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Local Colorado High Definition Video Crews for Your Production, Mister Photon

In and throughout CO USA Mister Photon Media provides local HD video crews with specific cameras from Canon, Sony & Panasonic, Arri or RED for television, corporate video, advertising, television commercials, B Roll, interviews, specific television programming among other specific tasks where you need in the state. (Review HD our camera list below). Call on us to shoot for you in any city, and we have shot in all the major cities across the state, as well many towns, smaller cities, & rural areas off the beaten path. Hiring us ensures you as a client have our professional experience dating to 1991 with our founder shooting video & film prior to HD as well. We're no strangers to HD either having experience since the formats introduction by Sony, as well, following all the other major makers as well.

Why HD? - High definition is here as the standard for network television or cable TV broadcasts and Mister Photon has been there since the start. Our founding cameraman Nick has been expert at high definition videography & direction of photography with all the major makes & manufacturers as well if you need a videographer, DP or camera operators for your professional high definition camera - tailored to your exact Colo video production needs.

We can also provide camera crew members to form your HD video crew, including members to support your DP/videographer or camera person throughout Colorado. Our personnel includes production location sound, boom operators, audio tech's with specific video production experience, gaffer/grip for lighting, director or producer or other person for exact video production needs. We are also easy to work with and bring enthusiasm to any other crew, any hiring company, to any hiring producer/coordinator or business needing the complete at attention.

We deliver your HD video to videotape, DVD, Blue Ray, MPEG, MOV, MXF, MPEG, MP4, or other digital delivery. We can even post your high definition video to YouTube for sharing - several solutions.


production samples from Nick, director of photogaphyvarious montages of videos shot by cameraman Nick Teti

FAQ About High Definition Video Formats & History

If you have a camera preference in high definition - chances are we have it or have worked it recently or in the past. Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Ikegami, Thomson, RED, Vision, Hitachi, and some other cameras in high definition are in our expertise. If you simply need to get HD video we have the no hassle solution for you however you need. Many networks, clients, producers call us for particular camera solutions. Below are links

1) Sony High Definition includes XDCAM, HDCAM, HDV and AVC HD cameras use compact flash cards or hard drive recording

- Blue Ray or SxS for XDCAM or HDCAM & HDV for videotape formats. AVC HD is a card & hard disk format. XDCAM SxS is the most popular among clients preferring Sony Tapeless HD video or SD video.

2) Panasonic High Definition includes DVCPRO HD videotape, P2, AVC HD format cameras

- DVCPRO HD videotape cameras like the HDX900 or VariCam record to DVCPRO HD videotape. P2 is a tapeless recording card larger in size than compact flash. The Panasonic AVC HD format uses compact flash or in camera storage to shoot to SDHC cards.

3) Canon EOS High Definition includes SLR enabled HD video cameras

- Canon SLR HD cameras a very popular among all types of clients except ENG and broadcast television networks.
The depth of field and amazing HD video of SLR HD cameras has made them desirable in al types of production. HD to SDHC cards and compact flash. Most popular are the EOS 7D, 5D Mark II, 60D, and the Rebel t, or the EOS C100 or C300

4) Thomson is famous for the Viper for filmmaking, then the LDK & DLP series and are popular for all other applications, including live broadcasts. These cameras require larger crews and more camera support hardware. We are comfortable operators of these cameras.

5) Vision is known for the Phantom HD camera is a hard drive array camera - high speed HD and effects are the cameras primary strength. We can operate your supplied vision camera or arrange a package from our rental resource.

6) RED cameras are less in circulation but popular shooting to hard drives and high speed flash cards and the proprietary RED modules. We own the EPIC and have owners rates on the RED One as well. RED cameras require larger crews, high levels of experience and a solid post production resource + the right editor, but the footage is the par to beat at higher production costs.

7) The Arri Alexa - these cameras require larger crews, previous operation experience and larger amounts of camera support equipment. These cameras a best suited to PL mount lenses along with the support accessories to effectively manage all aspects of the footage acquisition

various location productions by DP & videographer Nickon location images for the GolF Channel and  Pepsi

Our crew owns several of these cameras and can rent the others from our rental house resources or operate your provided camera preference. For our camera owned, please see our GEAR PAGE.

If you do not require and entire HD video crew, we can also provide a single cameraman for videographer or DP/director of photography too with a specific camera or operator for your high definition camera, our founder DP Nick is a great match, and can also refer other camera people as well to to specific high definition video production demands. We're not just camera people, we're expert at lighting talent & set direction, arranging resources, and other needed elements as well for any type of HD video production, any program, any broadcast, corporate video production, online/web streaming video need, file sharing on YouTube or Google video, ftp etc - count on Mister Photon.

For your reference here are some links to the major HD camera manufacturers opening in a new window - Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Thomson/Grass Valley, Ikegami, RED, Vision, ARRI/Arriflex

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