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Alice Cooper, Samsung, HD TV Commercial

This television commercial and web advertising video produced for Samsung TV advertising HD televisions when high definition was the new standard in broadcast Nick & Michelle were hired by producers on this video production featuring Alice Cooper endorsing Samsung HD televisions.

TV Commercial video production for the city of Golden Colorado

Here’s the SD version of a HD television commercial advertising the City of Golden Colorado. We have been hired on productions for other advertising videos as well in the Golden area due to it’s scenery, among several other Colorado areas for a local video production camera crew resource.

Television commercial, Peak Automotive, Nissan, Colorado

This is a SD version of a HD television commercial for Peak Nissan, and Nick / Mister Photon Media’s camera crew has provided television crews for several clients nationally, as well globally. For any producer needing a reliable TV crew in Colorado for any type of broadcast video production, Nick’s professional experience as a cameraman dates decades, winning several peer awards as well.

Corporate video production for T-Mobile,
Telly Award Winner (SD)

(from Nick) This corporate video production served as a employee morale & motivation video, as well, a B2C sales video piece for the company T-Mobile. This is a SD/standard definition video production that was recorded and produced before HD video was available. Aside from this Telly Award, I have won other awards for my camera work that include Emmy, Heartland/Regional Emmy, Accolade, NATAS among other peer awards. I have also provided other support on broadcasts in camera crew members that have been peer awarded.

AT&T Corporate Video & Television Commercial Production – samples

Nick provided director of photography services for producers on this video advertising AT&T in Fort Collins Colorado. The video campaign featured Olympic Skater Caroline Zhang. The campaigns were used in television commercials, web videos, advertising videos and also an employee communication / motivation video campaign. Nick can light green screens with his background as a cameraman/videographer and director of photography or for still photography services. My camera crew members include DP/DOP/director of photography, videographer, gaffer, grip, data manager, data wrangler, PA, assistant camera, location scout, other other expertise with gear anywhere in Colorado.

Before / After Green Screen Video Production, Denver CO

(Nick) If you need a director of photography who is well versed at shooting green screens / chroma key videos that editors will have minimal time to key, call on me, Nick Teti.  I have additional white limbo, and other color specific background shooting experience as well. Green Screen and limbo or colored backgrounds take specific lighting experience, as well the gear, and I have it all right here for you as a client in Colorado, or travel me and my camera crew for your video, film or television production. I have also done several black background interviews for corporate, as well, syndicated television broadcast programs for several years and for several broadcast clients as well.

20 and 10 second SD television commercials, before HD broadcast or 16×9 broadcasts

(Nick) These television commercial campaigns above advertised Good Feet, and I have provided crew services to this television advertising campaign. These video productions were shot all over the metro area, including Denver, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial among other places over the years. My experience spans most of Colorado and many states for television advertising, corporate video production among other advertising campaigns. My credits span the globe for various types of clients, networks, hiring producers & crews.

Oracle, Corporate Video Production

These specific programs have included testimonials, sales or marketing pieces, employee training, business / company communications or other informational videos, among other assignments. This video production was for Oracle using a testimonial video interview approach directly to camera for a B2B type of sales marketing video recorded in Broomfield CO, their Colorado corporate office.

Elitch Gardens & Six Flags Amusement Park TV commercial footage


Corporate video production for Weltok, in Denver CO

(Nick) Here is another one man band cameraman, DP, and sound mixing example for you for a corporate video production for Weltok. I was hired by Sherpa as a local in Denver to shoot this business video production providing myself and a PA/camera assistant.  I also If you need camera crew members in Colorado and you’re traveling into Colorado, I provide these services as well, with in the case or providing director of photography, as well, an assistant to speed the shoot along. If you need a sound guy with additional lighting gear, I can help here too, as well refer other people to your production with the specific role expertise, as well, the support gear.  I can also refer these production people as well, other camera crew members or provide them as a director of photography to support any client’s scale of production. I am frequently hired as a one man band/OMB shooter, handling lighting, sound mixing/recording, and directing talent by top broadcast networks, including for nightly news or other business video production clients whom need decades experienced veteran; that I have dating professionally to 1990. I can provide a larger camera crew for video, ENG, film, television or whatever type of production, with gaffer, grip, location sound recordist, PA, assistant camera/camera assistant, teleprompter operator,

Corporate Video Production, Kaiser Permanente, Denver Colorado

This business video production was shot for Kaiser Permanente in the Denver Tech Center at the Colorado corporate headquarters. This video production was created before HD video cameras and technology had became available, however; you get the picture that I have been shooting for a long time.

RED ROBIN sample montage for television commercials
& corporate video productions

This one has one interview sample to the same directly below, but has more of the B-Roll and A-Roll footage that was used in a separate television commercial, as well the corporate video production.

More RED Robin Interviews:
sales & marketing corporate video production

Including Red Robin among others, including hiring video or television production companies have hired Nick of Mister Photon Media for local services from the personnel to other solutions whom need to produce television advertising or commercials, corporate videos, video news releases, training videos for employees, demonstration videos, sports profiles, interviews, specific TV programming production or crews to hiring producers, among others needs. We’re a local professional resource for getting clients HD or 4K video in formats they prefer for their post production editing needs. This was recorded in Panasonic’s P2 format, but we have several other camera format choices for production companies or networks including XDCAM, QuickTime Canon, Canon MXF, H264, XDCAM, AVCHD, XAVC, DNXHD, ProRes, RAW, or RED formats.

John Deere sales marketing testimonial video production:
B2B for customer base testimonial pitch

Camera crane, jib footage & B2B sales & marketing
video production in Golden Colorado

Portion of a Qwest / Centurylink corporate video production sample

This is a brief introduction showing a few samples from a longer corporate video production for Century Link, formerly as Qwest Communications. This company was currently being acquired and formerly known as Qwest Communications, and we we hired as a local freelance video crew to record this production. The B-Roll give an introduction, and the interview follows with the introduction to Century Link, the acquiring company.

Country Time Lemonade behind the scenes & B-Roll for a internet commercial

 Web Video, Front Range Community College, Pre YouTube

This video was produced for CD ROM when CPU power for video files was not optimized. We also made a MPEG of this video for early web streaming off the college web server as well. We provided director of photography and video crew, along with video editing, graphics, and voice over recording for this video production. If you just need a camera crew or crew members to assist you, we can provide provide entire HD video, ENG, EFP, TV or film crews or the personnel to join yours or support you as a director of photography. This video was shot in standard definition BetaCam SP, and the final video was downcoverted to a smaller pixel size to manage the then slower computers available. With the advent of Blue Ray, and faster server technology, HD video is easily managed by several audiences & technologies.

Political TV Commercial, Denver & Colorado

Before HD video & SD widescreen video, 4×3 standard definition video was the choice for professional video production. This is an older political television campaign before 16×9 aspect video was available. In spite, this production reflects professional quality with the challenger winning the election as well. Since this time Mister Photon Media has provided director of photography services, crew members and other film, video or television production services to political producers and politicians among others, including several broadcast networks, as well as, production companies. If you’re needing to form a camera, film or television crew, Nick Teti is a reliable resources in Denver, Colorado or wherever the production needs are.

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