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Nick Teti III, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist

Storyboards for advertising are very common to direct a production from budgeting, production and post / editing. They can greatly reduce production budgets showing exactly how a commercial should be depicted to an audience.

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Tide Detergent Storyboard Art

Below is the entire frame collection of drawings. The original pencil, ink and digital mixed media for these storyboard drawings. I can also create story boards with digital illustration, 3D designs or other media. I drew these for a hiring ad agency. I can take production from script, treatment, split page script, to shooting, to graphics and editing. I’m available for W2 or 1099 hire.

Storyboard Artist, MisterPhoton.com

Storyboard Artist, Drawing, MisterPhoton.com

Benefits, hire a storyboard artist

There are benefits to hiring a storyboard artist that can greatly benefit a production.

  1. Greatly decreases set time especially when the scene elements are all in a storyboard drawing or illustration.
  2. Hiring a storyboard artist can reduce time explaining camera blocking.
  3. Reduces the time in camera composition and lighting by creating frames that are depicted in motion.
  4. Depicts the exact action from actors, or other elements from shot to shot in artwork.
  5. Guides the director of photography and camera operators and crew by storyboard art.
  6. Details and directs a set designer with drawings / artwork.
  7. May assist a costume designer for artwork in drawings or art or design.
  8. Reduces production time when shooting/filming footage when everything is drawn.
  9. Storyboards are a form or art done by a storyboard illustrator or artist regardless if they are a drawing or illustration.
  10. If the producer or director can draw storyboards, illustrate or create storyboards quickly is is a huge advantage to direct camera movement, framing, and personnel, as well the crew.

Phone or text is best.

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Mister Photon Media, Colorado USA

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