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Olympic Skater Caroline Zang, shot by director of photography, Nick Teti

Local in Englewood & Colorado Video Crew

Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084

Need to hire a local video crew or crew members to support your production in Englewood? Mister Photon Media can help and client here, or wherever else in Colorado. Hiring a local video crew or members to support you has several benefits to traveling your personnel, as well, equipment to Colorado, or to travel from a further area in the state.

For either TV, video or film we can provide the right talent with the appropriate specific program experience as well, so that you either do not need to provide anyone to travel to Colorado or the Englewood area, or you can rely on our support staff to support you as a client. Our support includes:

  • Englewood local NTSC or PAL video crews (aka a camera crew) for any type assignment
  • Videographer (sometimes known as a DP, a cameraman or camerawoman or camera person),
  • Location sound people, aka an audio tech, audio guy or sound guy, man, woman, mixer or recordist
  • Teleprompter operators,
  • Gaffers, Grips, or other lighting people,
  • PA/ production assistants,
  • Field producer or directors.

Whatever the tasks, from B2B video, corporate videos, documentary, NG/ EFP video, interviews, any BRoll, factual entertainment television, news/journalism, sales or marketing, or anything else; your needs are varied for feature production, broadcast, news or for business or other organization communication - we help with all the solutions.

Why hire Mister Photon Media in Englewood or Colorado

1) For many, travel costs with gear have paralyzed production budgets, especially when larger lighting kits, larger / better tripods, and when more camera components are needed; gear is still cumbersome to your funds and the airlines charge large amounts to crews, often every bag or case or carry on. Pick up Mister Photon local to reduce your gear needed to travel and to cut the hassle.

2) We shoot with common production cameras including Sony, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Arriflex among others with professional experience dating to 1991.

3) Our prior experience & proximity make us familiars whom you can rely on as contractors whom wont waste your time or money.

4) We're flexible with assignment, equipment, and easy to get along with, making your production much easier.

5) We enjoy working and will do our best for every client, the motto of Mister Photon.

    About the City of Englewood CO USA

    Englewood is surrounded by Denver, Lone Tree, Littleton, Sheridan, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, and Greenwood Village. All these areas considered in the Denver metro area, and all with larger populations. Mister Photon provides comprehensive camera crew solutions throughout these cities, along with the state. From crew members, with or without equipment, backing personnel to your production group and resource referrals as well; among other production assets.


    Additional equipment with the many popular cameras

With all the cameras out there Mister Photon provides the major formats as well, lighting from Kino Flo, Lowel, Arri, K5600, Hi Lux, Chimera + others, MSE grip, reputable sound gear from Lectrosonics, PSC, Sennheiser, Schoeps + other camera support. We specialize in talented, experienced, creative, fast thinking people with the equipment that you need & prefer. Although we cannot arrange everything under the sun, we can match the closest possibility for you or refer the right Colorado resources as we understand each production deserves the resources; along with ideal talent.

We Carry the following popular production cameras including:

- Panasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape camera, (with additional docking options to HD/SDI recorders)

- Sony HDW F900 HDCAM videotape camera

- Sony XDCAM in PMW or PDW series, EX3, 320K, F3 or DW F800

- Sony HDV videotape cameras

- Canon EOS DSLR HD: 7D & 5D Mark II, or the EOS C300

- Panasonic P2 - HPX 170 or HPX300 cameras

- RED EPIC with Pl lenses & accessories, with owner rates on RED one

- SD Videotape DVCPRO 50, DVCAM or BetaCam SP

- Filming with the Arri 35III camera

Aside from these cameras we carry ample rental, comp & liability insurance so we can provide additional equipment, and cover every possibility as well.

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