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various video, film and television productions I have worked on

production location samples in Colorado

various production samples by Nick in Colorado, Arizona & Utah

advertising production pieces by Nick Teti

national & international montage of video, television & film production, on location

commerical production samples by Nick Teti

Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media: only the cleanest audio will do for your film, video, TV

Video, film, television production samples by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media llc - Colorado

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I provide freelance sound man & sound recordist services for video, film or television in Denver or anywhere needed in Colorado in many areas as a local. I have professional experience in production dating to 1990, as well in video, film, and television. I can still get around fast and efficient, just like when I was younger, so if you're running & gunning, I'll keep the pace. My company, Mister Photon Media specializes in location sound anywhere in the state, as well we can also refer other camera crew members to you, along with equipment if you need to reduce costs. In addition to my location audio mixing & recording services I assist by providing additional gear resources when needed; from camera equipment referral, specific crew member referrals and I can also refer other sound people in many Colorado areas if I am already booked on a production. Aside from location sound, I also have an expansive background in studio audio mixing as well, lighting as a gaffer, camera, and post production, enabling you the most resourceful person whom is an asset to your production; whatever type. If you want someone whom has worked with literally tons of sound gear from makers like Sound Devices, Zaxcomm, Shure, Lectrosonics, Sony, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Nuemann, TRAM, Lectrovoice, Teac, Tascam, Comtek, among other pieces of audio gear, as well own many of these equipment items. Consider me as your sound guy anywhere in the state, Denver, or other popular areas for production in minutes.

As an audio guy, I have adapted the equipment that has evolved with the trades of location sound mixing & recording as cameras have changed, technology has changed and to evolving types of production in video, film as well television production, ensuring any client the piece of mind, cost savings, and problem free location sound that can be immediately edited without delay or retake.

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Demos, Montage & Production Samples Below

Below is a play list of video, film and television production samples. Some have a montage of production without the prior recorded dialogue, or use camera mic audio or natural sounds with music for the audio. However most of these examples do contain dialogue or recorded deliberate audio for your evaluation. Use the skip forward or backward buttons to move through the videos more quickly. You can also skip around to the interviews or other content to hear my sound mixing skills by fast forwarding or reversing or just cursor / mouse skipping on the timeline. Click the "x" to remove YouTube ads.

By hitting the SKIP button Skip forward through the playlist with this button you can skip forward or backwards.

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Why Hire Me as Your Sound Man?

I also edit video and know the problems that arise with careless sound recordings caused by an unconcerned crew member, or when a sound person does not give the 100% effort needed to the production contributing to the lousy footage. This will never occur when you hire me as your sound guy, and I will alert you prior to recording or filming or when anytime a sound issue arises, as why travel into Colorado, spare no expense and record a sound person whom might not care as much as I do for your time & money?

I have local experience dating to 1990 with national experience in production starting in 1990 ensuring you'll hire a veteran able to meet your needs while quickly integrating into your camera crew or to assist you as a camera person. I have additional skills that I can apply in a production, including camera support, lighting, DIT, data wrangling / management, post production, among other common tasks. I am also a Denver native with near entire familiarity with all of Denver, as well, much of Colorado.

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Hiring me as your audio tech in Colorado Guarantees the Confidence to You

Employing me as your local freelancer ensures scalable services when you're looking for a well equipped local sound guy in CO.Make a sound decision to call me for your engineering & recording with experience for specific type production anywhere in CO or traveling. Whether it's documentary, corporate video, television commercial, specific television program, ENG, reality TV, 35mm 3p production or you're acquiring with particular high definition camera, or any other type of production, deserve the attention from a dedicated freelance veteran like myself, and I'll be there.

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video & television production samples from Nick Teti (720) 299-2084

Additional Skills & Expertise

  • Camera assistant to camera people or crews with production tasks to speed the production along.

  • Lighting assistance and additional lighting gear available.

  • DIT or data manager, transfer & import of footage with laptop & readers available.

  • Other production expertise in other skills that can help anyone on the crew.

  • Additional gear rental including tripods, lights, monitors, grip gear among other related resources to clients.

  • Additional post production experience, including sound editing, conversion, and video editing, including sync.

All of these skills can be a benefit to any hiring client, producer or crew as additional help with speed any production along, making your shoot more pleasant, as well keeping you on budget.

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Experiences & resources with cameras, recorders & a lot of other gear

As a multiple decade audio guy I understand that the only way for to record audio in the field or studio is the clean and clear way, free from intrusions, or distractions, as bad sound is unusable while jeopardizing all travel costs, all the money spent for traveling personnel into the state, and can destroy a production, (this WONT happen when you hire me as your soundy). I also know the basic to advanced principles of the tasks related to field production, and the more complex methods of mixing & recording sound to a variety of cameras, digital recorders or other audio interfaces enabling you to use your sound recordings, video or film immediately without problem or delay with or without time code. As a production professional I have worked with several cameras from RED, ARRI, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Thomson, Vision Research, Eclaire, Black Magic, Panavision, Aaton, JVC, Ikegami, and many other video or film cameras in the past. I also know the reference levels of about every video camera listed above, (out of hundreds of cameras), ensuring the cleanest sound recording on your production. In my equipment I also have the cables and connectors to any of these cameras mentioned above, with the prior experience to set any of them properly to reference.

I also know as a sound person how to blend in with the crew, as well, stay out of the camera's way, yet always having a shotgun mic & other audio assets you need in the right place for the best sound recording possible; it's what I do for a living as they say.

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Here's a quick summary of capabilities

  • Location sound for HD video, film, television or broadcast radio production being the majority of my work including;
    35mm sync sound for film, sync for HD video, direct audio to cameras and other similar tasks.
  • Crew support & resource referral such as gear, lighting, additional audio gear, grip equipment etc.,
  • Audio post production, sound editing & audio sweetening, includes sync experience with 35mm film,
  • Studio post & mixing or production truck mixing,
  • Voice over recording or narration recording
  • Concert and event sound mixing, and mastering,
  • Foley sound recording, including other sound effects recording,
  • Feature film production or for advertising with 3p or 4p motion picture cameras,
  • Documentaries for features, reduction, news, entertainment; in either video or film,
  • Corporate Video Production,
  • Factual Entertainment / Reality TV production
  • Magazine shows & investigative reporting
  • ENG & SNG or live broadcast,
  • Comedy for syndicated or stage
  • Sales, Marketing, PR, Infomercial's, or other B2B or B2C advertising experience.
  • Other specific experience dating professionally to 1990

As an audio tech aside from video or film production to camera or sync recorder, I can also record to CD, Mp3, WAV, or to other media for non broadcast. I can record these formats for film production or television production with time code as well. At the end of the day I can also back up your audio to CD, DVD, CF card, or send it to you by file sharing service (,, or other transfer services).

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Why hire a veteran location sound mixer?

Saving a few hundred dollars can also be a disaster when you don't have time to monitor sound on your production or don't record the sound correctly, so call a veteran sound person to help like me. Simple. When you travel anywhere, spend the money, you need the best attention to everything on your production, from ideal equipment resources and someone whom is just as dedicated about your project with the attention to details, (ALL included at no extra charge), especially the sound recording that is equally important to your visual footage. Wherever your production is based in, whatever the production is, I take interest in all the productions I'm hired on, call me your active audience always listening / mixing as your soundie aka called a soundy. I have been a production professional since 1990 and have several clients across the planet whom call on me for their production sound solutions local in CO or to travel me as they know they receive the best mix of clean audio every shoot.

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various production examples from television commercials,  advertsiing &  television programming

Synonyms for your reference in production nicknames

The common terms also include audio tech services for video, film or television production, a boom operator, A1 or A2, a sound man or sound guy or recordist, a sound operator, a sound woman or person, or a sound or audio engineer or often a audio guy if in male gender. Production or location (prefixing) sound mixer or sound recordist are other popular terms for this crew member.

Client References:

""Great work this week, see you at the next tourny"" James Johnson, ESPN Golf. Contact information available for earnest inquiries.

""Nick, you're my number one call in Colorado,"" Paul Vitale, CNN

On the set of Last Cake Standing

I also use top sound gear from Sound Devices, PSC, TASCAM, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, Schoeps, Countryman, Sony, TRAM among many others. Aside from my top equipment I have all the tricks to hide mics, gather audio from unconventional sources & all the common applications, and bring a group of skills capable for all types of sound mixing / recording, as well the camera support, along with resources to make your production an ease.

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Location sound credits across the planet

Far right, production samples for National Geographic, "The  Final Report" class=

I have also worked for most every network in America, the UK, Japan/Asia, many in Europe, Central/South America, Australia, some middle eastern programmers and many, many production companies, camera people among other satisfied customers.

I have additional production equipment available to you to keep your travel costs down when traveling into Colorado for a shoot from lighting, tripods, grip equipment, AC & gear so you can dodge the heavy airline baggage tolls on your production pocketbook.

If you coming from another country and don't want to be tasked with the hassles that US Customs imposes, I can arrange an equipment package to cut the hassle for you as well.

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Speed Channel sample, a medical video production, & a  National Geographic piece shot in Mexico

Anywhere in Colorado

I cover the entire state.The larger populations or popular production areas including:

production samples, the Democratic  National Convention & a piece for CNN

My professional experience spans 1990 in Colorado started on productions for ENG, EFP, TV, corporate and film shoots. My national and global experience started around 1990 when I moved to ABC News in production. And my global experience traveling in production began as I embarked on my freelance services with credits spanning many countries to date.

Colorado is a diverse geography with all types of production as well. There are so many stories in news, business communications, advertising productions (for TV or web), many types of television specific programs, along with great scenic's across the state. I have also traveled as a local on multiple day assignments or single day assignments throughout the state, nationally and globally as I enjoy working & traveling as well. I have references nationally for you and some global as well if you are making a serious inquiry to ensure your confidence in assuring my qualifications. I have worked Union and Non Union production sets as well and am easy to get along with. I also use the top sound mixing & recording gear regardless if you hire me for broadcast video, for non broadcast (such as corporate video production or B2B or B2C internal or external communications), for specific ENG/news, all the various types of EFP, among other, including exact film productions.

I have seen every part of the state and I refer other sound people or crew assets across Colorado qualified to your program or production type, as references go a long way for easing a potential clients concern or to provide solutions to the productions.

Some larger assignment for production location sound mixing/recording and boom operator services include for Sony Pictures - Catch & Release, The United States Marines 35mm Spots for JWT Advertising, Mission Impossible II, Lucas Films - The RED BARON, and also for many, many reputable networks. National Geographic, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX & news, BBC UK, NINE, CBC Canada, History, Discovery, BIO, Univision, Tribune Broadcasting among many others. Some bigger client for my production sound skills have included spots for FORD, SAAB, Chevrolet, FED EX, WAL MART, TARGET, Microsoft, GOOGLE, National Jewish Hospital, The United States Postal Service, Key Bank, Yahoo, MSN, CNET, Microsoft for several advertising agencies & many others.

Need a quote? for rates. The best contact method is by telephone at (720) 299-2084. Visit our word press blog,

En espanol - Yo soy un grabador de sonido. También llamada de una persona o un hombre de sonido o de la persona de audio, o el sonido hombre, o audio technico. Vivo en Colorado, en Los Estados Unidos - USA, United States America.

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Video, film, television production samples by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media llc - Colorado