Storyboard artist & concept art #1

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     Nick Teti

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Technology enhancing simple mediums

Comic style storyboard theme by artist & stprybaord artist Nick Teti, Colorado USA. 1 (720) 299-2084
Pencil drawing of a 2 separate storyboard plates, artist Nick Teti/Nicholas Teti III.

With modern software storyboard frames and portions of drawings can he used as different shots or elements to build a scene in a storyboard, in concept art, poster art or other types of artwork.

Storyboard Art for camera movement & blocking

Storyboard Art, frame #1, by storyboard artist Nicholas Teti III

Storyboard Art, frame #2, by storyboard artist Nicholas Teti III

On the fence about hiring a storyboard artist?

If you work in tandem with a storyboard artist, you can sculpt your ideas more concisely to television, feature film, to comics, or other story.  Hiring a storyboard artist with a film and television background / education like myself saves in drawing and creation time.

If you have rough ideas that can be developed more a storyboard artist and concept artist can take your ideas to anyone with differing talents on a camera crew, film crew or television crew, from directors, makeup artists, construction, costume designers or a wardrobe artist, or other members on the crew to develop your film production.

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