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Stills from DP/cameraman/videographer Nick via Pansonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD camera Mister Photon Media ENG video crews across Colorado

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XDCAM, AVCHD, XAVC videographer, cameraman, director of photography;
including camera or video crews in Colorado

Need a local SD or HD video or camera crew with XDCAM or AVCHD or XAVC format cameras? We cover all Colorado, and we're minutes away from the Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Boulder metro areas the Rocky Mountains among several other of Colorado's production markets. If your looking for a crew in the larger metro areas we're minutes away from Golden, Lakewood, Parker, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial, Commerce City, Thornton, Northglenn, Westminster, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Castle Rock among other metro areas. But consider us for where you need in Colorado for reasonable rates, great equipment packages, camera format choices and the professionalism to deliver your ideas to the big screen.

Sony XDCAM & XAVC cameras we have

We shot with PXW, PDW & PMW format cameras including:

  • NEX-FS700R with the 4K upgrade (all R models are 4K enabled).
  • PMW EX3
  • PMW 320K
  • PMW F3L

Our experience spans most every type of production, and we can also provide you the experienced crew members to support your production if you are already bringing personnel into Colorado needing additional support. In our camera expertise we have experience operating each of the the Sony XDCAM model cameras, as well several other professional Sony cameras. We also have experience with several other cameras in Sony's professional AVCHD / XAVC line, as well AVCHD from other manufacturer's aside from Sony.

Why XDCAM for video or 'film' or production or television ?

XDCAM has 2 formats the PDW cartridge based cameras and the PMW SxS based cameras - both providing excellent picture / sound and preferred by networks, producers, production companies among others as a established HD media. In particular the F3 has the film look with shallow depth of field more easily attained. The PMW EX3 also can be adapted to 35mm lenses, and the PDW series cameras can as well. Our PMW EX package also has a B4 2/3" lens adapter to so we can mount our 2/3 HD Canon, Angenieux, & Fuji lenses onto our PMW EX3 as well. The EX3 has had a proven track record used by several producers, camera people, production companies, even networks, with many news satellite trucks carrying the PDW and PMW VTR units for playback.

PDW Cameras: These are the blue ray disc based XDCAM cameras: PDW F 330, 330L, 350, 350L, 355 and the PDW700 or the Sony PDW F800 high definition video cameras. We own the PDW F800. The are also several other PMW & PDW models that Sony develops.

There are also the SxS XDCAM series records high definition to high speed professional cards. These cameras include the PXW-FS7 , PMW F3, EX 1 or EX3, PMW 320K, PMW350, or PMW500 XDCAM cameras. We're owners of the EX3, 320K, and the PMW F3.

XAVC or AVCHD for Production

These camera formats from Sony are great in picture quality, as well are recognized popular formats among production companies, film makers and video or television producers or production companies so you are in safe hands as a client when you hire us with these cameras as well. AVCHD is also easily opened with any recent computer, and the XAVC format also can be viewed with ease with the right software downloads as well.

Mister Photon - our crew owns these XDCAM, AVCHD & XAVC format cameras:

PXW-FS7 with both E mount lenses, and Canon mount lenses, including adapters & accessories.

NEX-FS700R with E Mount lenses, and Canon mount lenses with the same adapter & accessories.

PMW F3, aka the F3L, F3K - most common for feature production applications, some corporate video, network television producers, production companies among other clients.

PMW EX3, aka the EX3 - an all around camera many used by many.

PMW 320 K, aka the PMW 320, 320L or K - a newer larger sized ENG camera, improved over the EX3 with a more functions, paint menus, gamma selections and improved picture. The camera also has has more depth of field than EX1 or EX3.


Camera History on XDCAM

The PMW EX3 or PMW EX1 is first generation of PMW tape less cameras, with the PMW 320K, & PMW F3L or PXW-FS7 cameras also a choice to you for our crew shooting with SxS cameras. The 320K, FS7 & F3 cameras have a robust series of features, including 4-2-2 & 4-4-4 color space, expansive paint menus, gamma adjustment for 'film looks' and other features enabling any videographer, director of photography, or videographer or the full HD video crew to send clients the most pleasing footage. The SxS recording of the F3, EX3, 320K, FS7 allow external recording device enabling backup or primary recording as well. The EX3 & EX1 among other series XDCAM cameras are very prevalent and match many networks, and production companies use as well across the globe.

Sony XDCAM video to clients, producers, networks, etc know the camera is an established format with support in both Windows & Mac based edit platforms. The PMW F320K & the PMW F3 or PXW FS7 we use also improves on many EX1 & EX3 form designs + user settings, picture quality, gamma selections, paint menus, picture profiles along with expanding the capabilities of the XDCAM SxS family. Their features enable the camera person more production flexibility. These cameras have extensive menus for 'film look' depth of field as well; increasing the productions interest.

production samples director of photography, cameraman & videographer Nick Teti
our crews on location in for Speed Channel, also television commercial

An established design embraced by producers,
companies & networks

XDCAM Lenses

Lens Choices - for our PMW 320K, F3 or PMW F3 XDCAM we utilize a variety of professional lenses from wide angle to long telephoto. These cameras can adapt 35mm DSLR lenses for more depth of field, and can take prime lenses, various 1/2 or 2/3 camera lenses as well; making them ideal for all types of ENG, EFP, HD feature, corporate, MOS type productions. Any type of production is a great match for the Sony XDCAM. The genlock and other features also allow these cameras for live shoots, multi camera productions & other demanding productions.

Our lenses for our FS700R or FS7 cameras

We have 2 E Mount 18-200 lenses, as well MetaBones EF adapters, as well several Canon / Canon mount lenses for these cameras as well adapting them to any type of production; whether the content is for a feature film, interviews, B Roll, specific television programming, advertising or a TV commercial or infomerical, or any other type of production for video, film or television audiences.

XDCAM camera crew services - Who To?

Our DP Nick provides single camera person & complete crews to a varied group of XDCAM aficionados, fans & clients across Colorado& the globe.

Hire us for a solo videographer with XDCAM, or a 2 man/person video camera crew or larger; we can hand the media off either in Blue Ray Sony XDCAM cartridge, download the files to your laptop or hard drives, or provide you XDCAM, Quicktime or Mp4 digital video files on a hard drive. The SxS card also docks directly into PCI Express card slots in many laptops enabling file transfers without hassle.

Why XDCAM? if You're Uncertain?

For you as a client, we won't talk you into a mismatch, we'll make work the best for you. We can shoot HD XD formats or DVCAM with our XDCAM cameras and also convert files to your preferred delivery if need be - easy! Mister Photon. XDCAM can also be converted to ProRes Quicktime, MP4, or other MPEG format with minimal transcoding without generation loss as well, unlike a analogue or digital videotape duplication, the conversion makes a different file extension enabling the end user integration into their editing system. We can also mount our XDCAM video cameras to a NanoFlash recorder enabling 4-2-2 recording in QuickTime or MPEG format while also recording the Sony Native XDCAM/MXF format as a backup enabling you flexible video format choices.

more production samples director of photography, cameraman & videographer Nick Teti

Where are our service area for XDCAM + other format camera crew services in CO?

Simple - All Colorado - Anywhere, place, town, city or area where you need us with a Sony cameras or from other makers. Our services are scalable in cameraman, videographer, or director of photography for freelance hire, or hire us for a crews. We are also able to provide personnel to support you as a camera person, crew, network, producer or production company so please give us a call: (720) 299-2084.

Various video, film and television production samples by Mister Photon Media, based in Denver Colorado. We provide HD video, film, ENF, EFP, TV and other camera crew services throughout Colorado, as well as photography services in Colorado or globally.

Reference Links to Other Web Sites

Here's a link to Wikipedia's list of Colorado's cities, towns, zip codes for your reference. Colorado's largest metro areas
are the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and the Boulder Colorado areas + their suburbs. Colorado Rockies major areas include Vail, Aspen, Eagle, Edwards, Avon, Winter Park, Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, A Basin/Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, Keystone, and Estes Park for large populations that we commonly provide services in as well. Our DP/videographer Nick has also shot throughout the Rockies, nationally & globally for clients as well with experience dating to 1991 - read more on Nick or founder.

Here's are outside links to the Sony XDCAM's web site - or call our DP/videographer Nick at (720) 299 2084 for more information about these cameras.

Here are links to Sony's AVCHD & XAVC professional format cameras in for more information. This page also includes other professional Sony video formats for video, film or television production.

documentary and ENG samples by our director of photography, Nick Teti, Colorado

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