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For broadcast networks, documentary producers, film producers or other clients needing an award winning photojounalist/news cameraman or a entire ENG video crew in Colorado or the crew members with this among other television or film experience, Mister Photon Media can be your solution anywhere in any CO area.

This is a shot you see with a side by side live television interview. You do not hear the questions, as they are being asked to the person on camera from the director by IFB on PL called program link. In instance where a LiveU or similar device is used for point to point video transmission, a cell phone can be used to call in on a IFB line to communicate with a network or someone else. 

ABC National News, Good Morning America,
Crime Story Coverage

This is sampling from a piece for ABC Good Morning America for the murder trial of Harold Henthorn who was convicted of murdering his second wife, and is suspected for the murder of his first wife. The murders were motivated by Life Insurance claims. Aside from ABC National news Nick’s freelance and former staff experience spans other networks such as BBC, Fuji, CNN, CBS, BBC, PBS, TV Asahi, FOX, NBC, Nine, ABC Australia, among several others. Some sampling of particular news or investigative reporting television includes Dateline, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Lou Dobbs, The O’Reiley Factor, A Current Affair, On the Case with Paula Zahn, Solved, among several other particular journalism and investigative types of programming.

CNN News Piece, “Prenatal Promise,”
Lou Dobbs Tonight

We have worked for various CNN shows, and CNN broadcasts in Colorado, traveling through the USA and to a few other countries as well.

CNN Piece, Outsourcing Airline Safety

This ENG/News story was shot by Nick Teti providing news cameraman / producer (photojournalism services), covering how airlines source out maintenance, among other services; in turn raising concerns that air travel safety is compromised.

ENG video coverage in Denver,
Semyon Varlamov  by Cameraman Nick Teti

Semyon Valamov, the goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche was charged with Domestic misdemeanor assault, prior to charges dismissed in Denver CO in late 2013. Nick provided ENG cameraman (news photojournalist) services to cover this event to several networks, with release of the footage to these hiring clients.

CNN 10th Special Forces Piece, CNN Heroes

This piece details the heroism of Master Sgt. Rob Flouney, in Iraq for the 10th Special Forces, (The Green Barets’). 

National News Interview, FOX

This is only the interview, and a portion.
The whole news story will be added later.

MetroBeat TV, Roller Dolls Sample

MetroBeat TV, Cyber Bullying, Part 1

Highlands Ranch Stem School Shooting,
Sample Footage, Nick, Cameraman

GoPro Multiple Camera Cop Ride Along,
Inside Edition

This was a 2 man HD video camera crew shoot for Inside Edition in Lakeside CO considered a TV crew assignment. One of our segments focused on crime, as well the proximity to a certain business. For this shoot we used 3 GoPro cameras that were dash mounted in the police car. 

ABC National News,
Good Morning America,
B-Roll & Interview

ABC National News,
Look Live with Correspondent

Live News Coverage Politics,
Post Presidential Debate Interview

ENG Video Crew Experience

Our camera crew has provided several live shots for various networks including:

  • CNN shows (CNN Headline News, Larry King Live, CNN Weather, AC 360, Amon Por, Lou Dobbs, among others).
  • Bloomberg Television
  • The Weather Channel
  • NBC News, MSNBC, NBC Sports
  • ABC News
  • Mt. Fuji
  • TV Asahi
  • C-Span
  • FOX Sports/FSN
  • Fox News
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • ESPN
  • The Golf Channel
  • CBS News
  • CBS Sports
  • Tribune
  • PBS 
  • Read more on our credits page

A summary of our ENG &
News experience as a camera crew

Our news gathering & live television experience spans many networks around the globe. We have helped several other corporate clients with live truck shoots as well. Many live shot clients include several sports networks among several other broadcast networks , as well uplink trucks and their clients. If you need a local camera crew or traveling that can quickly use the technology that satellite trucks bring & use, Mister Photon is for You! We also use LiveU and TVU units as well LiveCast services when needed. We can also stream to CDN / online websites like Facebook Live, Dacast, Vimeo, YouTube Live among others. 

Colorado TV Crew / Television Crew

Aside from ENG video crews or sports video crew services Mister Photon Media provides television crews and crew members to support others anywhere in Colorado USA. This nickname in the video crews instance is referred to as a TV crew.  Mister Photon can shoot any type of broadcast television program including:

  • Documentary
  • Reality TV/factual/unscripted entertainment
  • All types of cable television
  • Talk Shows
  • Sports including commercials, live events and interviews
  • TV commercials & infomercials
  • Political coverage & ads
  • Other types of television programs we have worked on

Colorado Areas Our Crew Works

Read more by Colorado area that you need a local Colorado ENG video crew or other type of camera crew or crew members.  Below are reference links that open in Google. 

The Denver Colorado Area & Metro Areas

The Denver metro area has the highest population density surrounded by these areas below that are listed in order to proximity to Denver. Mister Photon Media is within less than an hour when you call of all these areas. (Outside website map links directly below)

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CBS Sports, NFL Coverage on The Pittsburg Steelers by Nick, Mister Photon Media, Denver Colorado. Denver Colorado
CBS Sports NFL Coverage on The Pittsburg Steelers by cameraman Nick, Mister Photon Media, Denver Colorado.

South of Denver

Mister Photon Media’s camera crew is less than an hour of these areas as well for your production; whether it’s video production, broadcast television or film, count on Mister Photon.

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Boulder Colorado & Surrounding Areas

Mister Photon has worked extensively throughout these Boulder CO & it’s surrounding areas:


Colorado Springs & it’s surrounding areas

Call on Mister Photon in all of Colorado Springs CO among other surrounding cities. Colorado Springs is more in the center of the state and it’s surrounding areas include:

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Aside from these areas, we can be in other Colorado areas as well for your video production, film, television, ENG or other type of production.

Local Colorado Springs CO camera crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, including Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.
Local Colorado Springs CO video crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, including Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media. Services include the Colorado Springs areas by our camera crew for film, TV, ENG, HD or 4K or other type for production.

Southern Colorado areas / South CO

Mister Photon has worked in many of these areas either as an entire video crew or providing crew member support.

Southern Colorado areas span:

Aside from much of Colorado Mister Photon Media is well traveled, nationally, as well in some other countries for productions mainly in television, as well some film or non broadcast video productions.

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The Weather Channel / NBC, Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado.
The Weather Channel / NBC, by Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media providing ENG cameraman services in Breckenridge Colorado.  This ENG video crew for live broadcast television included a producer, photojournalist and a reporter. On this gig cameraman & location sound expert Nick Teti to support this broadcast provided all lighting, sound mixing & camera work.

Fort Collins & Northern Colorado areas

Call Mister Photon in Colorado’s north CO areas in the north part of state as well. The major northern Colorado cities are:

Northern CO also includes:

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Lindsey Vonn interview, location sound recordist interview, 2017 World Cup Finals Skiing in Aspen CO
World Cup Finals Skiing, Interview, 1st place, 2017 World Cup Championship in Aspen Colorado for the women’s competition. Nick Teti, providing local location sound recordist & mixer services, (not seen in this picture but on location with this television crew).

Colorado Rocky Mountain areas

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Colorado’s Foothills

There are several Colorado areas that span the foothills, or into the mountains. Bordering the Colorado Rocky Muountains and Sangre De Cristo Mountains are several cities that include:

We’re close to many of these areas and can be close to some in 30 minutes when you call for video production, broadcast television or film production needs.

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Western Colorado areas

Mister Photon has been through much of west Colorado. Grand Junction is the largest western Colorado area, followed by Vail, as far as the population sizes to the West of Lakewood or Golden or Denver. There are numerous popular western Colorado and Rocky Mountain areas for production as well.

Other western areas include:

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Location sound recordist services for a Subaru Commercial in Crested Butte, Colorado. Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, all Colorado sound man.
A Subaru Commercial in Crested Butte, Colorado. Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media.

More east to Eastern Colorado areas

The east CO areas are vast as well. From the northern to southern border of the state, Eastern CO starts from Brighton.

Below are map links to Google Maps for your reference that open in a new tab. We enjoy working so call for your production resource in any of these areas or wherever else needed in the state. 

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