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Hire / Book our local freelance Camera Crew for Video Production, Film or TV

Telephone is the fastest way to reach us, but please also email us as well to book our camera crew or crew members to support your production.

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Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado USA

Telephone (voice or text) 1 (720) 299-2084

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Skype us at: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti (Colorado).
WhatsApp: Nick,

Why Hire Mister Photon in Colorado?

We can provide all the crew members directed by an award winning DP, Nick in any Colorado area. If you already have certain video crew, film or television personnel coming call Mister Photon to provide the rest with gear. We have ample business references, the gear and the enthusiasm for our clients whom hire us. Save yourself travel costs, and call us if you already have a DP, and just need support as well.  We can provide a specific type of camera crew that includes:

  • A local crew that values your business
  • ENG video crew or EFP experienced crew, among other experience
  • TV/Television Crews: with specific program experience
  • Film Crew with 3p cameras or 35mm sensor cameras or crew members with this experience as well if you are a director of photography needing 35mm veterans.
  • Corporate video crew, aka a business video crew
  • HD video crews in 720p, 1080i/p, NTSC or PAL
  • 4K, 5K or 6K format video, can also be applied to film
  • XAVC
  • QuickTime ProRes, LT, HQ, 422
  • QuickTime
  • Camera Output RAW to other format
  • r3D/RED Format
  • DNxHD
  • MXF
  • Mpeg
  • H264/MP4
  • P2
  • DVCPRO HD videotape or tapeless
  • SD video
  •  Other camera formats & other types of crews in Colorado

Production Samples

You can skip forwards or backwards by hitting the arrow (right or left in the controls).  You can also see video by category at this page link.

Production samples from NIck Teti, cameraman, director of photography, videographer & photographer, along with Mister Photon Media's camera crew.

Types of Camera Crew Members

  • Director of Photography/DP/DOP: a camera person that can be responsible for the entire crew and location production directing camera, lighting, grips, among others. Sometimes they are referred to as videographers.
  • Cameraman/Camerawoman: an gender specific term for a videographer, camera operator and sometimes a director of photography.
  •  Camera Operator: a person whom operates a camera under the direction of a number of people, from director, DP/director of photography, producer or other person.
  • Sound Recordist or mixer, assistant, operator, technician, engineer, person: For mixing and recording audio from various sound equipment pieces to camera or a recording device.
  • Gaffer: provides lighting direction, and grip direction, and can also direct grips, key grips, swing, dolly grips or other assistants for lighting as well rigging through the production. Sometimes the gaffer on a smaller video crew, film, television or other type of camera crew performs all these tasks of lighting and grip.
  • Producer: directs and plans the production. Stages can be pre-production scripting, taking a hiring production companies direction, and implementing direction of the crew, and often into the post production stage completion steps. In our preference we take the direction of hiring producers and clients to produce / create media on location.
  • Director: sometimes and overlap of responsibilities to the producer, but may be less involved in pre-production or post production or editing. Often they direct talent on camera to complete a scene, to scene through the whole program or production.
  • Grip: various titles in assisting a gaffer or often as a gaffer and grip multi-tasking in responsibility performing lighting, rigging, or other assistance to anyone on the camera crew, video, film or television crew.
  • Assistant Camera/AC/Camera Assistant: helps the DP/DOP with whatever is needed, but most often with camera set up, exchanging lenses, pulling focus, supporting all camera operations.
  • Jib Operator/Crane Operator: Operates a Jimmmy Jib, Micro Jib or other camera crane.
  • Steadicam Operator: There are several camera stabilizers now like a Ronin, EZ-Rig, Glide-Cam, etc, but the original stabilizer to enabling  smooth following motion is the Steadicam.
  • DIT/Digital Imaging Technician: Can assist in digital video files import operations, color grading or gamma or luminance levels manipulation, contrast adjustments or other picture adjustments. Sometime post production and often file conversion.
  • Data Wrangler/Data Manager: Similar to a DIT and can perform the same tasks but responsible for transferring media from CD cards, SDHC cards or other camera media to hard drive storage.
  • PA/Production Assistant: General assistance to anyone on the crew.
  • Location Scout: Pre-production evaluation to a set or location(s) for lighting conditions, ambient sound, electrical distribution, space for equipment, as well aesthetic value, beauty or scene appropriateness.
  • There are other types of crew members and Mister Photon Media is able to refer these experts or provide them directly.