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Legal video, deposition video, left. Advertising video, center. LItigation graphic, graphics, right, Nick Teti, MIster Photon Media, Colorado USA. (720) 299-2084
Legal video/deposition video, left.   Advertising video, center.   Litigation graphic, graphics, right,   Nick Teti, MIster Photon Media, Colorado USA. (720) 299-2084 –

(720) 299-2084 telephone

Day In the Life aka Settlement Video Example

Here’s a summary of Colorado video deposition services & legal video

  • Formally educated/trained deposition videographer, and broadcast television videographer recording your video deposition. legal video or for television or other video production, including advertising.
  • On and Off the record announcements and other notations along with other procedures according to civil procedure & federal evidence rules. Introduction and conclusion statements with all needed remarks.
  • Streaming services available or lesser cost peer to peer streaming of video depositions while recording your video deposition to mp4 or Quicktime or DVD video.
  • HD video depositions recorded to QuickTime or MP4/H264 formats that play from your computer. Standard Definition video is recommended for longer run-times with less interruptions.
  • Time Code/Time of Day embedded video for your reference on depositions or living wills or other notarized video documentations.
  • Camera, with multiple microphones, lighting, and recording equipment for your video deposition.
  • Decades of experience applied in legal videography, as well broadcast & corporate video production, as well other video or television, including advertising.
  • Decades of experience applied in professional photography and videography, and cinematography.
  • Court Reporters referred to your deposition or acting as a court officer in other capacities.
  • Mister Photon Media does not post video depositions to social media or as examples elsewhere to respect those involved in litigation. We can send you a sample that is edited to demonstrate video deposition or other legal video capabilities.
  • Accident reconstruction videos, animation demonstrating objects, events, or to document for litigation, discovery or other legal need.
  • Graphics for trial presentation included posters, video, presentations or other media.

Boeing Jetliner Crash Accident Reconstruction Animation

Boeing Jetliner Takeoff Accident Reconstruction Animation

Asteroid Passing in Space 3D Animation

Moon Asteroid Collision in Space 3D Animation

Example: First Draft,
Mine Tailings / Decant Pond Accident

This is a 1st draft for client approval demonstrating a mine tailing pond accident where a portion of the retaining area failed. Mine tailings are not typically blue, but this color was chosen for contrast against to the decant pond.

Product Liability Dispute Animation Negligence Dispute

This is a 3D animation demonstrating a “defective product” dispute where a frayed electric cord came in contact with coffee dispensed from a coffee maker that was overfilled with water, causing electric shock to the plaintiff.

Sea Wall Removal and Ground Remediation

This is a series of GIS rendering showing how a former refinery’s subsoil would be removed due to a petroleum storage tank leaking. Upon discovery the refinery placed a retaining wall to keep the petroleum from leaking into the ocean, then came up with a plan to remove all the soil and turn the location into a beach access area for the public.

Mine Property Demonstration &
Regulatory Compliance Animation

This is a 3D animation using GIS data and air photos to show a mining property’s boundaries, monitoring well locations for regulatory compliance as well overall features for a presentation. Mister Photon Media can model and animate actual world locations within accurate representation for litigation, disputes, compliance, architecture visualization, engineering, prototypes, or other presentation needs.


Broadcast Video Production, TV or Film, Camera Crews + Legal Video Services or Advertising Media

Aside from Colorado camera crews, video, film, ENG or television crews for video production, film or television Mister Photon Media provides legal video services. We DO NOT offer any type of  services like weddings, Bar Mitzvah’s, parties, gatherings, etc, or the like. Our focus is film, video and television production for TV networks, producers or production companies, businesses and similar clients. One of our main specialties is providing Colorado freelance camera crews and crew members since Nick formed Mister Photon Media. Nick’s abilities creativity have earned him several peer awards in broadcast, as well for corporate video production, as well documentary film production. We also are expert at typical video, television and film production services, as well legal video production services that require procedure, formal training, as well the equipment resources for several years as well. 

Nick Teti (not pictured), on the camera crew for "Last Cake Standing," in Denver CO.
Nick Teti (not pictured), on the camera crew for “Last Cake Standing,” in Denver CO. Format: Panasonic HDX900 HD video cameras.

Typical Broadcast Services, Film and Corporate Examples, Mister Photon

Typical Video Production, Film and TV Summary We Do

Legal Video Services training

Having requests from legal clients, Nick went to the AGCV to receive training in legal video production including depositions, day in the life, among other related video services after years of videography and photography services for other clients. For clients needing accident reconstructions, 3D graphics/renderings/animation, recreations or other computer animation services, we provide these services as well, aside from camera crews for video, film or television productions. Read more about our Colorado legal video services by following this link.  Nick Teti started in broadcast video production professionally in the 1990’s, and later learned rules of evidence and procedures for production of legal media for litigators, insurance companies among other clients later professionally. Nick has a BA in communications and journalism, as well certifications from the AGCV.

Contact Information

Voice or Text: (720) 299-2084, alternate number (720) 535-9579


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