Samples from our founder Nick - Colorado native videographer & director of photography
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Denver & Colorado corporate video production

Business video production by videographer Nick

This health care diabetes prevention video by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media providing videographer/director of photography services for this HD video production in Denver, as well Aurora Colorado. We also directed and produced this portion of the video, as well provided video editing for the entire program.

Multiple purpose informational, motivational advertising video,
Front Range Community College

This is a MPEG format SD video prior to streaming technologies for a recruiting, enrollment advertising video for Front Range Community College. Nick Teti & Gunnar Blanke co produced this production, as well provided cameraman services for this production. Nick provided the video editing for this program with the purpose of motivating new students to enroll in various Front Range Community College programs. If the program has difficulty playing, let your progress bar load completely before playing the video, or visit this link: Then return back.

Health Care Education Video - different sample #2

Here's another portion the health care video focusing on healthy heart lifestyles & diabetes prevention.

Informational video & corporate video communications,
for employee motivation & retention IHS

This video production was made for IHS in the Denver Tech Center (Englewood Colorado area) by Nick Teti. Power Point slides were integrated and provided by the in house creative's, edited into the program. We produced this video with our partner company Denver Prompter LLC whom provided teleprompter operator services as well. The purpose of this video production included recruiting new employees, retaining existing employees by informing them of incentive programs, as well education the entire company on it's sales goals, as well as it's quarterly progress. DP Nick Teti's expertise span all types of corporate video productions, business & company videos, as well communications directing employees or on-camera talent to connect with their audiences and effectively deliver the intended message.

Interview sample, testimonial & informational video production #3

Nick provided videographer & producer, as well editing and lighting services on this production. This video production was produced and recorded in Aurora Colorado for an informational video on healthy heart initiatives & diabetes prevention for Native Americans. Nick, often shooting as a one man band, producer also often has to mix & record sound, provide the lighting direction, direct talent among other resources. Nick co produced this entire production, as well, but in instances where a producer or director of other personnel production assistance Mister Photon Media is able this as a camera crew.

Informational training video production for a construction company

This is a SD video production, where DP Nick was hired for videographer/DP services in Loveland Colorado for a safety training video as well providing the video crew for a training & educational/informational video on staff protocols to improve the work environment. This video was videotaped with Sony DVCAM cameras including conducting interviews, camera addresses and B Roll for training the contraction companies employees on safety, as well Hospital protocols. DVCAM SD was used, as HD video cameras were not available at the time of this video production.

This is another samples from a Native American lifestyle health video #4

This is another samples from a Native American lifestyle health video focusing on healthy lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The camera used to record this video production was a Panasonic P2 camera, before the popularity of HD DSLR, the Canon C300 among other 35mm format HD cameras. Our Dp/videographer & photographer Nick can work as a one-man-band shooter producer supporting all the additional tasks of lighting & sound recording or provide video, film or TV crew members to speed your production along, including providing the right equipment to make any production a success.

More about our production abilities

We are a dual purpose company able to provide production support to hiring producers, or provide entire production solution to producers, networks, business clients, individuals among other organizations whom need either the entire video made or just help with personnel to create a video. In many informational videos, or other types of video productions, the message, motivation or goals can serve several purposes to the clients needs. Nick has also helped several networks, producers, organizations of all types among others creating video or providing the needed footage to fit the specific clients specific needs.

Some types of informational video include:

  • Employee motivation, recognition, motivation, retention or recruiting,
  • Business video productions & communications either internal or external,
  • Non profit or public service announcements or to gain interests,
  • Company or organization image retention or restoration,
  • To explain, train or educate audiences to a goal,
  • Fund raising or awareness

Our crew members cover every type of expertise including:

    • DP/DOP, director of photography,
    • cameraman, videographer,
    • still photographer
    • gaffer,
    • grip,
    • electrician,
    • DIT - digital imaging technician,
    • production assistant,
    • location sound mixer / recordist,
    • AC / Assistant Camera
    • field producer
    • director
    • data wrangler
    • teleprompter operator
    • makeup artist
    • other production personnel


Camera Crews Director of Photography Cameraman Samples Equipment Local Areas Why Us? Videographer


Video Crews TV Crews Crew Members Credits Site Map