Terms and Conditions

Reels, Social Media, Body of Work Ownership

Mister Photon Media llc, Nicholas Teti III when hired for videographer, cameraman, director of photography, camera crews of any type may use the video or film or media produced for demo reels or demonstrating portfolio or body of work such as on our youtube channel, vimeo or other social media once the client has finished the edit or broadcast, unless the project is not completed in a reasonable amount of time in which the client will be contacted prior to. The hiring client of course has equal footage rights including copyright and may convey footage to their hiring clients for their use. Any footage recorded by Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media may not be sold as stock footage unless specified or agreed upon. If you are a broadcast network, these terms may be negotiated further and you may share the video with affiliates however we must be notified if you are going to re-sell any footage produced or recorded by us to gain our permission. This is stating if you are not sharing but selling to another user, or your end client is reselling footage, we must be notified. Mister Photon Media will acknowledge any hiring client in credits when necessary as well, unless client is in default of payment which negates your right of use or ownership including your clients right to use footage, (you can’t use/ borrow our footage indefinitely without due compensation, or convey the footage to others for use in this instance). This for instance occurred in the past, as unjust enrichment in one instance, therefore we have to implement this policy when necessary. Due to a producer stiffing us on 4 days of work, then conveying the footage to a network whom used the footage in a series without due compensation from anyone in the use.

Hiring clients may use the footage in other client’s future projects as well or their end clients may re-use the footage recorded, filmed, photographed or produced by Nicholas Teti III or Mister Photon Media llc.

For crew member support where location sound services are required Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media llc also owns usage rights for demo reel or social media or other similar type of advertising in the sound recordings after the clients project is complete or may be used if not completed in a reasonable time or of the project is abandoned. This applies to after release of the program or production, or if the project is abandoned or not reaching the end audience or does not apply to a contract such as a pilot or pitch, or does not reach a reasonable release time period.

Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media llc can negotiate differing terms when appropriate. Mister Photon Media llc will respect deadline release and not release media earlier than clients for any demo reels, social media, or body of work unless if it’s deemed the materials are not to be released or edited in a reasonable amount of time or within the end clients contract delivery or the project is abandoned, but Mister Photon Media llc has rights to use media recorded or filmed or produced for demo reels, social media, press release or other body of work demonstrations.

Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media will discuss any press release, social media, or demo reel or body of work release concerns for Mister Photon Media’s demo reels, body of work or related examples with the hiring client as well for consideration of clients release or distribution to the clients clients when needed.

Sensitive Information

The client is compelled in advance to disclose any sensitive nature topics of the production, in advance relating to subjects or conditions that require any confidentiality or may have legal or evidence or medical confidentiality. Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media may still use subjects for demo reel purpose with confidentiality of name in cases of medical advertising or health care when the clients are advertising services or technology. This is obvious, as if the client is producing a video to advertising technology, services or a business etc,. the client will be releasing subjects anyway but Mister Photon Media will respect sensitive information like names, patents, proprietary products or procedures, etc., if needed.

If the clients are using media produced by Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media for legal discovery or medical research or other study that requires internal use only, the client is obligated to disclose this in advance to have the materials kept confidential. If the client is producing matters for national or local security, the client must disclose this in advance to keep materials from use on social media or other advertising body of work by Mister Photon Media llc. These are often inferred by clients & Mister Photon Media. We do not want to make anyone look bad or rush projects of our hiring clients.


Mister Photon Media llc, Nicholas Teti III will negotiate a payment schedule per each client. Any defaults on payment in full are the sole collection cost applied to the client. If Nicholas Teti III/Mister Photon Media llc cannot assist the client on the hired days, the client is not obligated to pay the invoice such as cases of emergency or other situations preventing Mister Photon Media from recording or filming. Cancellation fees will apply if the client cancels within 48 hours or at 100% within 24 hours when a contract or shooting, recording or filming agreement is made. If Mister Photon Media is obstructed or delayed, therefore unable to perform tasks of videographer, cinematographer, camera crews, photography or other related video, film or television production or photography services the cancellation policy is still in effect, such as cancellations of subjects or cancelling conditions presented by the client or the client’s clients within 48 hours.


Rates are based on 5 or 10  or 12 hour days with some crew positions at full day rates of 5 hours or more at minimum. Half day rates up to 5 hours where specified. Overtime starts at 10 hours, including door to door when applicable. Full days are applicable after 5 hours up to 10 hours. 12 hour days can be negotiated as well at higher rates than 10 hours.


Any clarifications or questions can be directed to Nick at (720) 299-2084. By hiring Nicholas Teti III/ Mister Photon Media llc for related services listed above, you accept these terms and conditions. No second parties or third parties or end clients may dictate these terms and conditions or re-negotiate these unless negotiated in advance directly with Mister Photon Media llc or Nicholas Teti III.  Mister Photon Media is happy to discuss or clarify anything in advance before delivering services and re-negotiate terms when needed. Colorado USA.