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Film production integrating animation, video and graphics Mister Photon Media, Colorado,

Typical Services include

  1. Support for any type of production in video, film or broadcast television production.
  2. Planning, or script writing.
  3. Storyboard art, concept art, character design, set design.
  4. Production, finishing, editing, graphics.
  5. Videotaping/video recording or filming.
  6. Crews of specific types: business video/corporate video production, broadcast network, producer, production company or other organization.
  7. Specific camera crew members supporting clients of all types.
  8. Camera crew members with gear supporting others.
  9. Voice over recording or other audio services including foley recording.
  10. Audio post-production, post effects, audio filtering, EQ, etc.
  11. Location scouting, production planning.
  12. Still Photographer services.
  13. Post / Editing / Motion Graphics / Animation / Motion Graphics
  14. Storyboard Art / Concept Art

Storybaord artist, concept artist, comic & graphic novel artist Nick Teti, 1 720 299 2084,

Colorado camera crew, television crew and video crew, (720) 299-2084

Experience at a Glance

Looking for a diverse production portfolio in a freelancer or crew? Mister Photon has it. For clients producing any type of video, film or television production. Our capabilities for clients across the state & across the globe include:
  1. Providing production, including crew, planning, post, and delivery when needed.
  2. Providing either a freelance camera crew or crew members to support producers or networks.
  3. Broadcast Television including the major public networks like PBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and other networks.
  4. Investigative Reporting/Magazine shows like 20 / 20, Dateline, 60 Minutes, CNN Special Reports, A Current Affair, 60+ minutes and others.
  5. Corporate video production, business video productions, corporate image videos.
  6. Sports / sporting event coverage, athlete profiles, stories, documentaries, interviews, television commercial appearances or press conferences.
  7. Interview & B Roll/B-Roll.
  8. PR / public relations video production.
  9. Advertising for web/internet social media videos for social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo & others.
  10. Documentaries in 35mm film or 4K, UHD, and HD formats. By our director of photography and film or video camera crews.
  11. TV/television commercials.
  12. PSA videos.
  13. Infomercials for television or for the internet.
  14. Training videos for company employees or other audiences.
  15. Demonstration(al) videos for all types of audiences & business.
  16. Educational video productions or public awareness/PSA videos.
  17. Motivational videos for employees or company retention, recruiting.
  18. Recruiting videos or franchise recruiting or business partnership videos.
  19. Sales & marketing video productions to specific audiences.
  20. B2B or B2C video production.
  21. Video production for specific organization or type of business.
  22. Political campaigns, politician / political commercials, coverage, interviews, etc,. Some have included President Obama, President Trump, Hillary Clinton, Tom Tancredo, Janet Napolitano, Madeleine Albright, George Bush Jr. & Sr., President Clinton, McCain/Palin, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, among other politicians.
  23. Other experience in video, web, photography and other media.

Some Production Samples

Camera Crew & Members, Book Us
There are several various crew members that can help make a specific type of camera crew, film, ENG, TV or video crew. Mister Photon Media provides these services of providing or referring individual crew members for specific production roles to support production companies, camera people or crews, business, networks or others coming into Colorado or for Colorado clients.

Morrison Colorado television production, corporate video production in Aurora Colorado, TV commercial example for Mexico Tourism.

Our service areas include all of Colorado
Mister Photon covers all of Colorado, and also travels. These areas include the typical larger more popular production markets that include the list below, but our crew covers the entire state:

Larger Colorado Areas for Production

Aside from this list below, Mister Photon Media’s services will travel across Colorado, and beyond.

Television production samples from cameraman & director of photography Nick Teti, along with our HD video crews. Television production samples from cameraman & director of photography Nick Teti. Along with our HD video crew: Mister Photon Media.

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Mister Photon,

video production, film, television, media, photography, art

Anywhere in Colorado, including Denver.

(720) 299-2084

We enjoy working so call us for a quote. From video, television or film support. Camera crew members. Production services or photography. Storyboards, concept art, art or other media. Mister Photon Media!
Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media, Colorado Camera Crews for Video Production