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Sports Broadcast & Film Production

This page contains sporting events, interviews, promotional videos and other related broadcast, as well some documentary productions, like a 30 for 30 sample Mister Photon Media provided camera crew included location sound and Dp/Dop/director of photography services on. Mister Photon specializes in crews and crew members for video, film or television production, and is well versed in all the production roles. Call us for the specific people for roles on the crew, supporting you or yours or for other video production support with specific equipment resources, including the cameras.

Peyton Manning 3 Camera Interview,
FOX Sports, Centennial CO Camera Crew

This is a 3 camera shoot recorded with Sony F3 cameras, with PL mount lenses for FOX Sports One for NFL coverage on former Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. This is the SD version of the shoot that was originally recorded in HD.

The Racing Line: To Camera and all content

Aside from being a solid director of photography, Nick has also been a long time veteran location sound recordist with a lot of experience in this, as well lighting, data management, post production among other production skills. If your a producer or shooter comping to Colorado needing crew members to support you on your video, film or television production Mister Photon Media has the right people with the right gear, as well specific, yet broad experience aside from camera, we can help with all the support roles. If you are an incoming crew or director of photography or a cameraman, videographer or cinematographer as well and need a veteran sound man, or other expertise like gaffer, grip, data wrangler/manger, camera assistant, teleprompter operator or other production guru, with all the support gear to supplement your production needs when traveling into Colorado, consider Mister Photon as a Colorado resources for crew personnel as well. On this production of The Racing Line I was hired as a sound recordist / mixer in Pueblo Colorado. I was hired as a sound man to record voice over/narration, to camera addresses, foley/sound effects and assisted with other production tasks. As well I referred other camera crew members to these shoots like the gaffer & key as well. The challenges were mixing sound in car without letting the engine & car mechanics dominate the voice over or A Roll/to camera. Other challenges in auto racing programs include avoiding over-modulation from high winds and loud auto noises. As you can tell I’m a pro at this by tuning in to this YouTube video.

MLB Player Profile for FSN West, LA

(Nick) This is LA Dodgers coverage for Fox Sports West, whom I have worked for, as well as FOX Sports several times over several years as a freelance ENG style sports cameraman, as well providing director of photography services for packages, game coverage or other broadcast television needs.

A stick microphone was used to capture the audio for player interviews and the dugout interviews due to the run and gun nature of this program, as well, the on-air rush of the schedule. Shotgun mics and camera mics were used to capture players on the field.

Rory McIlroy Pro Golfer Coverage, BMW Championship, Cherry Hills Colorado

This is a group of coverage of professional golfer and world #1 pro golfer (as of 12-2017) at the BMW Championship in Cherry Hills Village Colorado covering focusing on Rory. The last interview was a bit tricky as the venue wanted no silks or lighting control at the clubhouse for the last interview, so was the contention of changing sunlight. The interviews relied on microphones whereas the tournament coverage samples, and B Roll relied on the camera mic as a sound recordist with a boom mic is an unwanted intrusion on a golf course. This is a sampling of the entire tournament footage.

Anthony Davis, NBA player interview, ESPN 30 for 30

(Nick) This in an interview for ESPN’s 30 for 30, where I was hired by producers of this show for a local Denver CO resource to provide DP and a 2 person HD camera crew including location sound. This is only a sample of the interview, as it stretches almost an hour, as well other B Roll / background footage was omitted for time. We used some high pass filtering to cut out unwanted excessive air conditioning/HVAC noise that is a common problem in hotels, as well, many office buildings.

We provided a local video camera crew in Colorado Springs for an uplink for the UFC. This is a shot you see with a side by side live television interview. You do not hear the questions, as they are being asked to the person on camera from the director by IFB. (Nick) I have provided several live shots for various CNN shows (CNN Headline News, Larry King Live, CNN Weather, AC 360 among others). Others include Bloomberg Television, The Weather Channel, NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News, C-Span, FOX Sports/FSN, SPEED, NFL, NBA, The Golf Channel, among a few others. My news gathering experience spans many networks around the planet. I have helped several other corporate clients with live truck shoots, as well several sports networks.

SD Version, US Para-Olympic Hall of Fame Package

We had to turn the original HD videotapes from the Panasonic HDX900 to the producers so this is a HD version of the HD video crew services we provided in Vail Colorado for the Olympic Hall of Fame induction of Sarah Will. If videotape is still your preference, such as from the HDX900 we can also record a backup as well to my Atomos recorder while still recording high definition videotape formats as well. Aside from 1080 or 720p formats HD, I can shoot 4K or UHD or 5K formats for clients. As a video crew we also have several other tapeless cameras, that record in various formats like DVCPRO HD, XDCAM, p2, AVCHD, XAVC, MXF, Mpeg or Quicktime as well.

BET Programming, MAAD Sports SD Video & Reality TV

(Nick) Before HD television broadcasts and 16×9 SD video, SD 4×3 video was the standard. In Denver, as well Lakewood Colorado following Carmello Anthony, then playing for the Denver Nuggets. Aside from this reality television piece, I have worked on several other factual entertainment pieces, including ABC’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Amazing Race, For Love of For Money, Oprah’s Big Give, Dad My Dad, I’ll Try Anything Once, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Extreme Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover among several others.

SPEED Channel Piece, Furniture Row Racing

This is the SD version of the 720p HD video production was shot by DP/DP Nick in Denver, as well our HD video crew, throughout Colorado, and traveling. Our HD video crew consisted of 3 people for most of this assignment, however often 4 or 5 people were employed for this production. This is the standard definition version of the program aired on SPEED Channel. Aside from SD & HD, Mister Photon Media’s camera crews also have 4K, as well up to 6K with the RED Epic Dragon.

SPEED Channel, Barrett Jackson Samples

This among other numerous programs for SPEED are in our professional portfolio over the years.

NFL CBS Coverage, Before and Post Game Coverage

This is pre and post game coverage for CBS NFL coverage for Pittsburgh & Broncos divisional playoff game recorded in Denver CO and Invesco Field. (Nick) I have shot for NFL, NFL Films and other related programs for this network over the years, as well other networks covering sports networks including CBS, FOX Sports, NBC, ESPN, Mountain West, PAC 10, Sunbelt Sports, Golf Channel, NBA/NBA Entertainment, PGA Tour Productions, among several others.

Not just sports Television Experience

If you need a television crew with more than sports experience who’s expertise spans all types of television production, Mister Photon Media is your go-to camera crew solution in Colorado. We also provide specific television, film or other video crew members with gear that include:

  • Director of Photography
  • cameraman
  • camera operator
  • videographer
  • crane operator/jib operator
  • data manager or wrangler
  • DIT
  • producer
  • director
  • AC: aka assistant camera or camera assistant
  • sound recordist
  • gzffer
  • grip
  • dolly grip
  • swing
  • production assistant
  • other freelance production expertise

Regardless if it’s video, film or a specific type of television production, our crew has the expertise spanning all of these.

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