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Nick Teti, local in Aurora & Colorado videographer & video crew: Professional, freelance, HD, NTSC or PAL solutions

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Telephone Number: (720) 299-2084   

Why hire a professional freelance videographer in Aurora or other Colorado area? Begin the benefits starting here with my company Mister Photon Media - There are several advantages to hiring an experienced contractor with the right video equipment resources, experience, as well creativity. You also will be ensure you'll get the best possible footage more quickly when you choose to travel yourself, personnel or other resources to Colorado. Your production will also speed along much faster and you can often hire the videographer to edit the footage or manage the footage after it has been shot. Hiring a highly experienced professional to acquire the best possible footage also ensures you won't have to fix any problematic video, or audio recordings, or having to remedy amateur quality footage costing you time & money $.

Professional Equipment & Experience = Better Video for You

Professional cameras, sound equipment, lighting, better tripods and an experienced crew will result in professional video for you. An experienced videographer can also manage more complex shooting tasks, lighting or sound challenges, and direct on camera talent on action noticing everything that occurs. Many other benefits from hiring a professional videographer, or a videographer with a video crew. You hire a mechanic to fix your car, visit a doctor for your health, & use a number of other professionals to assist you, so hiring a professional videographer or video crew is a perfectly great idea. Videographer's are also commonly termed cameraman or camerawoman. The term cameraman arose to popularity from the popular videographer or photojournalist male gender in news, and I have these expertises as well (ENG, TV production), as well expertise in other types of programs aside from broadcast.

montage samples from 3 different videos

    Mister Photon Media for videographer, hire my professional freelance video crew to shoot for larger scale productions

    If you need a fast moving production with several people on camera, larger amounts of lighting and other support, hire a videographer with a video crew; another service from my company, Mister Photon Media.

    Why hire a local professional video crew in addition to a videographer for production?

    When you hire a video crew directed by a professional videographer, you get efficiency and a faster paced production. It is not always necessary to hire an entire video crew, but if you need that option, my company is there. To determine if you need a single videographer or the entire video crew, it's best to call and discuss the details; please do so at (720) 299-2084.

Samples by videographer Nick Teti

Professional Camera Format Choices

There are many different cameras out there, Why?? As freelance cameraman I've adapted & offer several professional camera formats to follow. We started as professional cameramen some time ago starting our careers with cameras including 35mm film, to BetaCam SP, DVCAM, DVCPRO 25 / 50, on to DVCPRO HD videotape, then P2, XDCAM, HDV, HDCAM, and lastly 35mm high definition (includes RED among others in UHD) with experience spanning 30+ years of cameras. As a videographer Nick has also operated Digital BetaCam, IMX, BetaCam SX, among other older + modern cameras in the broadcast past & current, as well several from many major makers.

Video & Film Camera Choices to you as a Client

Sony Cameras include:

  • XDCAM: PMW F3, EX3, or 320K
  • XAVC / AVCHD: FS700 or PXW-FS7 cameras
  • HDCAM videotape
  • HDV videotape
  • BetaCam SP in 4x3 or wide screen
  • Experience with several other Sony cameras

Canon Cameras include:

  • EOS 7D DSLR with 4 lenses
  • EOS 5D Mark II with 4 lenses
  • EOS C300 with 4 lenses
  • Owner rates on the XF305, as well experience with several other Canon cameras

Panasonic Cameras include:

  • AJ HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape
  • AJ HPX300 or HPX170 P2 cameras
  • AG Af100 with 3 lenses
  • Experience with several other Panasonic cameras including the VariCam or newer Varicam

RED Cameras include:

  • RED Epic with Canon lenses or Zeiss pl lenses
  • RED One & Scarlet experience as well all post production along with file conversion

Arri / Arriflex:

  • Arri 35III film camera with PL lenses
  • Operation with the Alexa, among other 35 Arri cameras including the Amira, 235, 435 & the ArriCam

Black Magic Design:

  • Black Magic Cinema Camera (2.5K) with 4 EF lenses, along with all the needed camera support for a full day of shooting.
  • Experience and access to the Black Magic Ursa

Digital Recorders

    • Convergent Design NanoFlash, as well Atomos Recorder (up to 4K) recorders.


    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well including a drone.

    Additionally we have access & experience with several other cameras not listed here.

    Our Crews Experience is across Colorado & beyond

    My experience spans Colorado with many things happening in production every day and our crew has most the city memorized from previous production experiences, as well proximity. We're always providing videographer or larger video crew services through Aurora or other camera crew services or the supporting members for other production crews coming into the state needing familiars with exceptional skill. The needs of companies vary; from corporate videos, television commercials, reality television shows, documentaries, sports, ENG & news, interviews, green screen shoots, sports broadcast, cable & networks television programs.

    Production samples from Nick Teti: director of photography, professional cameraman, videographer & photographer, based in Denver, but serving all Colorado

    A Familiar Face in the state - our DOP Nick

    I and my crew are entirely familiar with the metro areas and many of the places for particular B Roll, interviews, or other production planning places. We have also interviewed the mayor, Colorado's Governor, directed celebrities for commercials, shot several profiles high level visiting politicians; from President Obama, Madeleine Albright, Janet Napolitano & other dignitaries. As a freelance cameraman I have provided both videographer, as well, director of photography services for large events, concerts, television commercials, worked on features as a DP, as well crew, provided cameraman & crew for many advertising productions among other to do's by our crew are just a few.

    Our HD video camera crew shooting for Speed Channel / Speed TV shoot providing director of photography, as well gaffer, and location sound services for On Assignment with Dave Dispain in Boulder CO USA

    More Capabilities

    Capable & Experienced - Our crews shoot for documentary, reality TV producers/programs, corporate video production, documentaries, BROLL, television programming or commercials, infomercial's, interviews, corporate videos, advertising, for hiring film or television producers, marketing, PR, web viral video campaigns etc - we have the right crew with the previous experience for you. Video crews are often referred to as a television crew.

    We have all the needed additional production equipment. We're also amply equipped with lighting from Kino Flo, Lowel & , Arriflex tungsten, K5600 HMI, Hi Lux HMI, Arri HMI, and Chimera. We also have MSE grip, reputable sound gear from Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, PSC, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Sachtler & Monfrotto tripods, HD monitors, among other camera support for your production.

    Call me, Nick, at telephone number (720) 299-2084 for a cost quote or to hire our crew or myself as your professional videographer in Aurora or where you need in Colorado - Mister Photon!

    HD video, and television production samples by Mister Photon Media's video crew for the DNC (2008),  for ENG video, (news), and for a television commerical in various Colorado locations including Denver, Morrison, Eagle, and Vail Colorado USA.

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