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PSA, Public Service Announcement

PSA Video, “Cut the Carbon”

Second Place Award,
by The Environmental Defense Fund

Nick Teti won second place in the competition for “Cut the Carbon.”  A carbon reduction program that was first proposed by the Environmental Defense Fund, before the Obama administration implemented it.

Gun Safety Campaign,

“No Guns in My School”

Spanish Socialist Party Healthcare

Political TV Commercial

Health Care

Cancer Research Center

Corporate Video Production

Diabetes Prevention Series

Native American Women

Medical & Technology Advertising Videos

Archer DX

Boulder Colorado
2 camera matched interview

Merge Healthcare

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Services Summary

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Video Production & Media

Video production Mister Photon provides veteran video crew or crew members through Colorado.
We’re expert at about any type of production you can think of.
We can also produce a video from start to finish if you need, and for a specific message.

Professional Photography

Nick’s a professional photographer whom can photograph anything a client needs.

Professional photographer Nick Teti, advertising commercial photography samples, MisterPhoton.com - Colorado (720) 299-2084

Motion Graphics, Animation, Graphics

We create motion  or static graphics for video, branding, web, design, print or other needs.

3D rendering, animation, mostion graphics, MisterPhoton.com (720) 299-2084
Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, Art, Illustrator

Nick provides storyboards, concept art, graphics, comics, 3D rendering, design, concepting, creation, fine art & media.

Storyboard Artist Nick Teti, misterphoton.com (720) 299-2084

Health Care Video Explained

Advertising is the biggest driver of health care. Medical technology, and vendors who make equipment, software, systems devices or other technology have a need to advertise. Mister Photon Media is there to other producers or clients themselves effectively advertise. We can also create training videos for  medical industries or other organizations needing to train employees or a customer base. We can assist as the crew support or write scripts, plan, shoot, edit and brand with graphics and animation.  Mister Photon helps clients across Colorado and traveling.

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