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Caption: Video deposition sample in Colorado (left), as well recorded from remote witnesses (right). Read more about Mister Photon Media’s Colorado legal video services directly below.

Aside from video, broadcast television and film production, Mister Photon Media also provides Colorado legal video production services as well. For attorneys or court reporters or other organizations in litigation, including discovery Mister Photon Media provides legal video services of all types including video depositions by a AGCV certified legal videographer, as well court reporter referrals / court stenographers, as well other legal video services like videographer, 3D animation/accident reconstructions and more. Additionally Mister Photon Media can provide other legal videographer or video production services for litigation in all phases including animation or accident reconstruction or video documentations to scale using GIS data other data, images among other resources to recreate world events that result in litigation. Our video depositions can also be streamed over networks including available WIFI connections, (pending signal), LAN or WAN, streaming CDN services, or lesser cost peer to peer devices, while  simultaneously recorded for the clients archives or pending litigation. We can also upload on other resources as well for live web stream video depositions anywhere in Colorado that has an internet connection. Mister Photon Media also has resources for cellular video bonding connections in areas that may not have an internet connection for video depositions or other legal video or photography coordination. This technology includes LiveU or other resources.

Day In the Life / Settlement Video Example

Here’s a summary of Colorado video deposition services

  • Formally educated/trained deposition videographer, and broadcast television videographer recording your video deposition or for television or other video production.
  • On and Off the record announcements and other notations along with other procedures according to civil procedure & Federal evidence rules.
  • Streaming services available or lesser cost peer to peer streaming of video depositions while recording your video deposition to mp4 or Quicktime or DVD video.
  • HD video depositions recorded to QuickTime or MP4/H264 formats that play from your computer.
  • Time Code/Time of Day embedded video for your reference.
  • Multiple microphones, with lighting and recording equipment, as well the camera on your video deposition.
  • Decades of experience applied in legal videography, as well broadcast & corporate video production.
  • Decades of experience applied in professional photography and videography, and cinematography.
  • Court Reporters referred to your deposition or acting as a court officer in other capacities.
  • We do not post video depositions to social media or as examples elsewhere to respect those involved in litigation.

Example: First Draft,
Mine Tailings / Decant Pond Accident

This is a 1st draft for client approval demonstrating a mine tailing pond accident where a portion of the retaining area failed. Mine tailings are not typically blue, but this color was chosen for contrast against to the decant pond.

Product Liability Dispute Animation Negligence Dispute

This is a 3D animation demonstrating a “defective product” dispute where a frayed electric cord came in contact with coffee dispensed from a coffee maker that was overfilled with water, causing electric shock to the plaintiff.

Sea Wall Removal and Ground Remediation

This is a series of GIS rendering showing how a former refinery’s subsoil would be removed due to a petroleum storage tank leaking. Upon discovery the refinery placed a retaining wall to keep the petroleum from leaking into the ocean, then came up with a plan to remove all the soil and turn the location into a beach access area for the public.

Mine Property Demonstration &
Regulatory Compliance Animation

This is a 3D animation using GIS data and air photos to show a mining property’s boundaries, monitoring well locations for regulatory compliance as well overall features for a presentation. Mister Photon Media can model and animate actual world locations within accurate representation for litigation, disputes, compliance, architecture visualization, engineering, prototypes, or other presentation needs.

Court Reporter Referral

If you are needing a court reporter for a deposition or another legal video need, we are partnered with 2 court reporting agencies whom can assist anywhere in Colorado. Our Colorado Springs referral, Elliott, also has a conference room with video conferencing capabilities for depositions. Our partnership with Elliott can also make your deposition a one stop shop for a video deposition and a court reporter whom can transcribe your deposition. A court reporter or officer of the court can also validate a recorded video such as a video will, ling will, expert witness testimomy or other legal video need as well.

Located In Colorado,
Serving all Colorado or National Clients with Legal Video and Media Solutions

Mister Photon Media provides legal video, graphics and litigation support services in Denver, anywhere in Colorado to clients outside of Colorado or globally.

Services include:

    • Legal video production for all trial phases, including for discovery, settlements or trial presentation.
    • Anywhere in Colorado Certified legal videographer services or videographer / video producer for other litigation media production, including video editing. Examples are IME, site surveys, lab tests or demonstrations, reconstructions, insurance claims documentation with video or photography
    • Certified deposition videographer services, and court reporter referral, including conference room facilities.
    • Still Photography
    • Remote testimony recording or conferencing.
    • Video depositions for trial.
    • Other legal matters or testimony recorded.
    • Video production for advertising clients & their services including television commercials, or web advertising video production for lawyers.
    • Skype video depositions or remote testimony can also be recorded.
    • 3D animation, computer graphics, also known as a forensic / computer animation or accident reconstruction or as an animated or video recreation.
    • Trial exhibits integrating photography, graphics, drawings, to scale 3D renderings, topography, GIS data, or other media.
    • Video recording documenting an event, location, situation, or other need for attorneys, courts, plaintiffs or defendants with accordance to the rules of evidence & civil procedure using the needed communications to validate the video recordings.
    • Videotaping / video recording for insurance claims.
    • Day in the Life Video, aka a settlement video or or video documentation.
    • Video Wills/Living Wills recorded with video or audio.
    • Events or critical legal documentation’s recorded.
    • Computer Animation, video editing or post production among other video production services.
    • Recording, videotaping, or filming for any need or communication.
    • Video Conferencing or Skype based contacts.
  • Professional Photography services by Nick, a veteran photographer.

Read more about additional videographer services for business advertising, video production or television production.

Colorado & National Clients

Each link below is a Google map link to the corresponding city’s information. These links will open in a new web browser tab.

The Denver Colorado area
& Metro area map links / service areas

The Denver metropolitan area is the highest population density  surrounded by these areas that are listed in order to proximity to Denver. As a professional videographer Nick/ Mister Photon Media has worked in all the Denver, as well these metro cities, and we are close to all of these areas able to provide local video deposition with videographer, as well court reporter, or other legal videographer services or litigation support media services anywhere here with a short amount of travel time. As we are within less than an hour when you call in all of these areas for a local videographer or video crew for any type of video, film or television production or for legal video needs. If you need a site survey with video or photography with witnesses on the record in a short amount of time, Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media can be there quickly for your case or legal discovery. (The blue map links to google maps for your planning).

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South of Denver CO area, But Not Quite too South

Mister Photon Media has worked on all types of productions, and litigation cases as well in the state providing legal media & legal videographer services in these Colorado areas and can be in any of these areas in less than an hour or less for your video or photography needs. We also provide commercial photography, videographer or video crews or other services for video production, film or television production in these areas aside from legal video or media production. These are map links

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Boulder Colorado area & surrounding
map links, legal video services

Whatever your litigation support need in video, or media including depositions, 3D graphics/animation, video wills, day in the life video, video production or photography in Boulder, as well it’s outlying areas that include:

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Colorado Springs & it’s surrounding areas
map links & legal video or media services

Colorado Springs is technically more in the center of the state & it’s surrounding areas.  Mister Photon Media provides all the litigation support services in these areas including video depositions, certified legal or deposition videographer services, video production, photography, graphics, 3D accident reconstructions or other litigation support. Mister Photon also provides these services to national clients as well.

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The Southern Colorado area,
south CO map links & legal video services

Our experience recording video depositions, or providing other videographer services and other legal media services for litigation includes much of southern Colorado areas listed below. Further south Colorado starts around Woodmoor, Palmer Lake, near Colorado Springs. Southern Colorado areas span:

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Fort Collins CO area & northern Colorado areas map links & legal video services

As professionals’ in both video, photography & television our experience in northern Colorado’s areas include all type of legal media production as well for video depositions, living wills, day in the life videos, video documentations or other litigation support including graphics, 3D accident reconstructions, or other litigation support needs. if you need broadcast or video production needs as well, we provide these services to clients. Our founder, Nick has provided deposition videographer services in all of the areas listed below as well at one point or another.

The major areas in north Colorado are Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, and some may consider Thornton or Northglenn, pending how far they travel from the south.

Northern CO also includes

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Colorado Rocky Mountain & Sangre De Cristo areas map links & legal video services

(Map Links Below) Colorado has 2 mountain ranges with the Sangre De Christo Mountains  and The Rocky Mountains. Mister Photon Media provides legal videographer or broadcast or business videographer services, as well other video and litigation production support needs. We also provide video production services like camera crews or crew members for video, film or television production.

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Colorado’s Foothills map links & services for legal videographer, video or media for litigation

Bordering the Rockies and Sangre De Cristo Mountains are several
cities that include:

Mister Photon Media assists clients in these areas, or any part of the state. If you are outside Colorado and need any legal videographer or broadcast videographer services, legal media, or a video crew or other type of camera crew we provide these services as well to clients from other states.

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Legal media & video in Western Colorado areas

West Colorado is a considered starting into the Rocky Mountains or Sangre De Cristo mountain range including Grand Junction, Vail, Aspen, Durango, Telluride, Central City, Black Hawk are probably the most known of western Colorado areas or to others outside the state. Along the foothills and westward, from north to the southern areas of the state
are considered western for reference. (Map links below) Western CO areas include:

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More east to Eastern Colorado areas map links & legal media or video services

The eastern Colorado areas are vast as well. From the northern into southern border of the state, Eastern CO starts from Brighton. Our legal video and media services span these areas as well providing video depositions, living wills, video documentations, site documentations, other certified videographer services or graphics or animations from areas listed anywhere in Colorado with these services or other litigation support media production. If you’re involved in litigation from another state that requires recording a video deposition here or other Colorado area or have other legal video or media needs we assist clients like you as well. Additionally Nick of Mister Photon Media has provided support for several types of video, film, as well television producers/productions in these areas listed below, as well businesses. These map links below are arranged by proximity to each other on the map. Other eastern Colorado areas include:

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Broadcast TV, Corporate
& Film Production Samples

Aside from legal video production we provide broadcast video and television production services anywhere in Colorado, nationally, and have international experience, as well clients. To close the ads that appear over this video, click the “x” icon to continue the playlist. 

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Contact Information

Nick (720) 299-2084 If you need rates or other information, please text or call, (the fastest contact method),.

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