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Colorado P2 crews, videographer & DP/Director of Photography

Mister Photon Media provides P2 video & camera crew solutions throughout CO state. We shoot with the Panasonic AG HPX170 & AG HPX300 cameras - both very popular and producing great pictures. If you would like to read more from the manufacturer - please follow this link to the Panasonic P2 website>>. Our P2 HD video solutions are scaled from videographer/DP (AKA a camera person or cameraman), to 2 person or larger video crews along with the members to provide all the specific production expertises comprehensive or solamente'. In addition to our camera personnel, our camera support people include data wranglers, production assistants, sound people, gaffer - lighting or grip, producers or directors or teleprompter. P2 has been around for almost a decade and many non linear editors have the ability to import the MXF format immediately for the editor to work with. Premiere, Final Cut, AVID, Autodesk among other platforms are P2 friendly.

If P2 is Not your camera preference, we have other Panasonic, Sony, Arri & Canon camera solutions + others - please see our equipment page.

Why P2/DVCPRO HD for your video, television production ?

P2 is a versatile resolution independent HD and SD video format which allows crews, producers, networks and the end client the most flexibility and is already accepted among these groups. For tapeless acquisition P2 is effective and the numerous camera support accessories enable any DP/DOP/director of photography, videographer or camera person the accessories to work solo. P2 is accepted & used in the news photojournalists routine, by camera crews producing or providing any type of program in the field or studio or to networks; anyone can use this video format to their advantage. If you want to go tapeless consider P2 with our crew or other formats - as we help provide the solutions to the preference of varied clients across Colorado & global, Mister Photon!

Our P2 Cameras include;

  • HPX170
  • HPX300, with access to the HPX370 as well

P2 & Mister Photon! is Here All Over Colorado + The Globe

It's easy to bring together crews or members on P2 video shoots, but think to us for the comprehensive knowledge in cameras, lighting, grip, communication and direction of story, elements + the talent to deliver it all. Although much of our work spans the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins metro areas - we provide camera crew solutions & personnel across the state - daily & weekly.

Mister Photon has most everything in equipment and crew member resources as well to get you the footage your came to Colorado for, so give us a call - Nick (720) 299 2084 -