Reality Television Production Samples

Top Chef, Season 15, Bravo

(Nick Teti) Here is some work I did for Top Chef Season 15, with all the exit, as well aside interviews. I also provided camera operator services as well, sound recordist services on this season for a few other episodes. I am equally skilled as a DP, camera operator, sound recordist and have other production expertise professionally since 1990. 

Reality TV Production Sample,
What Would Ryan Lockte Do?

This is a sample from the reality television show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” that aired on E! We had to place a wireless lavaliere on him later in the shoot, as well, in the underwater scenes so some of the audio is from the shotgun microphone only, aside from the boom microphone (hence the reverb you hear in the swimming pool area). The rest of the footage was a behind the scenes approach to the show as the B Camera position as a day in the life depiction. Nick our DP/director of photography has shot several reality TV shows including The Top Chef, The Bachelor, The Bachlorette, For Love of For Money, Date My Dad, SWAN, Oprah’s Big Give, The Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover (both series), BET MAD Sports, BET Various, My First Sale, My First Place, Last Cake Standing, Cool Tools, Deconstruction, Cash Cowboys, American Ninja Warrior, Breakthrough, among several others.

American Car Prospector

(Nick) In this production that I was involved in spanned several areas including Denver CO, Lakewood, several eastern Colorado areas, areas in the Rocky Mountains, and some other areas in the Denver metro area. For reality TV, or other television program, If you need a camera crew or crew members call Mister Photon for our television crew expertise. We assume this series ended due to one of the producers, Michael Fox, War Fox Media llc not paying crew members. 

BET Programming, MAAD Sports SD Video

Before HD television broadcasts and 16×9 SD video, SD 4×3 video was the standard and popular formats included BetaCam SP, Digital BetaCam, DVCAM, as well DVCPRO. In Denver Colorado following Carmello Anthony, then playing for the Denver Nuggets we worked as the local TV crew. Aside from this reality television program, Mister Photon Media has worked on several other factual entertainment pieces, including ABC’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Amazing Race, For Love of For Money, Oprah’s Big Give, Dad My Dad, I’ll Try Anything Once, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Extreme Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover among several others.

Prior Demo Reels with reality TV,
as well other samples

Prior Demo Reels

Earlier Demo Reel Montage, all topics Part 1,
in Colorado, National, Global

(Nick), This is montage of several video productions, including television and film productions I have worked on as a videographer, freelance cameraman, director of photography, as well providing a crew. The audio was replaced by a sound track to keep the audience from being jarred by the constant change in subject matter.

Earlier Demo Reel Montage Part 2,
in Colorado, National, Global

A Demo Reel montage, part 2, by Nick Teti & Mister Photon Media. For any client searching a local freelance film, television or video crew based in Colorado, we’re able to reach the major metro or larger or popular production areas within minutes;  call on us, Mister Photon Media, to wherever your production is in Colorado. This is a prior montage sampling older camera work, but is not complete.

Various video and television productions by director of photography Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media, includes Colorado video and television crews.Contact:  statewide in Colorado, Mister Photon!

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