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Colorado Springs Video Crews, Mister Photon

Our Local Area Services Summary

We provide local video crews, including high definition in Colorado Springs and the state, along with specific role expertise in crew members, along with the equipment - Mister Photon Media! Any client can rely on our services that tailor to suit their individual needs, as well, our diverse experience ensures creativity, enthusiasm, familiarity and comfort to any hiring client. We have these references available.

    Our crew members include:

    • videographer or camera operator
    • Data Wrangler or Data Manager
    • AC: assistant camera / aka a camera assistant
    • director of photography / DP/DOP
    • cameraman or camera woman
    • production location sound mixer / recordist, aka a sound man or sound man or sound guy
    • gaffer
    • grip, dolly grip, key grip, best boy or electric
    • teleprompter operator
    • production assistant / PA
    • field producer
    • director

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    Our video crews are versatile and equipped with several popular cameras. Our video crews bring Sony, Canon, Panasonic or RED video cameras along with top lighting, grip, . Capabilities include ENG or EFP with HD or SD video cameras (high definition or standard definition) along with the right personnel. We shoot in both NTSC and PAL with resolutions up to 5k high definition video.

montage by Nick Teti

Our Camera Format Choices to You

With all the cameras out there Mister Photon provides the major formats as well, lighting from Kino Flo, Lowel, Arri, K5600, Hi Lux, Chimera + others, MSE grip, reputable sound gear from Lectrosonics, PSC, Sennheiser, Schoeps + other camera support.

Television broadcast production samples from Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media: an accomplished professional videgrapher, cameraman, director of photography and videographer, directing our camera crew on productions

Our Professional Cameras Include:

Sony Cameras include:

  • XDCAM: PMW 320K, EX3 & F3
  • XAVC / AVCHD HD or 4K: Sony FS700R & FS7 with Emount lenses or Canon lenses (both cameras up to 4K)
  • HDCAM videotape
  • HDV videotape
  • BetaCam SP in 4x3 or wide screen

Canon Cameras include:

  • EOS 7D DSLR and several lenses
  • EOS 5D Mark II with several lenses
  • EOS C300 & several lenses

Canon Lenses

  • 18-35 (f1.8),
  • 24-70 (f2.8),
  • 70-200 (f2.8)
  • 70-300 (f5)
  • 15-70 (f3.5-5.6)
  • 14mm prime 1.8 with manual aperture
  • Additional lenses available

Prime Lenses

  • 12mm with manual aperture
  • 8mm fisheye
  • Access to others

Panasonic Cameras include:

  • AJ HDX900 DVCPRO HD videotape
  • AJ HPX300 or HPX170 P2 cameras
  • AG DVX100A DV/DVCAM camera
  • AG Af100 with 3 lenses

RED Cameras include:

  • RED Epic with Canon lenses or Zeiss pl lenses
  • Experience with Scarlet & RED One as well

Arri / Arriflex:

  • Arri 35III film camera with PL lenses
  • Operation with the Alexa, among other 35 Arri cameras

Black Magic Design:

  • Black Magic Cinema Camera (2.5K) with 3 EF lenses, along with all the needed camera support for a full day of shooting.


  • NanoFlash with CF 4 cards
  • Atomos Recorder (up to 4K)


    • We have 2 GoPro Hero Black & Silver edition cameras with additional batteries, mounts and other accessories as well. We also have a DJI quad copter aireal drone as well. We also have access to more GoPro cameras as well for larger scale or different looks for production.

We also have access to other professional cameras as well at owner rates.

Various production samples, professional photography, and television production by Nick, as well our HD video crew, and television crew

Our Experience means Business.

Whether you need the entire crew or crew members to form your production in Colorado Springs or the state, it's our specialty. Our crews are diverse in production backgrounds with our founder starting in ENG and cable video production adapted to all the types of programs or productions to modern day. These include reality television, sports broadcast, SNG, live shots, green screen video, documentary, all types of interviews, magazine show journalism, current affairs, investigative reporting, television commercials or infomercial's, marketing, PR for all types of video, web viral video campaigns, youtube, or other URL, for dramas, reenactments, all types of BROLL, specific advertising or commerce or business market communications, for live events or concerts among other backgrounds. If you have a program or production in mind, chances are we have the prior experiences there previously.

For costs, rates or to book, please call Nick, at (720) 299 2084 for video crews in Colorado - Mister Photon!

& Rates