COVID-19 Vaccinated

Nick Teti has been vaccinated with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in January and February 2021. Mister Photon Media still provides video production, television production, photography, art and other media. We continue to follow social distancing guidelines and masking as well. Nick did not suffer any symptoms with the vaccination.  We plan to follow medical advice in the future to receive all COVID-19 vaccinations. Past year 2021. Due to journalism ties and continued work in medical facilities reporting medical news Nick has been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.

COVID-19 Moderna Vaccination Card

Nicholas Teti III, Mister Photon Media   Production samples by Nick, Mister Photon Media, Colorado USA

Business as Usual, Services

  • Video Production, Film or Television Production
  • Camera Crews of specific types: video, 4K, HD, film, television, corporate, ENG, and so forth.
  • Still photographer services
  • Storyboard artist
  • Concept artist & artwork
  • Camera crew members, specific expertise
  • Other media and production support

Storybaord artist, concept artist, comic & graphic novel artist Nick Teti, 1 720 299 2084,

Film production integrating animation, video and graphics Mister Photon Media, Colorado,

Demo Reel

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