previously have been in Lone Tree, Centennial, Englewood, as well as other south Denver suburbs directed by our founder cameraman Nick.

KTDV Denver Colorado - Nick provided Denver & Englewood studios studio camera crew, Colorado EFP cameraman & ENG Camera services. Additional Colorado production included location sound, studio sound, video editing, video graphics, animation. As a photojournalist I have also provided news cameraman services throughout Colorado videotaping various news stories for KTDV.

KWHD Greenwood Village CO studio sound, video editing, Colorado ENG/EFP camera crew, Colorado wide freelance cameraman, studio cameraman, and graphics

Denver 8 Television
- Many assignments including Denver Cameraman & photojournalist, studio & truck camera, editor and producer for various programs, as well as, productions from 1991 to 95 & 2003 to 2005. Later production services include ENG cameraman for Denver 8 television camera crews, studio cameraman, and truck camera operator.

Voice of America - Local Denver Colorado cameraman for various Colorado stories. Videotape formats provided by Nick our videographer & crew include DVCAM, DV, BetaCam SP for broadcast news mostly throughout Denver CO among other cities.

KWGN/WB2/Tribune: Colorado wide providing news cameraman (photojournalist or videographer) videotaping with BetaSP, & BetaCam SX throughout the state for several stories. I have also provided Colorado freelance pool cameraman, Colorado news crew for various nightly news reports, news packages and stories through Colorado cities including Eagle, Avon, Denver, Centennial Greenwood Village, Englewood, Aurora and many other cities for various news stories. I was a previous Tribune employee before providing freelance cameraman services for them.

Tribune Broadcasting - Nick; I have provided freelancer ENG & EFP cameraman services providing studio and freelance videographer services as a photojournalist as well for Tribune throughout CO on various stories. As a news cameraman I have provided myself on crew for station ID spots. I have provided studio camera operator services as well in the Greenwood Village studio.

ZTV - Grand Junction CO freelance cameraman, camera support & crew for Colorado based internal production HD-PAL, HDX900

Deutsche TV - Provided Denver Colorado freelance local cameraman with SD video cameras including BetaSP PAL, DVCAM PAL and in high definition PAL video videotape cameras & the HDX900 DVCPRO HD camera. I have also provided Sony HD video crew for current affairs news assignments in PAL for Deutsche Television (Ich Bin Nick).

MSNBC (CA Desk) - Nick - Freelance Denver photojournalist services (cameraman) with Colorado camera crew through Denver Metro and Colorado Springs metro suburbs for various news packages & reports.

Capitol News Network - Denver Colorado cameraman for Denver and Colorado new reports at Colorado's state capitol.

+ others


Some others included:

CBS - 60 Minutes & Bloomberg Television:  XDCAM HD video crew, in co production with Bloomberg for "The Collapse". Previous experience for 60 minutes included local Colorado freelance cameraman & BetaCam SP crew videotaping magazine news stories. One sample the real estate market; nationally featuring real estate price caps prior to the mortgage/banking crises in 2008.

NY Times NYC: I have provided videographer (video cameraman / videotaping) services along with package completion for the NY Times in Colorado: Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Broomfield, Westminster, among a few other Colorado cities for the video section online.

EW & Scripps Howard- Denver, Parker, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, and other Colorado areas camera crews providing HDCAM, HDX900 & BetaCam SP formats for High Noon Entertainment based in Denver.

CBS News - Assignment in Vail CO for NFL interests on Chicago Bears Jay Cutler. Other national news services included ENG cameraman videotaping in cities including Eagle County along with other Denver metro cities with my Colorado news camera crew. I have also provided CBS News national live shots, SNG news crew, ENG throughout Denver. Outside Denver I have provided news freelance cameraman services in Colorado Springs along with SD & HD camera crew among other metro cities + suburbs. Aside from the most notable Kobe Bryant I have also provided Colorado news coverage for other CBS news stories Like the Oklahoma City Federal Trial, "Balloon Boy" + other news stories.

ABC News I have provided ABC news cameraman & camera crew services for years starting back with BetaCam SP, and later with Sony XDCAM formats. Recent assignments have been in Golden CO covering the high school students trapped in a mine shaft. I have shot for ABC nightly news, Good Morning America and other newscasts for years (Nick)

NBC News national news in various Colorado areas providing local photojournalism video crew services. I have been also hired as a single cameraman throughout Denver's surrounding cities on several stories including Greenwood Village, Aurora, Englewood, Lone Tree, Centennial, Lakewood, Golden, Parker, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster & Broomfield due to proximity by the network.

CBC Canada - Our camera crew services to CBC started with BetaCam SP format providing photojournalism crews in Longmont Colorado, Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs among other Colorado areas. CBC has hired our camera crew for current affairs TV programs for several years across the state. Notable assignments in Colorado Springs providing photojournalist cameraman services as well with Sony BetaCam SP & Sony HD HDCAM formats for 2 broadcast award stories - ' Wild Mustang' and 'Inside the Mountain'. Nick has also provided CBC Denver HD camera crew for Montreal Canada broadcast, also Denver and Colorado springs local HD cameraman & crew videotaping with Sony HDCAM cameras for various stories. More current assignments include recent shoots in Boulder, Littleton, Englewood, Lafayette CO areas for various human affairs news pieces providing ENG crew services with the Sony XDCAM

Univision California & Florida - Denver Colorado cameraman for election coverage for the past. Current includes ENG video coverage for stories regarding immigration reform, human interest stories on hispanic prominent figures among other assignments.

Mt Fuji TV - Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Lafayette, Louisville among other Colorado cities location sound services, + news videographer as a regional Colorado news video crew. Formats include Sony HDCAM, Panasonic HDX 900, and BetaSP

TBS Japan - Colorado, CA and Japanese news cameraman with crew videotaping with HD formats Sony F900, 730S HDCAM in Boulder, and Denver for Jonbenet coverage.

TV Asahi JA - Denver local & Boulder Colorado local ENG news cameraman for Japan News packages - Formats include HDX-900, HDCAM, BetaSP and BetaCam SX video news crew services. I have provided ENG video services through other areas for TV Asahi New York as well.

NHK Japan- Colorado ENG news cameraman/photojounalist for Japan News. I have also supported incoming Japan photojournalists for NHK, with Sony HDCAM, and XDCAM HD formats with previous camera operation including BetaCam SP & SX formats. Cities & assignments on the quick' include Boulder areas in CO (Jon Benet, & related stories). I have also provided crew in Denver Colorado for Japan dignitary visits coverage for network footage needs.

OMS Denver Colorado - Denver local HD camera crew by Denver Colorado videographer Nick for VNR & social media advertising videos produced by OMS. Mister Photon also has provided OMS video camera crew services with the HDX900, SD cameras like the DVX100A + SDX900 cameras for events and for their website's videos.

Reuters Denver based news cameraman, + national PR, VNR camera crew & news release CO, national - BetaCam SP, & DVCAM photojournalist/ cameraman services.

News Broadcast Network various Colorado camera crews shooting BetaCam SP, DVCPRO HD, for Colorado video production VNR, PR photography. Nick is often called by NBN for Denver local BetaSp cameraman, Colorado Springs local cameraman services

CBS Learning Englewood, South Denver, Greenwood Village & DTC areas videotaping at regional offices + video crew has also been throughout Colorado for national packages.

Univision COLO freelance ENG cameraman - political news for election coverage

Bloomberg LP/-
Bloomberg TV and Radio
. Notable assignments included multiple camera crews & crew members for the Colorado Democratic National Convention 2008 coverage. Our cameraman Nick and his Denver crew have shot economic news packages shot on BetaCam SP (Denver, Colorado Springs, Colorado metro cities and traveling National). We have provided EFP Magazine Shows camera work 60 minutes/Bloomberg co-produced stories as well in BetaCam SP with current format with the Sony PDW XDCAM.

Latino Suave - Various assignment in Denver Colorado. From videographer/producer services, photography covering models, persons, events, and videography with SD & HD video crews

BBC America Cameraman/DOP for news packages in Colorado & traveling by principle DP Nick. I have also provided PAL cameraman & crew for BBC worldwide, VariCam and HDX900 videotaping to BBC in NTSC & PAL video.

McGraw Hill - Colorado camera crew videotaping for Kids Fitness Initiative in Thornton & Denver elementary schools.

Fuji TV US -Denver Colorado local cameraman & camera crew services for national & JA news shooting HD formats - Sony HDCAM, and the HDX900, Boulder Colorado cameraman & camera crew for national news coverage

TV Asahi NY - Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder Colorado cameraman services, USA & JA broadcasts

American Print Archives Still photography, Denver, aurora co, Mark 1D, & Canon 5D

TV Asahi US Seattle- Local Colorado statewide for ENG providing news cameraman services in cities from Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, Englewood among other cities most recently in 2006.

BBC UK - Cameraman Nick has enjoyed several BBC UK & USA video assignments via traveling camera crew shooting in PAL F900, & HDX900, + older standard definition formats in BetaCam SP, Digital Betacam in both NTSC + PAL video formats

TBS USA - Colorado local camera crew for HD Broadcasts using Sony HDW HDCAM videotape camera formats. Cities included Boulder Colorado, Denver, Aurora, Glendale Colorado cities for celebrity journalism, political news assignments, and expose broadcast shows.

AP Television 2011 - ENG video camera crew & videographer services for various AP stories across Colorado. Mister Photons founding cameraman Nick has also provided AP TV over several years on various Colorado news stories, human interest new and for new/documentary type of productions.

Media Advice - PAL HD video crew services directed by our lead cameraman Nick in Boulder for hiring agency for a prepared video address to be held for upcoming conference in Holland.

PBS Recent - Local HDX900 camera crews in Boulder and Broomfield Colorado areas for FRONTLINE documentary producer for a piece on School Violence; currently in post for Spring release in 2012.


Legal & Insurance
Hotels, Hospitality

(In addition to broadcast video crew, videotaping, videographer services we have helped numerous law firms with videotaping, animation (we're not a production company emphasis provider) and legal videography services; although most of our work is broadcast emphasis for hiring producers & production companies

Holland and Hart video production, animation, 3D terrain modeling for legal animation, and presentation graphics

Rodriguez Cheny and Colvin video production and animation, forensic animation services

Covington and Burling legal video production, legal animation graphics (HD, and SD)

Bryan Cave LLP animation, video production, litigation graphics, litigation support graphics and animation for trial presentations (HD, and multimedia scale)

Riggs Abney LLP video production, HD computer animation

Phillips Engineering video productions, graphics, photography for trial exhibits, insurance claims,
Farmers Insurance camera crew for television video productions, animations - HD, and SD

American Family Insurance video production, video /tv advertising, Denver HD/HDX900 camera crew

LBI Group Colorado Video Productions, 3D HD animation and rendering

Anderson/Jahde photography in Littleton Colorado for PR campaign

Colorado Bar Association Denver video production, Denver Cameraman

Court TV Colorado Camera Crew - Denver video production, national camera crew & cameraman

Eastwood-Stein COLO video production, Colorado videography services

Witzer Law DV video production, LA camera crew for TV AD
Allen Brodey Law camera crew & video production, LA, DC

Nathan Bremer Dumm- Meyer DVCAM video services
Colorado Bar DV video production

LBI Group photography

Light Harrington Daws video services, Colorado

Nathun Bremer Dunn & Meyer Glenwood Springs cameramen for HD video productions, video depositions

Smith and West 3d rendering to scale, 2D rendering for trial exhibits, graphics for trial exhibits

Other Numerous Firms


Starwood Hotels / Denver Element - Nick provided Denver local cameraman services for larger camera crew for the Hotels awards & motivation conference in 2010; breakout videotaping and recognition retreat video crew services. Our cameraman Nick has also provided other camera crews: video crew and TV, for producers producing video for Starwood Hotels as well.

Colorado Holiday Inn - Mister Photon was hired by a production company nationally for corporate employee training video via our HDX900 video crew in Denver. We have also shot a 35mm film spot for a producing agency as well for television commercial advertising

Hyatt Denver Colorado local cameraman/DP for national ads, and PR, corporate video production COLO and national Also Denver Tech center; Greenwood Village local Colorado corporate camera crew HDX900 crew, BetaCam Crew, F900 Crew

The Guildings Lodge & Hotels: traveling camera crew producing a hospitality/hotel promotion (HD video by the HDX900 camera) for the Travel Channel in Monument Valley

Hitlon Hotels Denver AV local Colorado cameraman with Colorado camera crew for a few different training video productions. Also national TV ad local Denver Colorado video production 35mm crew, HDX900 crew, VariCam HD Crew

Marriot - Local Denver cameraman and camera crew for television commercial. Also television ad by our Denver Colorado film crew in 35mm

Starwood Hotels Corporate videographer producing company communications videos for conferences, employee training & motivation among other uses. Nick has also provided Sheraton and Element Hotels corporate video crew services videotaping in HD with the Panasonic HDX900, and HPX170 P2 cameras (DVCPRO HD formats).

Sports Broadcast & EFP
Aerospace, Science, Research

Denver Broncos - Denver internal video services including training camp & practice coverage, as well press release/conference coverage. Additional shooting included game coverage & packages in Tandem with ESPN, as well NFL reporting.

The Golf Channel - Vail Colorado camera crew, and single cameraman in Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock locations for ' Short Game'. Other shoots included camera crews for ENG/EFP packages and location studio sets. Our camera crews have also provided tournament coverage for The Women's US Open.

Polaris snowmobiles - Nick provided television commercial campaigns with 35mm motion picture film with Arri 35 cameras in Aspen Colorado locations for hiring agency producers. We have also provided camera crew members for other film & HD crews on other productions as well for Polaris.

Northwestern University
Football - Colorado videographer with HD video camera crew for the Universities football program videotaped with the Panasonic HDX900 in Denver, Colorado Springs & Fort Collins Colorado featuring former head coach Gary Barnett.

USOC Hall of Fame - 2009 local Colorado coverage by cameraman Nick and HD crew with the HDX900 Panasonic for Hall of Fame Shows. Colorado HD videotaping throughout Denver, Vail, Colorado Springs, Boulder and a few other cities.

Big 10 Network - Most recently I have provided DVCPRO HD cameraman with crew videotaping with the HDX900 for 2009/10 College Football sports coach interviews. You can rely on me as a cameraman for videotaped interviews of coaches or players that exact a teams logos, colors etc with great lighting.

Nick - as a veteran sports cameraman I have provided numerous sport camera operation services to broadcasters as well as, program producers. We have also provided DVCPRO Colorado HD crew and HD cameraman services in several cities including Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder.

USA Olympics - 2004 Winter Olympics, 2008 Summer olympics various athlete stories & interviews including gymnastics, skiing, snow boarding & other sports players. Shot by our HD crew in various high definition formats : DVCPRO HD, XDCAM HD, HDCAM formats throughout cities including Denver, Colorado Springs, Vail, Aspen, and other cities outside Colorado. Previous Olympics coverage shot with BetaCam SP format by cameraman Nick. Nick has also provided Colorado cameraman services for the Colorado Springs Olympic Campus and the US Olympic Summit in 2004.

NBC Paralympics - HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotaping and Vail Colorado camera crew services for the USA OTOC for NBC sports specials.

ABC Sports sports cameramen, athlete profile packages, season teaser Colorado and national cameraman.

Women in Sports EFP sports package bumps, player profiles + interviews in Colorado via our HD video camera crew in Lakewood, as well as Boulder locations.

Sun Belt Conference - EFP sports cameraman, game cameraman Colorado. I have also provided truck camera operator for various games in Volleyball and Basketball.
PAC 10 EFP sports cameraman, and game operator for national College football games via hiring coordinator.

Mountain West Sports Colorado sports package cameraman, national sports cameraman

Classic WorldWide Prods Colorado sports cameraman, national sports cameraman, Hard Camera op, Hand Held camera operator

NCAA numerous sports packages, sports conferences Colorado cameraman & crew

University of Colorado Colorado game camera, hand held camera, sports packages, player profile packages EFP Colorado camera crew & cameraman

Metro State College Colorado EFP sports cameraman & game camera

The X-Games Colorado location sound, Colorado EFP cameraman & event cameraman, athlete profiles, sports packages sponsor cameraman/crew

ESPN We have videotaped numerous sports events camera & sound, sports player profiles cameraman & sound player/athlete interviews HD&SD cameraman, location sound - Colorado and National and promotional packages
ESPN2 Colorado video production crews for programs, athlete profiles by cameraman Nick

XGAMES athlete interviews by our SD & HD camera crew, player profiles, player competitions, event coverage, HD sponsorship packages by cameraman Nick

Burton Snow Boards - Colorado HD video and 35mm film crews for rider sponsorship profile videos. We have also provided HD video crews for national television ads for Burton as well as for YouTube advertising

Kroenke Sports - Colorado crews provided video for Kroenke's video production services department. These services included freelance cameraman, freelance studio camera, EFP camera, EFP audio. 50/50 assignments for studio operations, and eng/efp. Our studio experience with this video production department included various camera positions for programs

Pepsi Center various EFP, and sports events cameraman services (Nuggets, Avalanche, player profiles by Denver cameraman Nick and his camera crew, various formats like DV, BetaCam Sp, HDX900, VariCam, Z1U, Thomson and triax camera

ESPN Hollywood DV, BetaSp, VariCam and HDX900 cameraman & camera crew throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and Colorado

Unified Tae Kwon Do / United Martial Arts - Denver, Englewood photography & HD video crew services covering martial arts events, as well as for producers or television programs

Altitude Sports - Denver cameraman videotaping for sports profile packages, I have also provided Denver area cameraman services for sports PSA video releases, and sporting coverage (football, basketball, hockey). I have also provide EFP production sound mixing and recording for Altitude Sports as well.

Ascent Sports - Colorado cameraman, traveling cameraman for game coverage and sports profiles

USOC - Our camera crew has videotaped numerous olympic athletes and specials for the USOC and production companies with the HDX900, F900 including earlier videotape formats like DVCPRO, BetaCam SP and DVCAM throughout Colorado. Cities include Colorado Springs, Vail and Breckenridge.
Denver Broncos - team profiles, and game coverage from Denver cameraman Nick

NBA & NBA TV - HD cameraman shooting DVCPRO HD, HVX200 and VariCam and SD using DVX100A, BetaCam Sp

Denver Nuggets - Denver local HD cameraman (HDV & Z1U), and SD cameraman for player profiles/interviews, events, and report cameraman

BET MAD SPORTS - Denver, Colorado cameraman, 2 man camera crew for profiles,

Winter Olympics 04 - 2 person camera crew OTC (Colorado Springs), Olympic Media Summit cameraman, also HD cameraman; Sony F900

New England Sports - Denver Colorado camera crews following the Boston Hockey team for player profiles coverage and interviews

MediaComm sports cameraman for College Basketball (Hand Held & Hard Camera)

Classic World Wide sports cameraman (Hand Held & Hard Camera)

Sun Belt Conference Denver local sports cameraman (Hand Held and Hard Camera)

Sun Belt Tournaments Denver local sports cameraman (Hand Held and Hard Camera)

NLB World Series - Denver HD cameraman with a location sound person for MOS coverage, player interviews,

MLB TV - Denver sports cameraman - EFP shooting HD since the DTV transition. Prior to these our crew shot Beta SP for MLB player coverage, profiles, game/post game coverage, interviews etc. We have also provided camera operators, videographers in field camera crews for various assignments

TBS Denver local sports cameraman covering games including Denver Nuggets

Metro Sports Denver, Colorado Springs, & Colorado cameraman, national sports cameraman for various College sports from football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball

Team USA Ice Skating: HDX900 local HD camera crew videotaping in Denver, Loveland, and Colorado Springs Colorado for 2010 Winter Olympics. Athlete profiles to be aired along with Olympic Event coverage.

Colorado Crewing Denver local sport cameraman and camera operator for baseball games (MLB)

Token Creek TV national sports broadcast cameraman for college sports broadcasts

UNIV WYOMING sports cameraman -football and basketball. My camera operation/videographer services has included game coverage of College Football & Basketball, as well as, player profiles, BROLL, videotaped interviews and other sport video crew coverage services.

CU - Colorado UNIV sports cameraman; football and basketball; SD and HD

Angling Designs sports photographer services as well as, product photography

NFL Films Denver local camera operator, national sports profile coverage's, camera crews for game coverage; mostly in Denver, but we have also traveled as well as a camera crew for NFL films

NCAA Basketball Denver local cameraman, Colorado sports cameraman, national sports cameraman

Former Big 10 Football Conference - National Sports cameraman for various college games hired via Metro Sports/Time Warner. Nick has also provided sports cameraman services for the Mountain West Sports conference, The Sun Belt and others

Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs local cameraman, Colorado Springs local HD cameraman & camera crew (HDX900, DCVPRO HD HDCAM, HDV)

PGA Tour Productions Castle Rock / Castle Pines areas cameraman for tournaments. Other assignments included Denver cameraman with Beta Sp for player profile PSA's. Recent shoots included Panasonic HD camera crews, + EFP HD camera sports crews for assignments covering player appearances in Colorado (B Roll & Interviews).

Callaway Golf TV advertising film camera crew in Copper Mountain Colorado (near Vail & Breckenridge)

Great Divider Golf High Definition commercial television advertising cameraman

Rocky Mountain Fox Sports Net - Denver local HD cameraman services since the DTV transition. Prior to DTV I, NIck was shooting BetaCam SP as a freelance cameraman for FSN West. Current assignments included digital video ENG camera crews and single cameraman services for Lakers games coverage, players & coach reports, player profiles, as well, game & post game coverage.

FSN West Denver HDX900 cameraman, also Beta SP cameraman for various sport news packages, player profiles, EFP assignments; mostly in Denver.



NASA TV astronautics technology video crew in Colorado, as well, traveling with HD HDX900, F900 & HDV formats. We have helped NASA directly, as well, producers and the National Science Foundation on partnerships

American Society of Nephrology - high definition DP/Director of Photography services in Denver for annual conference providing Canon EOS 7D HD video coverage. Also P2 cameras with HD video crews for a documentary of the disparities of the American Economy

NREL - Colorado P2 HD video crews in Golden, Broomfield, Boulder & Denver locations for a promotional video on wind for alternate energy sources to natural gases including interviews, BRoll, and other footage at various NREL campus locations.

Feature -Inspire Me' NSF & NASA CoOp-
Director of photography and high definition crew for various productions in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, nationally.

Boeing & NASA - Local Denver, Lakewood, Colorado Springs and Centennial Colorado areas HD crew for partnership program with Boeing as well as conference video crew services videotaping events & speakers.

Pioneer Astronautics - Denver Breckenridge & Lakewood Colorado HD camera crew for Colorado, Cinema documentary - To Mars

Ball Aerospace Broomfield Colorado corporate video production, local Colorado video production services from our camera crew

Rotors of the Rockies Colorado documentary video/partnered for syndicated TV in Broomfield, Golden, and other Rocky Mountain areas shot by cameraman Nick in DVCAM format - History Channel - Tactical to Practical, Special Duty Choppers

NCAR several news release and news packages by Colorado cameraman Nick, and his camera crew - Boulder Colorado (BetaCam SP & Sony HD)

NOAA Colorado and national news packages, video production services

Frontier Airlines Denver and Colorado Springs Colorado camera crews film 35, and HD for national ads, and Adams County Colorado local corporate video cameraman

United Airlines Denver based Colorado camera crew for in-flight commercial programming

Raytheon Denver and Colorado Springs local Colorado cameraman for national corporate video production campaign

Aeronautics Science Institute Colorado Springs, Denver & National HDX 900 cameraman with crew. Nick - Director of Photography has also provided Colorado HD camera crew shooting Sony and Panasonic HD formats from DVCPRO HD, HDCAM and HDV videotape formats. Also video production technology consulting, video production post, video editing. HD Cameraman Nick has also provided HD crew for other productions in Boulder Colorado areas for SSI

Wyoming Coal Institute - We have provided HD camera crew shooting the HDX 900 for corporate video conference; Panasonic 720P DVCPRO HD format


Technology & Telecommunications


HP We have provided both Fort Collins Colorado crew member as well cameraman services for varied corporate video productions, producers & production companies. We have also provided camera crews & crew members as well in Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs areas for corporate video producers making videos for HP too.

Past HP Projects + As well as television ads videotaped with various HD cameras from HDV, DVCPRO HD and HDCAM. We have also provided SD video crew services with BetaCam SP, DVCAM and DVCPRO.

LogRythym - We have provided cameraman & crew services for this security company for several projects. Corporate advertising videos/sales support, FAQ & informational videos and training videos for hiring producers

HD video crew for Green Screen video production by our Denver local crew for ID Watchdog. More training & information videos in Denver Colorado videotaping with the HDX900, DVCPRO HD camera.

Dell Computer - Local Denver Colorado videographer/cameraman for sales & social media videos providing live web streaming video our Sony HDX & EX XDCAM video cameras.

Qwest & Cisco: 2 camera crews with Sony EX3 XDCAM's for corporate video for Qwest & Cisco partnership pro diving HD green screen services, lighting technicians, and DP's in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Denver, Fort Collins, Englewood, Boulder & Colorado Springs data center locations.

Google Corporate HDX 900 camera crew videotaping for corporate advertising video and single P2 HD cameraman for various corporate communications locally in south Denver & central Denver Colorado for Google

Microsoft TechNet - Corporate video crew for product & services sales video series shot with the Sony HDCAM

Logitech - Denver, and local Colorado Springs HDX900 crew for VNR for producing AD agency. Cameraman Nick has also shot BROLL and corporate video in HD and SD formats as well for Logitech

Cisco - HDX900 crew and secondary P2 HVX200 crew for corporate partnership video for HP

Samsung Telephones - Partnership web video series promoting new cell phone line for Verizon Wireless. Our cameraman Nick provide complete HD crew services shooting 1080p in DVCPRO HD format for VNR series and television advertisement series
Qwest Denver/National - Colorado & national cameraman services with crew for corporate videos & broadcast advertising - BetaSP, and latter HD HDX900

Federation Software/
Microsoft - (Denver Tech Center office) Colorado BetaSP & DVCPRO HD freelance camera crews for corporate videos

Sprint Wireless  - South Denver, Highlands Ranch and Lone tree corporate video crew & cameraman services for technology / informational corporate video shot with the HDX900 in 24PA

Alltel Wireless Sony HDV video crew videotaping at Colorado Springs, Denver, and Lakewood branches; employee sales training video

Sun Microsystems Colorado Springs - Local Colorado HD video crew for corporate communications video entailing 2009 operations merger. Previous crew - Broomfileld Colorado Local Colorado BetaSP cameraman with camera crew for corporate video

Applied Materials - Denver high definition TV video crew videotaping with the HDX 900. We have also provided HD cameraman & camera crew for Colorado Public Utilities co-op video renewable energy video production as well.

Compaq, Fort Collins Colorado - video cameraman videotaping for hiring video production company. I also provided HD video, & complete HD camera crew for Compaq (HDX 900 camera and F900 crews in Colorado)

iC Interactive - Denver & Colorado Springs Colorado local video production cameraman with camera crew, national video production, graphics, HD camera crew, Also Baltimore, NYC - hdx900 camera crew services.

Level 3 - local Broomfield Colorado corporate video cameraman with TV video crew for corporate goals/motivational video production

HP at Fort Collins Colorado: Crew services providing local video production crew videotaping in Fort Collins division of HP for corporate video including Adobe Software. Previous video crew services for HP included other video crews with camera formats for various producers. Videotape formats include Beta SP, HDCAM, and HDX 900, and Sony HDV. Our crew has also provided national HD & film camera crew services including TV ADs for HP with the HDX-900

Microsoft, Colorado: Denver Tech Center area Colorado video production crew for KC production company. Cameraman Nick has also videotaped for national video productions with his local Denver HD camera crew using HDX-900 & F900 CineAlta

PeopleSoft - now Oracle - DTC corporate video production crew videotaping. Corporate video producer now hire our HDX900 camera and HD crew. Prior to HD BetaSp Camera Crew has provided local Denver & national producers for corporate videos at PeopleSoft & Oracle

I.H.S. Colorado video crew for corporate video production - BetaCam SP format

AT&T Denver & DTC Colorado film & video camera crews, freelance cameramen, national video production crew for television advertising videos shooting HD, SD, Colorado Springs local HD camera crew for national AD, Olympic Athlete television Spot - Camera Crew

PeopleSoft/JD Edwards * Denver Tech Center corporate video Colorado camera crew services - videotaping with BetaCam SP & HDX 900 cameras

Oracle DTC COLO and national Colorado camera crew shooting with D600 WS BetaCam, also videotaping for merger video production, (dual use national corporate video & Colorado corporate video)

Quest Diagnostics Denver corporate video production,= camera crew shooting both SD video, HDV, and HD (Sony HDCAM & Panasonic HDX900)

Sprint Corporate local Colorado corporate video production with our Colorado 4 person HD camera crew. We have also provided DTC & Denver camera crews for national corporate video, as well as, national TV commercial shooting HD and previously BetaSP

Cendant video animation, motion graphics

MCI - Colorado Springs - BetaSP Colorado camera crew & corporate video production services throughout Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado corporate locations.

Techstaff motion graphics, Denver CO internet ad campaign

Camden Vale contract graphic services, freelance graphics services. Our camera crew also provided Englewood, Greenwood Village, Glendale CO camera crews - BetaCam SP

Mincomm Denver Colorado corporate video crew & production - Beta SP
Interim Technology freelance graphics, multimedia - CO

Double Click Thornton, Golden Colorado freelance camera crew & corporate video services HD, HDV, via our videographer Nick hired by traveling producers

BMC Software Denver & Colorado Springs local Colorado corporate video crew for annual corporate awards video. I have also provided Colorado Springs retreat & DV team building video production services -with our Colorado Springs local camera crew shooting DVCPRO & DVCPRO HD formats

OMS COLO freelance cameraman/producer for corporate video, corporate awards video shooting with DVCAM

Verizon Colorado & national video production camera crew services by Denver CO cameraman Nick & HD Sony F-900 camera crew

Intrado Georgetown HDV Colorado cameraman, & camera crew services for Longmont CO corporate videos. We have also provided traveling HDV cameraman with crew outside Longmont Colorado for Intrado.

Microsoft TechNet - national corporate video production by our BetaCam SP Denver Colorado videographer providing 2 person supporting video crew as well

USAA (Infrastructure IT Dept) time lapse video in Colorado Springs Springs by our HDX900 Colorado Springs camera crew. HDX900 cameraman

Google Ads Denver Tech Center; Colorado corporate video for Google national corporate communications with our Denver Panasonic HDX 900. Our HD camera crews also shoot P2 HD for Google. Also SD SDX900 Colorado corporate video crew

Intel Boulder, and Colorado Springs local offices providing corporate cameraman & camera crew shooting SDX900, and HDX900 DVCPRO formats - corporate video productions.

Intel National Corporation, Boulder Colorado, DP Nick provided HD videographer services along with a complete high definition video crew using the Panasonic HDX900 at Intel's Boulder Colorado campus featuring the I5 processors hyperthreading technology & the advantages for mobile computing directed by California producer.

Dish Network - Denver local BetaCam video crew for satellite TV advertising commercial via coordinator.

T-Mobile - Cameraman Nick and video crew provided a few different camera crew services to a few different producers.

Cricket Wireless - We have provided videographer & HD video crew combinations for Cricket in the past for numerous varied corporate video productions via hiring producers , as well as the company. Previous assignments included a local Denver HD video crew services for a multi part recruiting/training video in Denver, Littleton & Aurora Colorado retail stores by our camera crew providing camera crew coverage in 1080p HD.



AORN - Local Denver cameraman providing HDV videographer services for AORN nursing conference at the Colorado Convention Center - downtown Denver Colorado

Bayer Medical- HD videographer for television spot videotaped in Denver & Aurora Colorado with additional camera crew supporting. Colorado Cameraman Nick has also provided videographer & camera crew services for various training programs and research videos as well in Denver, as well as, Aurora Colorado in the past.

Nick - Freelance HD videographer for Cardinal Health, with additional photographer services in for a conference presentation. 1080p HD and 35mm photographs we acquired in Denver, Morrison, Golden & Lakewood Colorado for conference retreat + awards ceremony.

Zimmer Inc - Freelance HDV videographer with video crew for a internal corporate communications & employee motivation video produced by local producer throughout Golden, Genesee Park, Vail, Avon, Bakersville, Georgetown and Evergreen.

MGMA & hiring producer in Denver, Englewood, Greenwood Village & Colorado Springs hired DP Nick for HD director of photography services for produced corporate videos including shoot interviews & Broll for corporate communications.

Blue Cross / Blue Shield Health Insurance training sales video videotaped with the Panasonic AJ HDX900 by HD videographer Nick.

Braun Medical USA- Denver and Aurora Colorado local videographer/cameraman videotaping in DVCPRO HD with the HDX900 camera for company marketing video footage, as well as, medical research video. Other services for Braun Medical include Local Denver, Colorado Springs and Aurora Colorado HD camera crew services at medical campuses.

CU Health Sciences numerous video productions (High Definition and SD) Colorado national ads, fundraiser & pr video COLO, global, photography, graphics, multimedia services, and graphic design services

SurgeOne Colorado professional cameraman (Videographer), Colorado video producer BetaSp, HDX 900 HD

National Jewish Denver local Colorado video crew & cameraman, Colorado video production services for national television commercials, Denver Colorado location sound

Bayer Colorado photographer, cameraman for television video production - BetaSp, Sony HDV, Sony HDCAM

Phizer - Denver Colorado HD camera crew formats include HDX900, HVX200, Z1U

Merck -Colorado Springs and Denver local camera crew for pharmaceutical promotions video ADJ HDX 900P, and BetaCam SP

University Hospital Various video formats from DVX100A, BetaCam Sp, HDX900, and HDCAM camera crews, and local cameraman/video producer

The Headache and Pain - Center - BetaCam Sp cameraman and camera crew for television advertisement

Children’s Hospital Various television ads shot by our Denver local camera crew in HDX900 HD, VariCam, HDCAM, and BetaSP

American Heart - Association Local Colorado springs cameraman, BetaSp D30, also Panasonic HDX900

Rose Medical Center Denver Colorado local cameraman & camera crew for television ad producers shooting HD, and SD

Swedish Hospital Denver Denver local camera crew

MedEx Denver cameraman for corporate video shooting BetaCam Sp and DVX100A

Craig Hospital, Denver Sony Z1U, BetaCam SP and Panasonic HD 900 camera crews

AORN Denver local BetaCam SP cameraman for national corporate video

Kaiser Permanente Denver, Colorado Springs offices corporate cameraman

CBR int. Boulder Colorado camera crew for corporate video production

Quest Diagnostics Denver local cameraman; various productions

Striker Medical Denver local cameraman

Denver Health Denver camera crew for news releases, PR video production

AORN Denver local 2 person BetaCam crew

Web MD Denver local DV, DVCAM and HDV crews for various programs

MedScape BetaCam cameraman, HD cameraman; Denver, Colorado Springs

NPPA Denver, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs Metro camera crews; BetaCam SP

Health Center- Rockies Fort Collins cameraman, Fort Collins camera crew (HDV Sony and JVC)

Carrier Air Systems Denver cameraman, boulder cameraman, camera crew for national advertising (DVC PRO HD; HDX900 & P2 HD, VariCam)

Exempla Colorado camera crew for corporate event video production (DV and HDV)

RM Blue Cross Denver local cameraman (HD)

Exempla RM Panasonic HD camera crew (P2, and HDX900)

Denver Center for Animal Wellness Denver local cameraman and camera support

Local HD video crew provided to California production company for holistic health video production partnered with Vitamin Cottage with Sony HDV videotape HD cameras via direction from DP & videographer Nick through Denver, Boulder as well as Broomfield Colorado.

Carrier Air Systems

+ Others


Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical, Agriculture

ETTOWER - professional videotaping in northern Colorado & Greeley by our video crew

Arapahoe Architects - 3D rendering, video production services; Denver CO, High Def

Fisher Associates - video production including animation, photography, 3D animation (HD)

Blackstone Group High Definition services; Denver, Colorado Springs, Colorado, national locations

Salter Associates HD video production, Denver Colorado

Cornerstone Architects HD video production, Englewood & Littleton Colorado

D Middleton Associates High Definition video services; Breckenridge, Houston, Dallas

DMALLC High Definition video production, 3D visualization; animation and rendering

Breckenridge Owners Group HD rendering and animation

The Sheward Partnership High Definition video and animation services; Denver CO

FR Harris HD video production and animation services

Enser - 3D Animation, rendering, architectural visualization, engineering, GIS and terrain services, and HD video production & animation

URS Corp 3D and 2D to scale animation and rendering, Colorado, national, global

United States Geological Service - HD video production at the Lakewood CO, as well national traveling services for stock image & acquisition

Phelps Dodge Colorado, national animation (SD, HD, and presentation), 3D rendering, GIS modeling and HD animation, litigation graphics, legal video services, legal video and media presentation

The Sanchez Group Union To Scale legal presentation graphics, Union Pacific

Construction Expo - Denver local video crew services

John Deer Education Many corporate videos, sales videos, and television commercials by our Denver based DP Nick through Colorado, as well traveling

John Deer Colorado areas camera crew services for the manufacturer for purpose of sales & marketing. We have also provided single cameraman services for various company videos featuring new model releases since 1996. Our experience also includes commercial footage acquisition for a few television spots. Our crew has helped numerous John Deere products to screen over the year in consumer, agriculture, as well construction

Waste Management Denver local DP, also Colorado Springs DP for national corporate videos, also Denver local DPs& camera crew for commercial television production

Western Redistribution Denver and Arvada camera crew with HVX200, HDX900 cameras featuring several stories on this non profit foundation focusing on disaster relief

and others


Climax Mine & John Deere - Cooperative video production relying on our director of photography Jon and camera crew, as well Nick directing camera crews for a safety training video production funded by John Deere Construction

BHP - Denver based video combining animation & video for a regulatory compliance video production detailing the companies employee practices

Phelps Dodge - Colorado based video production and animation services, Colorado camera crew for company video

Country Boy - Co Op HD video production by PBS shot with the Panasonic HDX900 in Breckenridge Colorado

Summitville PR video production shot by our Denver Colorado HD camera crew

Cortez - Southern & Denver areas HD camera crew for company video, & video production services. The video produced by the mine focused on training & safety procedures of the mine's operation

ARCO Television advertising commercial shot by Denver cameraman Nick, also camera crew services for a variety of company video productions

Copper Cities Denver DP, traveling DP for video production; numerous

Pinto Valley Mining Denver camera crew and photographer for multiple campaign video productions

Stillwater Mining - Denver DP photography, national aireal photography

Golden Sunlight Denver freelance cameraman for PR video production, also Denver camera crew for company compliance video

and others


Entertainment, PR/Agencies, Agencies and Broadcast

Leopard Films - HDX900 Camera crews in Denver, Vail, Beaver Creek locations for reality television series Forbes 5

Animal Planet - Local XDCAM camera crew shooting PAL format video for 'Big Cats' in Jewelsburg CO

The Colbert Report - Longmont, Boulder, Lafayette, Gun Barrel Colorado camera crew for the episode 'Peeps'

Jimmy Kimmel Live - DP/cameraman Nick has provided 2 crews for assignments in Denver/Netherland Colorado and Denver Colorado providing SNG/live crew for uplink/downlink live shows

The Today Show -Formats include BetaCam Sp, Sony HDCAM and Panasonic HDX DVCPRO HD providing camera crews in cities including Denver, Boulder & other Colorado cities for various television comedy skits.

Elitch Gardens
- Denver CO
local Denver cameraman with HD crew shooting with P2 HD and the HDX900 high definition cameras for national, including local franchise television advertising spots.

ACT Now Productions/ Sachi & Sachi: Denver, Aurora, and other Colorado cities camera crew services for sustainability PR videos
Towers Productions Denver, & Littleton Colorado cameraman & crew, also location sound, as well as HD director of photography for television documentaries

National Geographic Traveling - HD DP shooting High Def formats - including HDW-F900, HDX900 & Panasonic VariCam : documentaries include - The Final Report (various), Through the Lens, Storm Chasers

National Geographic Local - Denver CO camera crew for 60 minute television documentary on Dinosaurs TBR in Winter 2011. Additional Colorado camera crew services included crews for Local Episodes of The Final Report

Food Network Denver DP + Denver local video camera crew for "The secret Life Of"

Sci-Fi Channel Various: Denver Colorado camera crew for features.
Blair Carper Productions single local high definition cameraman locally in Denver Her, and Colorado Springs, for Colorado scenics.

AMC Theatres Recent Assignment includes Training video for AMC Theatres produced by Kansas production company videotaped in Westminster Colorado and Denver with the Sony HDW F900 by videographer Nick with grip resources provided as well.

Previous assignment included a director of photography in 35mm for national AD production with complete camera crew for interstitial commercial production. Local HD Colorado springs cameraman for internal employee training video

E! Network - Cameraman and 2 person HD & SD video camera crew for entertainment television throughout Colorado various assignments: Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins areas celebrity appearance coverage & on camera interviews. Recent seasons include ColoradoWhat Would Ryan Lochte Do? covering athlete Ryan Lochte on his reality show, airing on E.

Image Works Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Broomfileld, and Longmont CO camera support crew for corporate videos

Paramount HD and BetaCam formats for ET, among other programs. Denver camera man Nick has also provided camera crews for the various Colorado cities for various Channel productions. We have also provided Colorado film crew (second unit) services on

FOX - We have provided crews for various reality shows and second unit (High Definition) shot by Denver cameraman Nick Teti, and his Denver camera crew for DVD behind the scenes productions & for movies as well.

CMT Syndicated television crew for various television productions, also Denver camera crews, and Colorado Springs camera crews - HDX900, Varicam, Sony HDCAM formats

BBC Films various documentaries in Denver, Colorado Springs, and throughout Colorado by cameraman Nick. Also Denver camera crews traveling for documentary productions for the BBC

The Collective - Denver local cameraman/DP for syndicated TV series "Coyote"

Cloudland Filmworks Colorado Springs & Denver cameraman services for television programming " Modern Drunk "

9 at Night Films 2 person Denver camera crew for baseball sports player profiles, and sports television programming for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Backyard Films Colorado Springs cameraman for television documentary (DV & DVCAM formats)

Base 2 Studios & Citizen Pictures - Denver location sound recordist services

Edelman Productions Denver cameraman, broomfield cameraman, and boulder cameraman for History Channel productions

DMP Productions Denver Colorado cameraman with camera crew

Tom Taylor/LBTJ Colorado camera crew various cities: denver, Colorado springs, Morrison for television advertisement

Elitch Gardens Denver freelance cameraman & sound person for television ad. Additional Denver camera crew for 30 second spots shooting several episodic's use for the amusement parks client entertainment

Walt Disney Denver HD camera crew & Colorado Springs HD camera crew services for various EPK and ENG stories. We have also provided magazine show type coverage for DVD release and related movie actor profiles

ABC News - News videographer, news photojournalist throughout Colorado, and nationally

NBC News - News cameraman throughout Colorado and nationally, also Colorado location sound
KWGN/WB2 Denver and Colorado wide news cameraman, also national news photojournalist

NBC various programs shot by Denver local cameraman Nick and his Denver camera crew for NBC news. Also photojournalism in Denver Colorado for the Today Show

ABC Colorado Springs, and Denver local camera crew for reality shows

Court TV Denver, Colorado Springs, DTC, and Colorado wide cameraman shooting varied formats including HDX900, BetaCam SP, and HDV

Discovery Channel We have provided numerous SD and HD formats by our Denver & Colorado springs camera crews for varied shows throughout other cities as well including Centennial, Aurora, Glenwood Springs, Broomfield, Boulder among other cities. Camera formats include HDV, HDCAM, BetaCam SP formats for various producers. Our most recent assignments for The Discovery Channel: "On The Case with Paula Zahn' & 'Solved'.

History Channel samples from our cameraman Nick include modern marvels, tactical to practical, and other programs

The Weather Channel live shots and documentaries by our denver & Colorado springs cameraman & camera crews, Colorado regional weather stories

Food Network Denver local cameraman & crew, also Colorado springs local cameraman & crew - Greystone TV - DVX100A, VariCam, Sony HDCAM HD, and HDX900 HD formats

A&E - Colorado Springs cameraman HD with camera crew for Bio documentary, DVCPRO HD Panasonic

BET - Denver HD and SD cameraman and camera crew for various programs, also complete denver and denver tech center camera crew & location sound

NFL Films - Denver HD camera crew- VariCam HD

DB Productions - Denver local cameraman and camera crew for VNR - National Jewish Hospital, Denver CO

Denver Newspaper Agency - Local Denver, Colorado Springs, and Colorado media producer, photographer, video editor

Hot Type Producers - Denver, Fort Collins, Broomfield and Colorado Springs camera crew for broadcast documentary

Comcast, TCI, ATT - various employed production roles from studio cameraman, editor, chyron graphics for broadcast. Also contract editor, videographer, camera crew, location sound, and camera crew throughout Denver, Golden, Colorado Springs, Boulder area, Centennial, Littleton, Denver Tech Center, Cherry Hills, Denver metropolitan area HD and SD (Beta SP)

Metro Beat TV BetaCam SP, 24P, studio and HD Denver Metro and Colorado metro areas cameraman and camera crew throughout the program

C-Span - Colorado and Denver larger HD crew and SD camera crews various programs also BetaSP, HDV formats

Comedy Central - Denver cameraman and camera crew for primetime television programming for various skits.

Crew Connection Colorado DP & cameraman shooting DV, BetaSP, DVCAM, DVCPRO for various clients. I have also provided Crew Connection with camera support tech services including audio tech, gaffer, grip, camera support crew as well

Mud Puppy Productions - camera support crew, video editing, and other web media production services

Five Star Productions, FL - Denver director of photography with camera crew for corporate health science video production

Gizmo Pictures, KS - DVCAM Colorado freelance cameraman and camera crew - Loveland Colorado, Fort Collins Colorado for Medical Center of the Rockies

OMS/OMS Latino Suave - Denver Colorado multi camera crew for large venue at the Colorado convention center

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Denver and Colorado various local live shot cameraman and camera crew, Beta SP & HD Formats crew

Netwest - Denver Colorado live shot cameraman for live shots in Denver area BetaCam SP for national broadcasts.

Media Choice - HD (720P HD JVC 110U HDV, and DVCPRO HD formats) in Denver Colorado camera crew, Fort Collins, Loveland CO and Colorado Springs camera crews - various repeat business

Ascent Media Colorado Springs HD cameraman and accompanying TV broadcast video crew

Strategic Communications - HD camera crew for corporate video production

Atlas Media, NYC - Documentary cameraman and TV camera crew various Colorado cities and areas from Denver, Bailey, Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, Conifer

MVP Collaborative - Denver & Fort Collins CO HDX900 cameraman and complete camera crew for corporate video productions, and television advertising campaign

The Freidman Group - Colorado location sound services

Mirimax Films - Film promotion HD Crew (Sony HDCAM HDW F900) for special features DVD

The Spector Group Denver, Englewood, DTC, Greenwood Village Colorado local camera crew - Good Feet

Starz Encore - Denver Camera Crew for Network promotions, Starz affiliates production companies for feature film productions - BetaCam SP and Sony HDCAM formats

Time Warner Telecomm - Sports cameraman for broadcast. Additionally Denver cameraman Nick has provided EFP cameraman & camera crew shooting HD and BetaCam SP formats
DMP Productions - Colorado Springs local cameraman for recruiting conference

Dr Phil Show Colorado remote camera crew for program cuts - BetaSP format
Horizon Media - Local Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs camera crew for medical advertising video production

Lawson Productions - Local Boulder and Denver camera crew for various productions

Edelman Productions - Denver, Broomfield and Boulder CO cameraman shooting for History Channel - video formats - DVCAM, DV & DVCPRO HD: HDX 900 Panasonic

PBS Fetch - Denver HDX900 cameraman and camera crew traveling. Also Silverthorn CO Location Sound & camera crew

Baer Claw Productions - Denver corporate videographer for national corporate video campaign

A Current Affair

Inside Edition - Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and other Colorado area camera crew shooting XDCAM, & BetaCam Sp formats

Extra TV- Denver local camera crew for this magazine entertainment show

Descent Media - Summit County, Garfield County and Eagle County skiing video production shooting HD and 35mm film formats

AND Syndicate DP and video camera crew for the shows The Bachelor & the Bachelorette - Breckenridge, Frisco, Vail & Avon Colorado locations.

Moving Planet- Productions

Lucas Films - 2 person camera Denver, & Lakewood camera crew for 'The Red Baron' - HD video production

Strategic Alliance Advertising Denver, and Colorado Springs advertising campaigns hiring our local video camera crews

JWT ATL ( J Walter Thompson ) 35mm film crew support for national television AD - 'US Marines' JWT Michigan - Colorado Springs Colorado camera support crew for corporate partnership promotion videotaped in HDV format for corporate video production.

Tight Films - Location sound services for 35mm film production in Leadville Colorado


Ketchum - Denver and Colorado Springs camera crews videotaping with Panasonic HD cameras for VNR & Advertising for Hyatt Hotels. Nick has also provided photography & director of photography services for Ketchum

Leo Burnett Company - McDonalds, You Tube, Google Video web commercials providing HD Colorado cameraman/DP services in Berthoud Pass, Winter Park & Denver Colorado videotaping with Sony HD cameras. The example of the video is at You Tube.

Cox Productions

Freestyle Productions

Greystone Television

Weber Shandwick & GBI - VNR and photography services in Fort Collins Colorado and Breckenridge/Dillon Colorado

Metro Teleproductions

Corporate Image Associates

Voom Networks - HDCAM Colorado cameraman in northeast Colorado for reality show (NTSC HD)

Achilles Media Group

Sadis and Vaughan

CBS Productions

High Noon Entertainment - Denver, and Colorado Local cameraman & director of photography

Electric Sky - New Ramer/Sterling Colorado camera crew videotaped with Sony HDW 750 HDCAM.

Quinn Matthews Films - local Denver Colorado local cameraman & camera crew

Speed Channel - Numerous Barrett Jackson pieces providing HD remote local crews in Grand Junction, Denver, Scottsdale, Reno & Sacramento

Chase PR & Communications - We have provided camera crew services advertising Castle Rock Outlet Stores for the leasing office, as well for advertising television spots attracting clientele

Schwartz Communications - Boulder CO freelance cameraman services providing green screen video services with Panasonic P2 cameras for producing client LogRythym

Hammerhead Entertainment - Colorado camera crews covering Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Loveland, Frisco & Arapahoe Basin areas. The program airs on Direct TV HD

HGTV / High Noon Entertainment - "My First Place" - HD cameraman in Denver Colorado videotaping with the Sony HDW F900 HDCAM.

Gunnar Blanke Motion-Picture Services HD, & HDV camera crew and second cameraman throughout Denver and Colorado Springs areas. I have also worked with Gunnar in Colorado providing additional film camera crew support, and location sound support

Baughan Productions Colorado wide & local HD Denver cameraman & camera crew videotaping with the HDX900, VariCam, F900 CineAlta HDCAM. Other camera crew services include location sound mixer/boom operation/audio tech services for various ads syndicated TV shows and reality shows

Lowel Pierce HD cameraman, location sound & camera crew various Denver and Colorado Springs locations (HDX900, DVCAM & HDV), also audio tech/location sound - Colorado various

Castlewood Video Denver HD Director of Photography, also Denver SD BetaCam SP DP for various sports performance shows

C-47 Productions Denver, Colorado location sound for syndicated television program 'Low Carb Cookin'

Mountain Media Productions Colorado location sound - Littleton, Denver, Colorado Springs & other Colorado locations, training videos

LC Media HD cameraman & camera crew in Denver, Colorado Springs, Longmont, Fort Collins for lifestyle video

Entertainment Tonight - BetaCam SP camera crew in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Louisville and other Colorado cities. Sample stories included Jon Benet Ramsey, Boxing, NBA Basketball Carmello among others videotaped. We have also provides HD video camera crew services in other cities for other stories as well.

Bond Video Arts SD 24p videographer/cameraman for various corporate videos in Denver, Englewood, Littleton, Lone Tree, Denver Tech Centennial, Greenwood Village and surrounding areas, Other assignments providing cameraman services in Glenwood Springs, among other Colorado Rockies cities for advertising videos.

Lowel Pierce Productions Camera & location sound through Denver, Colorado Springs and Colorado wide location sound-audio tech in cities from Denver, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Canon City, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Boulder among other places: corporate videos, Dr. Phil, other talk shows, reality shows various

Comcast - HD camera crew, HD director of photography Denver, Golden COLO, and other Denver Metro locations from
TLC - Denver HDV, and Panasonic HD cameraman & camera crew for various productions. Our Denver cameraman Nick also have shot BetaCam SP for TLC productions

DIY Network & High Noon Entertainment HD (HDX 900, HDCAM, and HDV) cameraman throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton, Centennial, Parker and many other Colorado cities. Deconstruction and Cool Tools

Metro Beat TV - We have shot through many of the metro area for this program over several years from Denver, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Thornton, Brighton, by solo cameraman or entire camera crew including location sound. We have also provided editing for this multiple Emmy Award winning series.

NBA Entertainment & TV: Our most recent video crew assignment was providing NBA TV HD Canon ESO video crews in Denver recording full 1080 30p with 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras for player profiles. See other HD samples from this camera at Canon's website. For other NBA profiles, interviews and BROLL, and game coverage Nick has provided high definition video for NBA TV as well the the NBA website shooting with the HDX900 camera format. Past & recent HD crew assignments include cameraman & crew for NBA TV, and NBA coverage various shoots featuring Denver Nuggets, as well as profiling other NBA players & coaches for NBA Inside Stuff. We have also provided Denver camera crew for various NBA productions from games, player profiles, All Star Games, playoffs, live shots, profile packages by our Denver camera crew over the years.

81 Media Denver local cameraman shooting BetaCam SP, DVCPRO HD (HDX900, VariCam and HVX200), for various programs

Altitude Sports - Denver cameraman Nick has shot HD and SD video for ENG, EFP and studio for Altitude sports, as well as, BetaCam SP and DV formats for various sports programs

Four Reel Production - freelance Colorado cameraman throughout the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Denver suburbs, and other Colorado cities shooting SD, DV, HD & HDV formats

Real Time Video second camera for various sports videos

Reel Time Productions - multimedia crew members (sound, prompter, camera, producer/director) for production traveling into Lakewood, Golden and Boulder Colorado areas for US Department of Energy internal communications video campaign

Reel Productions - Colorado springs cameraman & DP for corporate video productions. Additional Denver camera crew services include

Metro Productions Colorado camera crew services for various television commercials and corporate video productions

Marek Productions Denver, Colorado Springs, and other Colorado cities; location sound, and camera support. Also second camera - BetaCam SP formats

Image Werks, CAL camera support crew, camera support, and Colorado camera crew for corporate video productions in Denver, Longmont, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder & Broomfield Colorado

KTDV SD and HD Denver DP, Denver Camera crew & videographer services, also post editing, producing, studio camera, director and director of photography

KWHD Studio SD Denver DP, Denver Camera crew & videographer services, also post editing, producing, studio camera, broadcast graphics director and director of photography for ENG, EFP and studio; Colorado

3Ball Productions - Colorado camera crew -location sound, sound mixing, boom operations for TV reality show: For Love or for Money

PBS Denver & Colorado HD DP, HD and SD cameraman services for documentaries

WGBH Boston; We've shot Frontline and Fetch for WGBH and also have provided crew members joining other WGBH crews coming to Colorado, as well, traveling. Our Colorado experience includes stories in Denver, Colorado Springs, Silverthorne, Fort Collins, Aurora and some other metro areas.

Sunnydale Productions Colorado location sound tech, Colorado audio tech, boom operator EFP, ENG audio tech services

LP Productions - Colorado location sound technician, boom operator, audio mixer and sound mixing & recording services for various camera crew gigs in Colorado

Kenneth Stipe, ASC - Denver cameraman, AC (assistant cameraman), camera support, Also location sound, with additional cameraman & camera crew services in Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont; Film and HD

August Films Denver and Lakewood Colorado camera crew, and camera support services including audio tech, location sound, sound mixing, and sound recording for HD

Horizon Bend Vitamins Denver HVX200 camera crew, also HDV camera crew, for corporate video productions, infomercials and advertising video

Coscrove Meuer - Productions Denver local VariCam Director of Photography (DVCPRO HD L format) for television advertising, also corporate video production

Hock Films - Denver cameraman Nick, and his camera crew shooting 24P video for ESPN productions, "In the shoes"

Cross Media - Denver HD cameraman (Sony HDCAM) for VNR videos. Also Sony BetaCam SP video crew services for VNR video in Denver Colorado as well

Smoking Gun TV -Colorado Springs areas camera crew, as well as single cameraman services for Smoking Gun television

Micheal Hoffman-Productions - local Denver HD cameraman with Sony HD format, also Denver BetaSp camera crew for documentaries productions (Court TV/True TV)

New City-Communications - Denver Colorado location sound crew at Invesco Field, Denver Colorado.

iC Media - Colorado HDX900 camera crew, also Colorado video production services, and video crew

The Daily Show Denver video crew, also camera crew for other Colorado cities for the Daily Show

Good Time Productions

Sony Pictures - HD Second Unit Colorado camera crew; Denver, Boulder

Liberty Media - South Denver Colorado Cameraman with Camera Crew for cable program promotions, formats include Sony BetaCam SP, HDCAM, and Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD


The Lessin Group

DL Images

Eagle Ridge TV

Center City Film/Video

Weather Channel

Eye Candy - Denver hdx900 panasonic HD crew, also Denver timelapse photography services

Ford Recruiting - Local Denver & Pagosa Springs videographer with TV video crew for national video recruiting campaign

Media Central - Denver Sony IMX cameraman for large camera crew - Nickelodeon

Moovie Television - Corporate video production shot by Denver videographer Nick throughout Denver at various locations

Americas Funniest Mom - large Denver camera crew, and 3 person TV video crew in Denver & Arvada location for program B-Roll & talent interviews videotaping with Sony BetaCam SP, as well as Panasonic DVCPRO cameras

Great Wall Productions - Colorado Springs Colorado cameraman for 2 person camera crew on franchising video production

Westward Video - Cameraman support for ENG news crew, Denver, Colorado

Travel Channel programs videotaped in HD using the HDX900 throughout Denver, Vail, Edwards, Avon, Aspen Colorado. We have provided HD camera crew provided in other states, as well, countries for various Travel Channel Programs. We have also provided HD TV video camera crew services with the Sony F900 HDCAM.

Granada Media, USA - location sound for Colorado video crews, also local Colorado cameraman for Animal Planet Programs

Voom HD Networks - Colorado HDCAM, & HDV director of photography for reality show programs. Also HD television video crew services for various documentaries

Voom Networks - Colorado Sony HD TV camera crew support for reality series 'I'll Try Anything Once'

Pullin TV - Sony HD cameraman in Morrison Colorado, PINK's All Out, and other Speed Channel Shows.

Screen Scape - South Denver and DTC/Greenwood Village Colorado camera support crew

PBS WA- HDX-900 HD crew shooing episodes in Denver and Breckenridge Colorado for various kids programming shows

Samsung / Real Productions - TV production video crew shooting P2 HD in 720P for internet advertisement with Alice Cooper - camera support crew and equipment

Peak Creative Media & M2V Productions -Corporate videographer for camera crew for motivational & sales corporate video production

ARRIVAL -SWEDEN - PAL HD crew shooting music videos - location Sweden & Denver CO

Clean Skies Network - HD camera crew in Denver and Wyoming shooting with the Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD format camera

Brand New Entertainment - camera support for reality & fashion show 'Rock the Reception'

BPS Inc - Ken Caryl and Littleton Colorado cameraman with production crew for corporate internal communication video

Americas Most Wanted - Colorado camera crew/camera support crew members on various episodes - DVCPRO HD format

Midtown Video - Colorado freelance editor for various corporate video productions

- Biography Channel
- The Spector Group
- Get A Grip
- Jones Productions
- Cero Productions
- Fidelity
- Denver High Def
- Montel Williams
- Mojo Films
- Nick!
- The Food Network
- Profiles TV
Harpo Opra
- Mad Dash Media - Fort Collins Colorado and metro Denver Colorado HDV cameraman with HDV crews
- Tar Assoc
- Great Wall Productions
- Sullivan Productions

+ numerous others


Fundraising, Social Issues

Weight Watchers - Local Colorado cameraman directing a 2 person camera crew for corporate video production in Alamosa & southern Colorado cities. We have also provided camera crew for partnership corporate videos for producers in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Pueblo Colorado Schools - Cameraman with camera crew in Pueblo Colorado for school safety initiative video videotaping with Sony DVCAM and HDV formats.
CU, Boulder Colorado - Colorado education videos videotaped by HD cameraman & director of photography directing a large HD crew (HDX 900 format) for university funding and for HD video documentary projects.
UCHSC - University of Colorado Health Sciences, Denver, and Aurora Colorado cameraman with camera crew for medical education, recruiting,training and conference video

NASA & The National Science Foundation - Green Screen, interviews on cameras addresses and other video with Sony EX3 XDCAM for a national museum piece. "Great Balls of Fire" HD video crew provided in Boulder & Denver Colorado.

PBS in Denver Colorado providing high definition cameraman with camera crew with the Sony HDW F900 for Business Kids short. Our HD video crew was also used in Breckenridge, Aurora, Colorado Springs Colorado locations for 30 minute programs on the series. Our crew has also traveled outside of Colorado and throughout the state for PBS programs.

Columbine Elementary

Bear Creek High School

Front Range Community- College -Educational recruitment & enrollment video production crew - Recruitment video example

Metro State College &
University of Denver

Civil Education Institute

Arapahoe High School; Zome Tools video crew

Denver Technical-Institute;

Loretta Heights CO

Emily Opportunity School

Kyffen Elementary

Colorado Academy

Colorado Dept EDU

McGraw Hill

John Hopkins University

Classic Archives &
American Print Archives

Imagine Nation Books in Boulder Colorado produced by Total Media Group - Camera crew for marketing video including BROLL, interviews for the hiring advertising video producer

CBC Canada - Recent shoots for videographer Nick included assignments in Aurora & Denver Colorado at a recent military technology conference. Cameraman Nick provided footage of interviews, BRoll and direction for the current affairs story videotaped with Sony DVCAM

Waste Management
- Denver, Littleton, Colorado Springs & Henderson Colorado local video crew for corporate training/reenactment video

TraXing Colorado

Denver City and County Jefferson County

Castlewood Fire- Department

Denver Central Services

Denver Public Office Buildings

Highlands Ranch FS

Southgate Facility

Eagle County

Denver Police

Boulder County
Justice Center

Department of Veterans Affairs

City of Golden - Tourism and commerce television commercial camera crew

Colo Bureau Land Mgmt

The Transit Group

Sales/Retail/Consumer/Food Financial / Commerce Enterprise etc.


Boston Market - Local HD camera crew with the HDX900 for 30 second television spots. Other freelance hires included freelance DP/DOP director of photography services, as well, single videographer for corporate communications videos. Recent video crew services included the XDCAM video crews at the Golden Colorado office and single videographer services for hiring representing agency.

Target Stores - EFP camera crew services lead by cameraman Nick throughout Denver, Parker, Centennial Colorado locations for hiring internal producer making corporate employee training videos for various department support associates

Celestial Seasonings - Our local camera crew represented a Colorado and national production company producing video featuring services on HP technology. Our crew has been also hired for HD camera crew services with HDV cameras for corporate partnership videos, corporate management communications video, and also employee training videotaped by our crew as well in 2 person and larger video crew capacities.

Schlotzsky's: I provided HD videographer with camera crew services via Panasonic HDX900 for corporate franchise video produced by hiring agency in Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aurora Colorado locations.

Target Optical - Denver Colorado HD camera crew most recently with the XDCAM HD (F330) format for a corporate employee training / motivation video. We have also provided Sony HDCAM format crew, and previous 35mm film crew as well for television advertising for Target Optical. Our corporate video crew services have also been provided by cameraman/DP Nick for several recruiting video campaigns at branches in Denver, Englewood, Colorado Springs, and Aurora Colorado.

Ace Hardware - Video camera crew locally in Denver and Lakewood Colorado for television commercial advertising (30 second spots)

Wal Mart Optical - Local high definition Denver and Englewood camera crews for employee sales education and motivation videos (internal Pod Cast corporate videos)

Wal Mart Stores - A National employee motivation, recruiting & training video production providing our HD video crew services to California production company. Our crew in 2011 also provided previous local video production crew services with HDX900 cameras prior for a Colorado & national television advertisement campaign. Our camera crews have shot in Denver, Littleton, Aurora, Colorado Springs among other Wal Mart locations as well as outside Colorado in the past.

Whole Foods - Fort Collins & Denver Colorado and national company video production by our contract COLO camera crew for a internal corporate communications video

True Value Hardware
7-11 Stores
The Plaza Outdoor Mall
City Golden Chamber-
- of Commerce
Corral West Ranchwear
Wal Mart
Champs Sports
The Chocolate Factory
Whole Foods
The Home Depot
Corral West Ranchwear
Good Feet
Macy's SN SF CA
Nat Assoc Franchises
Castle Rock Outlets



Visa To producers we have provided Colorado based video + film format camera crew services for national & corporate video productions produced by our hiring agencies

LogRythym - Financial security product video demo. Mister Photon Media provided cameraman & camera crew services to hiring production company producing for the company at the companies headquarters in Boulder CO.

Fed Ex at the Colorado Springs campus + airport facility. Additional single videographer/cameraman services we're provided for the producer at the Colorado Springs campus.

UPS - Denver, and Aurora Colorado based corporate video camera camera crew for company produced video production training employees in Colorado. Also our TV crew has provided Colorado video crew services for UPS as well for corporate video communications producers throughout Colorado & national.

FED EX most recently our HD video crew provided a national television ad by our Colorado RED camera crew. We have also provided still photography, Colorado corporate video and other video services to Fed Ex producers.

Office Max - Local Colorado camera crew videotaping national television ad shooting with Sony HDW F900 HDCAM in central Denver CO.

Ryder Transportation Denver Colorado TV video camera crew hired to videotape a safety compliance company video through various CO & national offices with BetaCam SP cameras.

Microsoft For the company directly, and for numerous hiring production companies of ours. Our Colorado crews have videotaped, filmed and recorded with several format preferences. Microsoft has it's group of internal producers and hires agencies, whom in turn call on us to help with the right crew personnel in Colorado. We have also provided local cameraman services (videographer and DP/director of photography) for national ads via Nick. Prior to HD our crews assignment for Microsoft we're shot in in standard definition and 35mm film.

UPS - Denver, and Aurora Colorado based corporate video camera camera crew for company produced video production training employees in Colorado. Also our TV crew has provided Colorado video crew services for UPS as well for corporate video communications producers throughout Colorado & national.

Fed Ex most recently our HD video crew provided a national TV ad by our Colorado HD camera crew. We have also provided still photography, Colorado corporate video and other video services to Fed Ex producers.

Office Max - Local Colorado camera crew videotaping national television ad shooting with Sony HDW F900 HDCAM in central Denver CO.

Ryder Transportation Denver Colorado TV video camera crew hired to videotape a safety compliance company video through various CO & national offices with BetaCam SP cameras.

Microsoft Recent Colorado corporate HD camera crews for store launches in Centennial Colorado + other state launches. All we videotaped in HD (Panasonic HDX900) as well, recorded with P2 HD cameras. We have also provided local Colorado cameraman services for national ad via High Def cameraman Nick for various corporate videos of different messages - partnering with other companies using Microsoft technology. Prior to these HD crew assignment we have provided other video crew services in standard definition for various corporate video productions. + related camera crew service for clients hiring us producing for Microsoft partnerships.

Real Estate

Moore Associates
Salter Associates
Fisher Associates
Dorian Homes
Remax Homes
Centex Homes
Parade of Homes
Richmond Homes
Century 21
MDC Holdings *
Breckenridge Homes
Ryland Homes
Oakwood Homes
Arapahoe Architects
Phillips Engineering
Life Style Interiors
Construction Expo
and others.


Our principle DP & cameraman, Nick has shot numerous political primaries, press events, traveling campaigns, rallies, stories, multiple camera interviews, political television ads, web ads for Google Video, YouTube, and other distributions among other political coverage.

Democratic Primaries in Colorado - 720P HD video crew with P2 cameras for political coverage, campaign commercials, and election media in cities including Broomfield, Boulder & Denver Colorado.

Kennedy For Treasurer - Denver, Boulder, Louisville & Broomfield locations P2 HD political video crew services by cameraman Nick for YouTube, Google Video & other web campaigns.

FOX National Mister Photon provided DP/DOP with ENG P2 HD video crew throughout Colorado cities including Broomfield, Lafayette, Boulder and Denver for YouTube & Google ads via our P2 HD video crew using the HPX170 produced by Chicago production company.

Tom Tancredo -Englewood, Littleton, Denver Colorado locations videographer with video crew for incumbent congressman for political television ads.

Denver City Council- Charles Brown + other stories, candidates & elected officials

Denver City Government - Elections

Amendment 33 - Director of Photography in 35mm for television spot opposing the #33, Denver, Black Hawk, Golden & Central City CO

08 National Democratic Convention - various

Adrian Smith NE/producing agency-

- Governor Bill Ritter

- Colorado Democrats

- Colorado Democratic Primaries 2010

Networks we have provided political coverage including ENG videographer/photojournalist & entire video crew to include: Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX NEWS, Univision, Denver 8, BBC UK & Reuters


Agriculture - etc

John Deer Recruiting *
Western Feed
Dominicos Market


GMC: We have provided camera crews throughout Colorado and traveling for GMC & agencies coordinating for General Motors. Our most recent camera crew assignment detailed providing 35mm Camera Crew for a 30 second spot for GMC On Star in Fort Collins and Denver Colorado locations in Tandem with car dealerships and the michigan hiring Ad Agency

Med Ved Auto CO - Hired video crew in Denver via producer for television spots

John Elway/GO Auto CO - DP Nick was hired to shoot & direct a crew

Mike Shaw Auto CO - We have been hired by various producers to provide SD & HD video crew, videographer & DP services for corporate videos, as well as television commercials.

Toyota COLO
Chrysler Michigan
Ford Michigan
Chevrolet and GMC MI
Peak Nissan CO
Burt Automotive CO
Dealin Doug CO
Mike Naughton CO
Burt Automotive CO
Ford National
Phil Long Ford



Boulder Wealth-Management *
Wells Fargo
Charles Schwab
Grant Thornton
Norwest Banks
Washington Mutual
US Bank *


WR Grace


Non Profit, Civic & Government


Denver SafeHouse for-Battered Women
United Way
Compa Foods
Feed the Children
Colorado Housing and-Finance Authority
Cherry Creek Arts Festival MS Society 
Denver Rotary Club
Volunteers of America
Denver Hispanic CC
City of Denver
Denver Hispanic CC
Summit County
Govern er Ritter


Corporate video crew services for producers

Century Link
Bell South
Sun Microsystems
I.H.S. *
PeopleSoft/JD Edwards *
Qwest Diagnostics Internal
Cendant *
iC Interactive
Camden Vale *
Mincomm *
Interim Technology
Federation Software
Double Click
BMC Software
Microsoft TechNet
Grant Thornton
CheckPoint Software
Duke Energy
T Mobile
Google Corporate

Numerous corporate internal and external communications and advertising campaigns, tagged with *


Iron Man Machinery
Je Dunn
Arapahoe Architects
Phillips Engineering
Breckenridge Homes
Ryland Homes
Oakwood Homes
Crucible Safety
Turner Construction
Lifestyle Interiors


Petroleum & Energy
Wine, Spirits & Food

Shell Oil
BP / British Petroleum
Aera Energy LLC
XCEL Energy
Duke Energy


New Belgium Brewery - Fort Collins
Bacardi Rum

Quedoba - We have provided combinations of Colorado cameraman with crew in numerous cities from Westminster, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder for corporate video & business video profile productions, sales/marketing video productions and a couple of television commercials. We have also provided video crew produced through Comcast Metro Beat TV for Colorado advertising and profiles television series "Denver's Best."

Red Robin - We have shot a few times for RED ROBIN in Colorado for corporate communications, television commercials, internal communications; including employee training videos

Reality TV Shows
Studio Tours, Behind the Scenes, DVD's and Features

Do you trust me?
The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
Oprah - The Big Give
The Amazing Race
Extreme Makover
Date My Dad
For Love of For Money

+ others


MI II DVD Interviews
Catch and Release-
Special Features, -Behind the Scenes
The Red Baron-
Special Features
The Merchant of Venice
James Cameron- Journey to-

Renewable / Alternate Energy / Technology & Sustainability 

Colorado Triple Bypass Race - HD video crew services to document this Colorado Bike race starting in Evergreen, to Idaho Springs, Bakersville, Georgetown, Silver Plume, Frisco, Vail, Dillon & Avon; over 120 miles of camera crew coverage videotaped by Sony HVR V1U HDV cameras.

Our videographer/DP Nick has shot numerous other sports programs, stay tuned as we catch up updating this section.

John Paul Mitchell Systems - Video crew & HD DP for Conifer & Denver Colorado Salons utilizing recycled & renewable technology

The Green Building Initiative - Photojournalist in Denver & Aurora for sustainable buildings

US Department of Energy & The Rocky Mountain Institute -
DP Nick provided news coverage for both institutions for a renewable energy conference video presentation videotaped in high definition with Panasonic P2 and DVCPRO HD cameras

National Semiconductor :
Denver native cameraman Nick was hired for his expertise of Denver geographic's providing producer & cameraman services solo including interviews, B ROLL, scenic shots, timelapse for a corporate video & cost raising videos for a California based producer. Footage was videotaped throughout Denver at the state capitol with the Panasonic HDX900.



various direction of photography by DP Nick Teti






various productions - speed channel, golf channel






various advertising samples by DOP Nick






more B2C advertising samples by DP Nick Teti






Denver, Colorado and global samples by cameraman Nick






more direction of photography by cameraman Nick











various locations & one sports profile examples

















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