Samples from our founder Nick - Colorado native videographer & director of photography
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Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084

About the Colorado Springs area
& it's southern CO areas

For your reference follow these links for maps. Colorado Springs is surrounded by Cripple Creek to the west, Manitou Springs, Cascade, Cimarron Hills, Black Forest, Stratmoor Hills, Seven Lakes, Rosemont, Security-Widefield, Fountain, Falcon, Peyton, Ellicott, Eastonville, Larkspur (north), Franktown (north), Palmer Lake, Green Mountain Falls, Divide (west), and Victor (west) Colorado.

Colorado Springs is almost equal in population to Denver and has similar businesses, corporate headquarters but also has more reach into the foothills. The Garden of the Gods is a popular place for all types of video, film and television productions as well.

Aside from DP/DOP services & cameraman services, I can provide or refer particular personnel to you to form a camera crew or direct the entire group.

  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • Videographer / specialty cameraman
  • DIT or data wrangler
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Location sound recordist - aka a production or location sound mixer
  • Steadicam operator

Pikes Peak:

Colorado Springs business listing via CityStar:

These scratch the surface, however the Colorado Springs city website will have about every pointer for your production planning,
or call them at 1 (800) 888-4748 for specific resources or assistance.

Do I have a Camera Crew for larger scale productions?

Our crews are scalable from 2 people or larger for video, film, television, ENG/SNG or any type of EFP or live broadcast need. We can also refer production trucks to you for uplinks or live shots. Aside from the typical roles each camera crew has in expertise; from either sound, lighting, directing, production assistance, digital imaging or data wrangling our crew members are diverse to multitask assisting in other aspects of the production.

My camera crew members include all the expertise for any type of production

  • Location scouting services
  • Makeup artists
  • Teleprompter operators
  • Production assistants - aka PA

Feel free to contact me, Nick at (720) 299-2084 by phone for rates, inquiries and scheduling / booking. Thanks, Nick/Mister Photon

Professional Camera Options

I have many of the popular cameras from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and am also RED equipped, along with expertise spanning several others from other manufacturers/models. I have a high amount of rental insurance as well, with a partnership with a local rental house here allowing me access to other cameras, camera equipment and resources I do not own.

- Panasonic includes P2, DVCPRO HD videotape or DVCPRO/DV.

- Sony includes RAW, 4k, 2k, 1080, 720, HDCAM, HDV, XDCAM, BetaCam SP, DVCAM.

- Canon includes the EOS 7D or 5D Mark II cameras or the EOS C300.

- I also film with an Arriflex 35III motion picture camera package.

- RED camera package (RED EPIC or owner rates on RED ONE).

Sony format cameras

3D HD : Sony HXRNX3D1U

  • This camera records 3D and 2D HD video shooting to internal storage or SDHC cards - pick 3D or 2D video all in the same day.

A Sony NEX-FS700UK Super 35 Camcorder

  • 8-200mm E Lens,
  • 12mm E fisheye,
  • 24-75 Canon F 2.8 lens,
  • 18-35 Sigma F 1.8 lens,
  • and a Canon 70 to 200 F 2.8 lens,
  • MetaBones EF Adapter
+ Additional Canon 35mm lenses and a NanoFlash recorder can also be docked to the camera. We also can dock a Atomos Recorder (up to 4K) to the camera for 4k recording.

The common nicknames are the 700U or the FS700U. The HD/3G SDI also can be docked to Nanoflash or Gemini, Atomos Recorder (up to 4K)+, Sound Devices Pix 240 or other recorder as well.

Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System
  • 18-200mm E Lens,
  • 12mm E fisheye,
  • 24-75 Canon F 2.8 lens,
  • 18-35 Sigma F 1.8 lens,
  • Canon 70 to 200 F 2.8 lens,
  • MetaBones EF Adapter

Sony PMW F3 with PL Mount Lenses

  • Camera lenses are 35mm, 50mm & 85mm lenses primes, one Sony Zeiss zoom available too.


HDW F900 with HD Canon 7.6x22 or Fuji HA 5x10 high definition lenses.


PXW-FS7 (up to 4K HD video) - refer to the listing above
PMW Series ( PMW 320K or PMW EX3 )
PDW F800
* The PMW 320 lens is a Fuji HD 5.6x16 wide angle
* The PDW F800 has a Fuji HA HD 5x10 or HJ Canon 7.6x22 (or both HD lenses)

HDV & DVCAM Dual mode cameras

- HVR V1U or Z1U HDV / DVCAM cameras

BetaCam SP- Sony DXC D30 BetaCam SP SD video camera

DVCAM 2/3 Inch ENG style camera

- We dock our Sony D30 with DSR1 VTR (the D30 is a dockable camera to Beta SP or DVCAM)

Panasonic Cameras


This HD videotape shoots 1080i or p or 720p - information link with HD Lenses

- Fuji HA 5x10 or a Canon HJ 7.6x22 HD lenses, or we can bring both - a high definition videotape camera recording 1080 or 720p or 1080 interlaced; NTSC or PAL


AG-AF100 Package

  • We are also partnered with a local rental house and offer owner rates on a AG-AF100, including 3 prime lenses

Panasonic SDX900

  • DVCPRO 25/50 SD a 4x3 or 16x9 camera- videotaping formats are NTSC or PAL standard definition video in 24p, 30p, 25p, 50 or 60i


  • Panasonic DVX100A camera, 4x3 or 16x9

Canon Cameras

  • EOS C300 camera with 3 lenses + accessories with power for a full day + overtime.
  • EOS 7D SLR with 5 lenses + accessories with power for a full day + overtime.
  • EOS 5D Mark II with 3 lenses + accessories with power for a full day + overtime

- Lenses include: 15-35 (F1.8), 24-70 (F2.8), 70-200 mm zooms (F2.8), 70-300 (F4.5). Additional lenses include 15-85 (F4.5), & access to other lenses. Hoodman viewfinder, 4 x 32 GB cards, laptop, portable WAV / MP3 recorder + other camera support (including DSLR shoulder rigs). The C300 can take balanced audio directly. We can also input direct audio into the 5D or 7D cameras. We also can place lavaliers or a direct mini cable into the audio inputs of our 7D & 5D Mark II for synced audio.

- XF305 - 422 50mbs camera also available - owner rates

Arri Film Camera

- Arriflex 35III motion picture film camera package with Cooke S4 14 lens + Zeiss 35, 50 & 85mm prime lenses.

- We are also experienced operators of SRII, SRII, 235, 435, and the Arri Alexa, along with some older Arri film cameras.

RED Camera

- RED EPIC with Canon Mount, & PL Mount.

- PL lenses include Zeiss 2.0T 35, 50 & 85mm lens package.

- Canon lenses options are : 70-200 f/2.8L + 24-70mm f/2.8L.

Support equipment includes: 2x256 RED GB array, RED VF, + accessories ( less cost for the EPIC option with Canon lenses than the PL option - with a minimum 2 person crew). The EPIC has the following resolutions 720p, 1080, 2k, 3k, 4k & 5K.

Advanced notice is required on RED Packages + crews charge a 100% cancellation fee within 48 hours is shoot is abandoned.

Go Pro Cameras

Go Pro Hero+ Silver 3 & Black camera with suction mount & waterproof housing included. Additional Go Pro's are available as well.

Aerial Drone

We have a DJI Phantom 1.1.1 Quadcopter with GoPro Mount. We have access to other drones with camera mounts, as well gimbal based drones along with the operation experience not to crash 2 minutes into your production.

Digital Recorders

Convergent Design - NanoFlash recorder & Atomos Recorder (up to 4K) recorders

HD & SD Video Lenses

SD lenses include:

  • Fuji 4.8X Super Wide angle lens,
  • Fuji 7.5X Pegasus,
  • Canon YJ 18x9B long telephoto lens

HD lenses include:

  • Canon HJ 7.6x22 long telephoto lens
  • Fuji HA 5x10 super wide angle lens
    Lens filters & Petroff P sized matte box also available with other camera support

+ Other we have access to other cameras available at owner rates (we're insured) or we'll operate your camera.

Camera Rigs

  • Fig Rig
  • Wooden Camera Shoulder Rig
  • We have also made several shoulder mount rigs, and gliders to adapt to specific cameras

Camera Support Equipment

(These links below to outside web sites for your reference)

Professional video monitors

  • In Panasonic HD & Sony HD & SD.

  • Our HD monitors are LH 1700 Panasonic monitors, smaller monitors include SONY PVM-10M4U monitors.

Professional Sachtler tripods

- 20III & 18 + other solutions for camera stabilizers always included with single cameraman/videographer, DP or by our camera crew. For DSLR shoots we bring both tripods and shoulder mount stabilizers enabling you as a client flexibility. If you don't require heavier tripods we also have a Monfrotto 525, 516 & 511 heads & aluminum tripod.


LED Lighting

  • 2x 500 w 1x1 LED lights

Kino Flo Lighting

  • 2x Diva 400,
  • 2x Diva 200 lights.

Additional Kino Flo & Flo lighting available with advanced notice (Tegra 4 & 8 bank kits). LED panel lighting is also available, although not as effective in range for lighting distances or pattern specific effects. LED lighting: 2 x 1x1 panels.

Arri Fresnels

  • 150w x 2
  • 300w x 4
  • 650w x 4
  • 1kw x 4
  • 2kw x 2

HMI Lighting

  • 2 x 200 PAR
  • 400 PAR
  • 575 Fresnel
  • 1200 PAR

Lowel Lighting

  • 4 Omni, 2 DP, 2 Tota
  • Chimeras for Diffusion, 2 x XS, 2 x small, 2 x medium, 2 XL

Grip, Gels, Diffusion, Dimmers, Clamps etc.

I have several Matthews grip pieces in 6 C Stands, 2 Juniors, specific clamps, flags, silks, lighting dimmers, lens projection patterns (including a Dedo projection lens), MSE mounts and various backgrounds (chroma key, muslins, black, color solids etc). Look to me to make something out of nothing for a background. I can also adapt challenging lighting environments and recognize perils not obvious to greener camera people. Look to me to accentuate a shot, control it, improve it, direct it & make it yours.

Dollies & Camera Sliders

  • Doorway Dolly,

  • Floor Dolly

  • And Pipe Dollies are also available.

  • We also own an IGUS camera slider. 6' plus Speed Rails and sliders are available at additional cost.

Sound Gear

  • Lectrosonics UCR 100, 211 & 400 wireless (4 each)
    - Lavalier heads include TRAM, Sony ECM 77, Countryman & Lectrosonics for transmitter

  • Sennheiser
    - Lavaliers: EW G3 (4), SKP 500 (2)
    - Shotguns: 416PH, ME 66, ME62
  • Nuemann
    Neumann KMR82i MT shotgun
  • Schoeps
    - Schoeps CMC6U/MK41 combination (hypercardiod capsule).
  • TRAM
    - TR 50 hard wire lavaliers (2)
  • Lectrovoice
    - RE 50B handheld microphone

    Audio Mixers

  • Tascam HS P82 - multi track recorder with time code sync (for film, or video time code referenced signal mixed synced and recorded) 8 separate + 2 stereo mixed
  • Sound Devices 552 - 5 channel mixer, 2 channel recorder with time code
  • Sound Devices 664 - 6 channel mixer / recorder with time code
  • PSC AlphaMix - 4 channel mixer
  • Marantz - 2 channel mixer recorder (PCM WAV or MP3)
  • Needed Accessories - Gentner Phone Bridge, XLR cables, time code connectors, lemo cables, adapters, attenuators, ground lifters and other audio accessories.

Grip Package

  • Grip packages available with more equipment, gaffer, grip or 2 person or larger crews. Call to arrange particulars in advance.
  • 40' Jimmy Jib / Camera Crane with microjib available
  • IGES camera slider
  • Avenger Floor Dolly
  • 6 baby C-Stands
  • 2 Juniors
  • 4 sandbags
  • 2 Mayfers, 2 cartellinis, 4 ceiling scissors, grip clips
  • 5 in 1 silk / reflector
  • 10x10 butterfly
  • Flags - single, double, solid
  • Gray Muslins, Douvatine other colored Muslins & background
  • Botero portable green screen, chroma key papers and other colored papers
  • Neutral Density, Full Blues and other color correction rolls
  • Dimmers and electric cords


Aside from an inventory of cameras, I bring along ample camera support equipment including monitors, professional tripods, lighting equipment, plenty of batteries, sound recording/mixing packages, grip and enthusiasm for every client who hires me or my crew.

Director of Photography Colorado
HD video Crews