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Local Colorado 2 man/person video crews: HD, NTSC, PAL, TV

Introduction & summary on our crews anywhere statewide

I'm Nick of Mister Photon Media LLC, providing 2 man (aka two man or person) Colorado camera video crews, or personnel members to form productions (assist other people in Colorado for production). My company, Mister Photon also provides film, TV, HD or SD PAL, NTSC, eng, EFP crews. We meet the the needs of any type of client with our talent, experience, as well, equipment resources. If you need production support as a cameraman / DP or videographer coming to Colorado we can provide gaffers, grips, DIT, data wranglers, location sound, teleprompter operator services to support your specific needs. As well we can provide this personnel in entirety to form a local crew or support your anywhere in the state.

From, Nick, videographer, & director of photography: I have several HD choices, some 35mm and some standard video definition cameras with many satisfied clients from companies, producers, crews, directors among others. My professional experience dates to 1990, including for corporate video production, youtube or Google video campaigns, television commercials, cable or syndicated TV programs, reality television, ENG, live shots, infomercial's, feature films, made for TV programs/movies, shooting company events or conferences, documentaries, all types of B Roll, concerts, political campaigns, among other specific production demands, I can help any type of client with producing/sharing their message with their audience. Back to the table of contents

Our professional camera choices include:

  • SD, 720p, 1080, 2K, 4K or 5K in Quick Time, XAVC or RAW,
  • HDCAM,
  • DVCPRO HD videotape & P2,
  • HDV,
  • AVC HD,
  • AVCAM,
  • Arriflex/Arri 35mm,
  • Canon 35mm EOS DSLR & the C300,
  • RED
  • Recorders to dock to cameras expanding our capabilities

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Also included is professional lighting, sound gear, grip gear along with enthusiasm, creativity. Every hiring client receives the best footage + the efforts from us. We shoot all the video standards in high definition or standard definition, (either NTSC or PAL), and also can film in 35mm 3p film for you. We can also operate a provided camera with experience spanning the makes of Sony, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Arri, Vision Research, Thomson/Grass Valley, JVC, Ikegami, among others as well.

Why hire the 2 person video crew?

Often a single cameraman is not sufficient to cover the scale & time of a production, so count on Mister Photon to provide video crews from 2 people, to very large groups with specific, yet diverse talents, able to efficiently work together on any type of assignment. Back to the table of contents

DSLR HD shoot with 2 Canon EOS7D cameras

Here's our common group of expertise

  • (DP/DOP, director of photography,
  • videographer
  • camera operator with camera options,
  • Field producer/director familiar with your specific type production.
  • Gaffer, grip, dolly grip, or other lighting department members.
  • Production assistants & other helping hands.
  • Teleprompter operators with multiple configurations.
  • Data wrangler and digital imaging technicians for color grading, import, transcoding or data management of video assets.
  • Camera assistants with multiple expertise roles (aka a AC).

Mister Photon is diverse! offering production capabilities to support any type of client throughout CO. If you're a producer, production company, business, or network hiring a 2 person camera crew like ours, it's a easy decision with us having decades of years professional experience in NTSC and PAL video for clients across the globe (we can provide you references if your making a earnest inquiry for your decision making). We also provide larger scale camera crews as well if you have a big scale production requiring gaffers, sound recordist's, teleprompter operators (often called a prompter operator), grips, production assistants among others gathering together your production in video or film or for specific television expertise where previous experience is key.

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