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As a Colorado native & decades veteran sound recordist, I’ve worked in most of the state. I also enjoy traveling for clients as a sound man & production professional too. Further below is a short list of Colorado’s areas I have worked which I can reference as a sound guy or in another crew member capacity. If you do not see an area listed below, I have already probably worked there in addition to my experience in several other states, as well countries. I also have a global client base of clients as well traveling me outside Colorado, as well depend on me in any part of the state for clear, vibrant location sound by a veteran.

Production Samples

You can skip forwards and backwards through on some various productions. By no means complete in my work history. But you will get the idea of my expertise in video, film and television production. Close the YouTube ads by clicking the “x” on the ad (when you stop or pause the playlist).

The Denver metro area

The Denver metro area is the largest population. Mister Photon Media is within less than an hour when you call of all these areas. (Outside website map links directly below)

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South of the Denver area


Mister Photon Media’s camera crew is less than an hour of these areas as well for your production; it’s video production, broadcast television or film, count on Mister Photon.

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Boulder Colorado & Surrounding Areas

As a production location sound mixer, I’ve worked throughout these Boulder & it’s surrounding areas:

Colorado Springs & it’s surrounding areas

As a sound recordist, I’ve worked all of Colorado Springs among other surrounding cities. Colorado Springs is technically more in the center of the state and it’s surrounding areas include:

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Southern Colorado areas / South CO

I’ve stretched down to much of southern Colorado as a location sound recordist as well. Further south Colorado starts around Woodmoor, Palmer Lake, near Colorado Springs. Southern Colorado areas span:

As a sound guy I’ve also been outside the state as well, and country a few times, so call on me to be well traveled.

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Fort Collins & Northern Colorado area

I have been to many of Colorado’s areas in the north part of state as a sound guy helping crews or other clients. The major northern Colorado cities are:

Northern CO also includes:

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Colorado Rocky Mountain area

Colorado Foothills

Bordering the Rockies and Sangre De Cristo Mountains are several cities that include:

As a sound guy, count on my experience here, or referring other crew resources or gear, or where you need solutions in the state.

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Western Colorado area

As a location sound recordist, I’ve been through much of western Colorado providing boom operation, sound mixing, and other production expertise as well. Grand Junction is the largest western Colorado area I have worked in on several productions. Other western areas include:

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More east to Eastern Colorado areas

The eastern Colorado areas are vast as well. Eastern CO starts from Brighton. Below are map links to Google Maps for your reference that open in a new tab. I like to work call me for your local sound man in any of these areas or wherever else needed for location sound or camera support in Colorado.

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Location Sound & Extra Capabilities

Camera Support, Everywhere in Colorado

Additional sound equipment can also be employed aside from my gear list and many items I have already not listed in camera support. Call on me for any type of video, film or television production with the professional experience, ample gear resources, and enthusiasm. Film Production: Keep me in mind for sound cart for your 35mm motion picture film, as an engineer. Or an all-in-one audio person mixing lavalieres, operating boom, running audio peripherals.

As I have many years professional production experiences starting back in 1990’s. You can also call on me for production truck audio, ENG, SNG, EFP or in the studio. Or with a sound cart for typical television sound mixing & recording broadcast production needs as well, aside from location sound on video, film or television remote audio. I have plenty of mobile gear including Petrol, Porta Brace and other bags to carry my mixers in the field too.


Additional Synonyms for Sound Recordist, or Sound Mixer

Aside from being titled a sound recordist, there are many nicknames assigned to location sound people, in my male gender, you can also replace terms of man, guy,etc with woman for a gender free browsing experience. These include for male gender;

  • A sound man or sound guy or audio guy,
  • An audio tech or sound tech or technician,
  • A sound person or operator,
  • A sound or audio engineer,
  • A sound or audio operator or assistant,
  • Less commonly, a boom operator,
  • Some terms can be gender neutral in these instances

Why hire a location production sound recordist

in Colorado like myself?

Colorado is one of the larger states with 2 major airports so traveling can consume time for you and others, as well, money you can save by hiring me. Traveling a dependable sound guy or woman for your production to location in Colorado from another state or country can be rather pricey costing airline fees, airport parking, hotels, local parking fees, gas and rental cars if your crew is larger or even if you are just needing a local freelance sound recordist to help on your shoot. Depend on me for a local freelance resource as your sound mixer with additional camera support gear like lighting, grip equipment, monitors, plus myself with gear in whatever Colorado area you need for your production. I can meet your video, film or television production with additional gear so you can pack light, and I take every clients shoots as #1, with references to prove this. As I started in television production in 1990, my additional skills can assist you so you make your flight. I take your footage with utmost importance as you spent the time on airline costs or travel costs, as well your production budget and your reputation depends on top footage, that’s me for your audio guy.

Production samples by Nick Teti for video, film and television productions in Colorado.

Contact by telephone or text

Contact me at 1 (720) 299-2084 by voice or text message

Telephone and text are fastest, but please also email and I’ll get back to you. For a cost quote, rate, for Colorado or other video, film or television production related services. Aside from location sound I can double as a gaffer or provide data wrangler or manager assistance, AC/assistant camera or other camera assistance, as well refer additional crew members to your production along with additional camera gear.


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