Samples from our founder Nick, a Colorado native to provide a local director of photography in Central City or Black Hawk Colorado USA; including cameraman, photographer, videographer: Mister Photon Media llc

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In Black Hawk, Central City areas
& Colorado Director of Photography

Nick Teti; call on me for professional, reliable freelance local director of photography, (sometimes called a cameraman, photographer, or videographer). My services also include camera crew services anywhere in Colorado, including local to Central City or Black Hawk areas. These crew services include HD video or 4K video crews, film, television, ENG, EFP or corporate video crews wherever needed in the state or the personnel with specific camera gear, sound, lighting, grip or other support equipment specific to your needs. Wherever else as well you need in the state, call on me, Nick of Mister Photon Media with production expertise spanning motion picture film production, HD or SD videography and still photography as well. My camera options include Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Canon, Arri, Black Magic, GoPro, along with experience spanning many others with previous operation, as well, rental insurance. You can skip to the cameras & other gear I own, click here.

various shots by director of photography Nick Teti

Aside from freelance director of photography services, I also offer camera crews to your local production in video, film or for television from small to large scale paired with gear. Our crews have expertise spanning corporate video production, HD & SD video, film, as well for specific types of television productions. These synonyms also include television/TV crew, ENG video or camera crew, video crew or film crew being most common. Back to the top of this page

production samples from Denver & Colorado director of photography Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media for television productions: advertising video production, television commercial, national geographic documentary

About Black Hawk and Central City areas

Black Hawk and Central City have the biggest commerce in tourism and gambling / casinos. There are also cultural attractions, festivals, and many television commercials produced in these areas. As a DOP I have shot one commercial here, 3 documentaries, some corporate events, training videos, some B2B and B2C videos and 2 political spots for television. The area has a variety of mountain scenery, rustic old west feel and other similar attractions, as it was started in gold and silver mining. Back to the top of this page

Professional video & film camera choices to you as a client

There are many different cameras out there, Why?? As freelance camera crew is our specialty we have adapted & offer several professional camera formats to follow spanning 30+ years of cameras, as well we will continue to adapt into the future. As a videographer, cameraman, photographer & DP Nick has also operated several camera makes & models from manufacturers not directly listed below as well.

Sony Cameras
  • XDCAM: PMW 320K, EX3 & F3
  • XAVC / AVCHD HD or 4K: Sony FS700R & FS7 with Emount lenses or Canon lenses
  • HDCAM videotape
  • HDV videotape
  • BetaCam SP in 4x3 or wide screen
Canon Cameras
  • EOS 5D Mark II
  • EOS C300
Canon Lenses
  • 12mm prime (f1.8),
  • 16mm prime (f1.8),
  • 18-35 (f1.8),
  • 24-70 (f2.8),
  • 70-200 (f2.8)
  • 70-300 (f5)
  • 15-70 (f3.5-5.6)
Prime Lenses
  • 8mm fisheye
  • 12mm, f1.8
  • 16mm, f1.8
  • Access to others
Panasonic Cameras
  • AJ HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape
  • AJ HPX300 or HPX170 P2 cameras
  • AG DVX100A DV/DVCAM camera
  • AG Af100 with 3 lenses
RED Cameras
  • RED Scarlett with Canon lenses
  • Access/Experience to EPIC & RED ONE models
Arri / Arriflex
  • Arri 35III film camera with PL lenses
  • Operation with the Alexa, among other 35 Arri cameras
Black Magic Design
  • Black Magic Cinema Camera (2.5K) with 3 EF lenses, along with all the needed camera support for a full day of shooting.
  • Access to Black Magic Ursa & Ursa Mini along with ample operational experience.
    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well. We also have a DJI quad copter aireal drone as well. We also have access to more GoPro cameras as well for larger scale or different looks for production.
    Aerial Drone

    DJI Phantom 4

Please visit our Equipment Page for all of our equipment lists, including lighting, grip, cameras, sound gear, drones, jibs, tripods, cranes & other gear.

  • NanoFlash with CF 4 cards
  • Atomos Recorder (up to 4K)
    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well. We also have a DJI quad copter aireal drone as well. We also have access to more GoPro cameras as well for larger scale or different looks for production.
We also have access to other cameras as well at owner rates or call us to operate your camera as well.

Other Professional Camera Format Choices Available

Camera choices are countless these days. If you do not see a camera listed, there's a good chance if it's professional, I've operated it or similar camera in the format and can also rent the particular camera choice matching your exact acquisition needs. I've frequently operate hiring production companies cameras while providing my camera labor, additional lighting, grip equipment, monitors, camera support gear and sound gear, reducing travel costs. I can also refer other crew members with gear or without as well based on skill level, years of experience and specialty.

While shooting my camera support I bring includes monitors, professional tripods, plenty of batteries, scalable lighting packages, Matthews grip, plenty or talent, experience and the enthusiasm for every client who hires me or my crew. Back to the top of this page

various productions by Nick Teti, videographer, cameraman & director of photography in Colorado

Camera Crew members I can provide include:

  • Production location sound recordist (aka production sound mixer, audio tech, sound man or woman etc.)

  • Gaffers, Grips, electricians & other lighting personnel.

  • Teleprompter operator, often called a prompter op or operator by the nickname.

  • Data wrangler and DIT/digital imaging technician.

  • Location scouting services.

  • Still photographer.

  • Makeup artists aka a makeup person.

production samples by Nick, DP. DOP & camera crew

Service Summary in Central City, Black Hawk, Colorado, or traveling

I'm a Provider of Experiences & Solutions. I'm well versed and able to direct a camera crew or refer the personnel to join your crew or provide the right group of a production team with the specific production/program experiences. Aside from film, television, ENG, EFP or typical corporate video, my and my crew experiences include the world of diversity in production. Some skills & capabilities include Interviews, documentaries, personal profiles (athletes, politicians, innovators etc.), B2B or B2C advertising, drama or reenactments, green screen video, magazine journalism (60 minutes or similar shows), sports broadcasts, films (Indy, major production companies or for advertising), reality television, specific cable programs, all types of news, concerts & music videos, among many other valuable assets. Aside from the experience call on my collective, Mister Photon Media for Colorado local NTSC, PAL, HD or SD video or film crews, or travel us, as many happy clients have. Back to the top of this page

Production examples from videographer, cameraman, director of photography Nick Teti, along with Mister Photon Media's camera crews

Additional Skills from Camera Operation

I started out as a news cameraman and also had to edit, mix sound, assist in the studio and on production trucks providing a variety of varied expertises during my early career. I also picked up more applied experience working in film production before the eclipse of HD. There is still a demand in film among some aficionados I work with as well. I have also provided myself as a DP on independant films and have also provided location sound and lighting on major motion picture films. I have also provided second unit and behind the scenes materials for Paramount, Sony Pictures, Mirimax, and Lucas Films. I'm always up for learning new cameras, camera technology, post production, lighting techniques and the post production pipeline. I'm also avid in post and editing, data wrangling, transcoding and file transfer between platforms and operating systems. I'm adept and mixing / recoding sound as I had to by myself as a news cameraman in my early career. I still shoot ENG for all the major US and some foreign networks as well by myself or bringing crews. I have also provided gaffer and electric services on large sets, and have also worked large grip trucks and on large film production sets (Catch & Release, The Red Baron, Romanek for larger scale motion pictures).

Aside from all the crew & production expertise, think of other solutions in my talents, and feel free to contact me at (720) 299-2084 by phone.

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