Stills from DP/cameraman/videographer Nick via Pansasonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD camera Mister Photon Media ENG video crews across Colorado
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Local in Colorado Video Crews & Camera Crew:
BetaCam SP, SD, 4K or HD cameras for video or television production

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Looking for a video crew with Sony cameras, including BetaCam SP or other professional camera format in SD or high definition or 4K or UHD video ? Mister Photon Media is a good choice wherever you need us in Colorado with these particular camera formats or others from including Canon, Panasonic, Black Magic, GoPro, Arri, or RED. We have used BetaCam SP videotaping since 1990 and have operated virtually every model from Sony to date. if BetaCam SP not your ideal camera we have plenty of HD, as well 4K cameras to meet your video, film or television production needs. As a camera crew we have also operated & own other cameras. We also have experience with Ikegami, Hitachi, Thomson/Grass Valley, Vision Research, RED, Arri, Arriflex, Panasonic, Canon, Sony, JVC, among other cameras as well. BetaCam SP is a standard definition video, we have this, among other SD cameras, as well, ample HD video cameras shooting videotape, as well, tapeless.

Call us for service throughout Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Vail, Aspen, among other popular production areas or anywhere needed in the state. Single cameraman/videographer services are also available with BetaCam SP or other professional cameras to fit your needs - please see our camera & equipment list.

Speed Channel Shoot in Boulder CO, On Assignment with Dave DeSpain

If you have a camera format aside from BetaCam - we provide the equipment + crew resources to accommodate. We have BetaSP wide screen available and the older 4x3 standard BetaCam. Our founding videographer & DP Nick has operated other Sony relatives of BetaCam including Digital BetaCam and BetaCam SX, IMX/IMIX and DVCAM - all common cameras used by news & television channels, independent videographers & production companies. For decades for ENG & EFP video crews the standard was BetaCam SP and it's variants. More popular trending Sony cameras include XDCAM, HDCAM, NXCAM, XAVC, AVCHD & HDV. Tape-less recording to CF, SDHC, SxS, XQD, P2 or similar technologies has became more popular for ENG.

On the set of Last Cake Standing

As we've evolved with technology in video equipment keeping our camera inventory current, along with lighting, grip and camera support equipment, ensuring we'll be amply prepared as a crew or solo videographer. Read more about our founder Nick's history as a cameraman.

McDonalds Promo, Patrick Deened, How do You McNugget, shot in Winter Park Colorado

Video & Film Camera Choices to you as a Client

As a videographer, cameraman & DP Nick has also operated several camera makes & models from manufacturers not directly listed below as well.

Sony Cameras include:

  • XDCAM: PMW F3, EX3, or 320K
  • XAVC / AVCHD: FS700R or PXW-FS7 cameras
  • ALPHA a7S
  • HDCAM videotape
  • HDV videotape
  • BetaCam SP in 4x3 or wide screen
  • Experience with several other Sony cameras

Canon Cameras include:

  • EOS 7D DSLR with 4 lenses
  • EOS 5D Mark II with 4 lenses
  • EOS C300 with 4 lenses
  • Owner rates on the XF305, as well experience with several other Canon cameras

Panasonic Cameras include:

  • AJ HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape
  • AJ HPX300 or HPX170 P2 cameras
  • AG Af100 with lenses
  • Experience with several other Panasonic cameras including the VariCam or newer Varicam

RED Cameras:

  • RED Scarlet
  • RED One, Epic, Raven, Weapon & Scarlet experience as well all post production along with file conversion

Arri / Arriflex:

  • Arri 35III film camera with PL lenses
  • Operation with the Alexa, among other 35 Arri cameras including the Amira, 235, 435 & the ArriCam

Black Magic Design:

  • Black Magic Ursa Mini
  • Black Magic 2.5, Ursa operation among other models
  • Experience and access to the Black Magic models

Digital Recorders

    • Convergent Design NanoFlash, as well Atomos Recorder (up to 4K) recorders.

GoPro Cameras:

    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well including a drone.

    We also have access to other professional cameras, as well can operate yours or provide the right gear & personnel resources.


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