Production samples from cameraman & director of photography Nick Teti, as well, Mister Photon Media's camera crew.

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Nick Teti, Principle, Cameraman, Director of Photography,

Telephone is the fastest way to reach Mister Photon Media, but please also email us. To book our camera crew or crew members to support your production. Please do not try to contact us by comment on the site.

Contact Details

Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado USA

Telephone (voice or text) 1 (720) 299-2084

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Skype us at: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado).
WhatsApp: Nick,

Skype: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado)

What’sApp: Nick,

Mister Photon Media provides camera crews, including HD or 4K, 6K, ENG, video, film, television or types of crews for Colorado video production, television or film production. Additionally, Mister Photon Media provides still photographer for commercial or other types of photography, Services Include:

  • Specific types of video production
  • Film or TV production
  • Camera Crew: video, TV or film
  • Still Photographer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Specific Camera Crew Members to support others
  • 3D animation, motion graphics, rendering

Video Production, Film & TV Samples

You can skip forwards or backwards by hitting the arrow (right or left in the controls). Please note during pauses YouTube places irrelevant videos, just hit the “x” icon over the ad or intruding video. You can shuttle forward or skip forward. To play a video again, hit “refresh” on your web browser.


ENG video crew sample left, documentary film crew sample on the right.

Types of Camera Crews

There are some different types of camera crews for video production, film or television production, and Mister Photon Media provides them all that include:
  • ENG video crew.
  • EFP video crew.
  • Corporate video crews.
  • film crew (either tape-less recording to files, or filming with 35mm motion picture film or other format film.
  • TV crew or television crews or a broadcast video or television crew.
  • a video or camera crew with a specific format or model of camera. Sometimes just a HD format or 4K video crew or UHD format specific camera(s)
  • Or another type of video crew for a specific type of video or television production.
  • Other types of video production, film or television production support for clients, including producers or television networks.
  • Other Colorado area camera crew services with specific production genre or television program production experience.

Broadcast TV production samples from Director of Photography NIck Teti, and Mister Photon Media's video crew. One in Castle Pines area, the other in Monument Valley Utah/Arizona (right)

Camera Crew Members

There are several various crew members that can make a specific type of camera crew and Mister Photon Media provides these services of providing or referring individual crew members for specific production roles to support other production companies, camera people or crews coming into Colorado or for Colorado clients.

  • Director of Photography (principle cameraman or woman, whom may also direct and multitask), known as a DP or DOP or cinematographer
  • cameraman (in male gender, Nick’s case)
  • videographer
  • camera operator
  • film loader or media manager
  • AC, camera assistant: 1st or 2nd assistant camera.
  • location sound mixer or recordist (with several nicknames from a sound man or guy, sound woman, sound engineer, operator, assistant or technician, with substitutions with audio).
  • Gaffer, responsible for lighting, rigging and other camera support.
  • Grip, underneath gaffer’s direction. Includes key, swing or Dolly Grips.
  • Grip Truck, brought with lighting & grip equipment
  • Producer whom often directs talent and the crew, as well plans and coordinates all talent, areas, budgets and other resources.
  • Assistant Producer or AP, helping the producer
  • Director
  • Assistant Director assisting the director
  • PA/production assistant
  • Fixer, can be an assistant to anyone or a an assistant producer, unit production manager or line producer
  • Wrangler or Handler
  • Location Scout, can take video or photography while making notes on a location for production planning.
  • Data Manager or Wrangler
  • DIT: digital imaging technician
  • Drone Operator
  • Jib or Crane Operator
  • Steadicam Operator

Getting Talented Freelance Camera Crew

Rates per camera crews vary from state to state as do populations, major production markets, higher populated states and camera or equipment rental resources higher in cost establish rates. Hiring a video crew or other type of camera crew with the years of an experience that a video, film or television crew may have will also justify cost.

Just because you live in a major market does not mean the rates or demand for an open crew or crew members are readily matched elsewhere, as every video crew has a differing expense level, as well, differing equipment inventory. We have also seen producers from states under the belief that the rates say for instance in Los Angeles or other major production market should be matched due to a “surplus” of talent in an area or lesser experienced freelancers offering lower rates.

Colorado is a major production population and has a higher cost of living than several states including the top 10 most populated states, so with the higher costs of living, it’s best to call and get a rate to book a camera crew, film, ENG, television or video crew from area to area before your production begins.

Call and get our rate for your production planning before you quote a production cost to your client or if you’re the direct client that includes hiring the camera crews services or freelance crew members you need to hire here in Colorado. Call is with your equipment needs, the type of camera crew or crew members, and the shoot details, and we can assist your video, film or specific television production. (720) 299-2084 – Mister Photon Media

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