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sample by our DP/DOP/director of photography Nick Teti

Local in Westminster or Colorado Video & Camera Crews

Westminster CO is a northern Denver Suburb listed in Jefferson County and Adams counties. Mister Photon Media provides scalable camera crew solutions throughout Westminster, it's surrounding cities from Broomfield, Federal Heights, South Boulder, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Thornton, and Northglenn; along with all Colorado. We're hired by producers, production companies, other cameras crews, networks, or businesses needing crew members, production equipment or entire camera crews to provide the exact resources, along with highly qualified individuals, paired with award winning creativity / Mister Photon.

Your screen needs a specific production expertise

Our diverse experience from Nick our principle cameraman/DP to our entire crews experience spanning professional experience to 1991. Whether you're looking for a videographer, complete video crew, television, or film crew or for specific production we have applied our experience to specific client needs and can adapt our previous production experience to your exact needs. Here's a quick list of capabilities:

  • Interviews or multiple camera interviews or MOS with simple to complex lighting & staging for all type of production including corporate, DVD, sports, magazine shows, ENG, cable television, syndicated TV, reality television or factual entertainment
  • Green screen video
  • BRoll - AKA B Roll or background roll for any type of broadcast or non television program or corporate video
  • Camera crew or videographer or DP with specific cameras
  • Crew members on your production in Westminster + Colorado (camera, sound, prompter, PA, gaffer/grip/lighting, producer director etc)
  • Television advertising or infomercial expertise
  • Cameraman/producer/photojournalist skills for ENG or EFP or corporate video production
  • Crew or crew members for specific television program - documentary, reality TV, A&E, current affairs, B2B, B2C advertising, fiction or factual entertainment, magazine show, tabloid, political spot or address, live shot or broadcast event, cable television programming among other specific production

Why Choose Mister Photon for Your Production?

    Creativity + Professionalism- Anyone can hire a camera crew or camera person with a bunch of camera equipment or production toys, but consider us for the crew or supporting cast of crew members whom bring creativity, enthusiasm + professionalism to every hiring client/production.

    HD or SD video or film? Please see our Equipment Page for our updates as we have evolved with the technology for decades

    NTSC or PAL video services - Mister Photon can provide you a experienced videographer/producer, a two person video crew or larger scale video crew for your countries broadcast standard, as well, recommend uplink resources for live shots or SNG etc. We also provide specific camera makes & formats for you as a crew, producer, production company, business or network preference.

    Professional production experience Since 1991 - Our founder Nick's professional experience after College (+ the internships) date from 1991 with references from several satisfied 'customers'

    Places + the familiarity - We're Colorado natives with production experience across the state & beyond, why not hire familiar to efficiency?

    - All throughout Colorado - MISTER PHOTON MEDIA - As your production deserves the resources; along with ideal talent.

Cameras; We're Equipped.

Sony Cameras

- Sony NXCAM 2D & 3D multi-format HXR NX3D1U (AVC HD formats / MPEG)

- Sony NEX FS700 - NEX FS700K camera with E Mount & Canon lenses, Meta Bones Adapter & other accessories

- XDCAM with the Sony PMW EX3 or 320K, PMW F3L or PDW series cameras (PDW F800)

- Sony HDV videotape with HVR Z1U or Z1U cameras (V1U offering 24p or 30p progressive recording as well)

- Sony HDW F900 for HDCAM HD videotape

Canon EOS Cameras

- Canon EOS DSLR cameras with the EOS 7D or 5D Mark II or the EOS C300

Panasonic Cameras

- Panasonic P2 with the HPX 170 or HPX300 cameras

- Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape - this camera can also dock to a FireStore or NanoFlash recorder

- DVCPRO 50, DVCAM or BetaCam SP in standard definition or motion picture film with the ArriFlex 35III camera


- EPIC & RED One package available with Canon mount lenses, as well PL


- Arri 35III, 3p camera, as well

Call Nick Teti at (720) 299-2084 for a rate cost quote, to book or for other information

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