Still montage from HD video acquired by director of photography Nick in Colorado
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Sony HDV video & camera crews or videographer, DP/Director of Photography
- Anywhere in Colorado

Mister Photon Media provides HDV video crews throughout CO with Sony cameras including the HVR Z1U, HVR V1U or a Z7U, (higher rates for the Z7U camera package).

Aside from HDV we also provide DSLR HD video, DVCPRO HD videotape (HDX900),
HDCAM videotape, XDCAM SxS & PDW series cameras, RED, P2 and film camera solutions for high definition quality or 35mm quality production. We also offer standard definition video production camera crews as well throughout Colorado if you're preference is not 35mm or high definition production. One may ask - why all the cameras? There are video production companies out there with one or two format choices for their production clients, however; as freelance crew specialists we have followed the trends of our clients, networks, hiring production companies needs to deliver what's best for their film, television, web and video production formats allowing them a hassle free production.

HDV videotape records to a digital videotape allowing a permanent time code referenced archive that can be accessed later for future video production demands and a DV tape can also record a HDV signal as well or a smaller DVCAM videotape can also record a high definition signal as well reliably too. HDV can be digitized via camera or professional VTR by analogue HD, Fire Wire or standard definition down conversion making it a versatile permanent video format for any client. Digitizing via FireWire also allows a direct digital transfer as well ensuring a original copy to the non linear editing system. Many editing software also support HDV technology and manageable file sizes allowing access to many varied clients. Final Cut Pro & Studio, Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, Avid, iMovie among others all support HDV. Common windows video applications also support HDV video as well making it a viable friendly video production format for anyone.

HDV Videotape? We're the Pro's of this Video Format

Considering HDV? what are the benefits? HDV videotape allows the video production company, network or client access to the tape archives forever into the future and the cost is reasonable for the crew, DP/videographer and the tape media. Unlike older analogue videotape formats loosing information due to time, HDV lasts twice or many times longer if the tapes are properly stored. No hard drive archive? No problem, your high definition video is there for you on videotape safely tucked away. HDV is also a affordable high definition cost solution for videographers, directors of photography or other camera people or video crews needing access to a professional camera format. HDV is slightly more compressed than other forms of video, however digitizing the footage to a high quality video codec like Apple ProRez or 422 or 444 color space allows a digital video master acceptable to television networks, web video producers, for corporate videos or for other types of productions. HDV has been used for television commercials, infomercials, documentaries, reality TV programming, among other specific broadcast television program productions and non broadcast video needs. HDV cameras are also smaller enabling a single cameraman or person to shoot effectively in mobile field production applications where electricity is scarce or in rugged terrain as well. No time for digitizing? No problem, you can digitize HDV videotapes later for your video production, while the camera person shoots all day without interruption.

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