Nick Teti III, Storyboard Artist,
Concept & Fine Artist

(720) 299-2084

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Storyboard Samples, page 3-1

Here is a part of a series of storyboards for an agency producing a television commercial for Land Rover.   You can see the entire sequence here.    I was contracted to conceive a narrative and draw storyboard artwork for TV advertising. If you need a creative storyboard artist with conceptual skills, writing abilities, drawing, as well direction, I have this expertise. To create a story, draw, paint or illustrate it. Including writing it in script, for camera direction & on-camera talent. I can also make 3D storyboards, integrate photographs, painting or other media using traditional artwork methods and traditional digital artistic expression. I co-own these storyboards & the usage rights (as everything I create).

Storyboard artist, (720) 299-2084

Storyboard artist Nick Teti, (720) 299-2084



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Skype: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado USA).

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