Stills from DP/cameraman/videographer Nick via Pansonic HDX900 DVCPRO HD camera Mister Photon Media ENG video crews across Colorado
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Local Denver Colorado ENG Video Crew - Mister Photon Media

We provide local ENG video crews (aka news video or news camera crews or TV/television crews ) located in Denver CO & we shoot wherever else needed in the state with several camera choices; from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Black Magic or Arri. Our expertise in Electronic News Gathering spans the following networks:

ABC News (local, national, global)
NBC News (local, national, global)
FOX News (global)
TV Asahi USA & Japan
BBC News
Fuji TV USA & Japan
Univision USA & South America
CNN, various
ARD German TV
Cannes, France
ZTV Germany
NOS Eurovise
CBC Canada
ABC Australia
PBS News Hour
C-Span News
NHK World
France 24
Al Jazeera

Why our ENG experience in Denver or Colorado

If you need a veteran video crew, photojournalist, crew members/personnel to form your production, Mister Photon Media is a comprehensive solution for any network, crew, producer, satellite truck company or whomever; our experience, capabilities, and resourcefulness is a match for any broadcast. Some of our assignment & notable ENG assignments include:

  • Jon Benet Ramsey for several years, for several clients & several stories
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing, The Oklahoma City Bombing Trial
  • Iraq & Afghanistan stories / coverage
  • Numerous Colorado mega fires & large events
  • Several Federal court cases, as well infamous trials
  • Complex interviews, multiple camera interviews
  • Local & global political coverage, conventions (DNC 2008, interviews with President Obama, Janet Napolitano, Madeline Albright, President Clinton, among others
  • Several celebrity appearances among other notable world figures
  • Magazine shows & investigative reporting, (60 Minutes, Dateline, A Current Affair, Inside Edition, On The Case, Solved, Rock Center 30, among others).

    On location production set in Denver Colorado

We have helped quite a few clients with this camera as well, from advertising agencies, producers, production companies, television networks, and a few business producing their own video production, and our support items for the camera enable full day shooting.

Why Hire an ENG video crew for Television Broadcast?

Hiring a veteran ENG video crew - aka a ENG camera crew has several benefits of hiring just any videographer or DP or cameraman with a crew lacking ENG experience. These advantages include:

Familiarity with IFP, PL, TVU packs, fujitsu packs, among other technology used in live shots, satellite truck productions, among related SNG applications / hardware.

Any news photographer/photojournalist (news cameraman or camerawoman) with ENG & SNG experience has great time management and footage acquisition skills along with a faster pace ability to acquire video.

ENG video crews & photojounalists often have generators, power inverters among other hardware that enables use of equipment in any environment, especially without AC electricity.

Our equipment and expertise for ENG video can be applied to any other type of video, film or television production situation.

Experienced news photographers (ENG video camera people) are often highly resourceful, able to solve problems quickly and get footage, even when talent is not cooperative or available.

Among several other benefits, hiring the experience of Mister Photon Media, and chief cameraman Nick Teti can manage any schedule, shot list, and clients needs ensuring any new client or repeat client the confidence to call on our services in Denver, Colorado or traveling to any part of the planet.

sample interview by cameraman Nickshot from Nick Teti, cameramanCNN news piece by Mister Photon Media
James Holmes theatre shooting sampleformally lit interview by cameraman Nick Tetishot from videographer Nick Teti

Other Services Summary Aside from ENG Video Crews

Each client has a service in mind or may need our advice on their entire scope of needs, or just need a camera videographer, director of photography or an entire video camera crew to help them with their clients. Any of these solutions are our expertise and they include:

  • Director of photography with or without a HD video or film crew,
  • Camera operators to operate your cameras or equipment or our cameras including Sony, Panasonic, Arri or RED or Black Magic,
  • Transcoding and editing or just passing the footage off to the hiring client (file conversion or video editing),
  • Camera assistants to other videographers or directors of photography,
  • Personnel aside from camera including location sound, gaffers, grips, DIT, data wranglers, production assistants, producers, teleprompter operators, directors, PA, among other experts with expertise in various video, film or television production,
  • Tape feeds, uplink logistics & satellite truck referrals, FTP, or file transfer or hard drive delivery of footage,
  • File conversion, transfer or editing or just passing the files on to clients,
  • TVU, Tri Caster & Fujitsu operation experience, as well uplink truck expertise
    Other services & expertise.

Or other support services to you as a producer, organization or network.

two production samples, one in Denver Colorado, and the other in Morrison CO

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