Storyboards for Production Planning

For producers or scriptwriters whom need to convey camera movement, characters, sets, blocking, plots and other necessities, often hire a storyboard artist. Often the storyboard artist is also a concept artist can develops all the needed elements including:

  • Looks of characters and supporting characters.
  • Looks and themes of sets (scenes) including props.
  • Detailing the elements in shots, scenes and or actors interacting in time.
  • Demonstrating camera blocking, composition & movement.
  • Planning a feature film.
  • Planning a video or television production.
  • Planning a TV commercial, showing demonstration to the camera crew.
  • Demonstrating a script visually to a film, video or TV crew.
  • Other needed developments.

Below is a storyboard frame sequence depicting a feature I am working on.  In concept art production. This is the pencil draft version to keep some elements private. The series is in the concept art phase and script development, and I am the writer & artist.

Storyboard frame #1, storyboard artist Nick Teti 1 (720) 299-2084,

Frame 2 of storyboard, feature film, Frame 3 of a storyboard, feature film. Artist Nick Teti, Nicholas Teti III.

Below is a pen & ink pre-color grouping of storyboard art frames.

Storyboard Artist Nick Teti artwork

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