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There are many benefits of hiring a professional story artist or illustrator and most every feature film employs a storyboard artist, and often a concept artist. These roles can overlap in the artist’s services.

Concept art is the starting stage either to develop a script or to take the scripts idea to develop them further and demonstrate the vision of the film, television production or for other uses like comics, graphic novels or other media. Concept art often develops the storyboard artwork. 

Hire a Storyboard Artist & Concept Artist

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     Nick Teti

Technology enhancing simple mediums

Comic style storyboard theme by artist & stprybaord artist Nick Teti, Colorado USA. 1 (720) 299-2084

Pencil drawing of a 2 separate storyboard plates, artist Nick Teti/Nicholas Teti III.

With modern software storyboard frames and portions of drawings can he used as different shots or elements to build a scene in a storyboard, in concept art, poster art or other types of art work. Computer technology also can be used to suggest camera movement and framing to compose a storyboard frame. Zooming, panning, or other camera movements can be achieved.

Storyboard Art for camera movement & blocking

Storyboard Art, frame #1, by storyboard artist Nicholas Teti III

Storyboard Art, frame #2, by storyboard artist Nicholas Teti III

Hiring a storyboard artist?

If you work in tandem with a storyboard artist, or concept artist you can direct your ideas more concisely to television, feature film, to comics or other needs. Your photographer or director of photography and camera crew have a better idea of your final vision.  Hiring a storyboard or concept artist with a film and television background / education like myself saves in drawing and creation time.

I can also meet with you and draw virtually to make storyboard art for you as well. Hiring a story board artist can also reduce production time, among other benefits. I can take camera direction or suggestions to translate them into storyboard art as well or illustration.

Bernie Wrightson Werewolf tribute, artist Nicholas Teti IIII,
Ink Drawing, tribute to comic artist Bernie Wrightson

Why hire a storyboard or concept artist?

  • Reduction of production time for the crew so they can set and arrange camera blocking, actors, props, etc.,
  • Gives your camera crew a better picture of your ideas to compose camera movement, framing and lighting.
  • You can use the art to develop a script, comic or graphic novel into the finished film or into media.
  • A storyboard artist can also double as the concept artist to reduce production time in the pre-production.
  • Gives direction to the crew, costume design, set design and others involved in a production.

If you have rough ideas that can be developed more a storyboard artist and concept artist can take your ideas to anyone with differing talents. Any of these production crew members can benefit from a storyboard or concept art:

  • A camera crew, film crew or television crew,
  • directors,
  • makeup artists,
  • construction crew,
  • costume designers or a wardrobe artist.

Everyone seeing the storyboard art from members on the crew or a specific production department to develop your film production, narrative or other message.

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