Colorado area freelance cameraman with or without crew

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Footage from Colorado cameraman & director of photography Nick Teti, Miter Photon Media

Mister Photon Media, Colorado area freelance cameraman

For clients needing a Colorado area professional freelance cameraman with camera gear and a camera crew if needed, Nick of Mister Photon Media provides these services, along with camera crew members if you’re production has personnel but needs more expertise with gear. Or hire Nick as a single cameraman for your video production, film or television productions. Use the table of contents above to review Mister Photon Media’s services. A cameraman or camerawoman is often called a videographer or sometimes a director of photography.

Mister Photon Media equipped for COVID-19

In COVID-19 times Nick is available to work as a solo cameraman, camera operator of videographer among other roles in assistance, or as a director of photography with a specific camera crew. Nick’s professional experience dates to 1990 with many skills in video, film, and television production, as well, additional experience as a photographer. We use a face mask in public and on assignment.

Food and Beverage Photograph: Professional photography by Denver Colorado photographer Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.

Video Playlist

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Additional Services

For clients needing more than a cameraman, camera crew or freelance camera crew members or photographer Mister Photon can assist with these services among others. We also respect other production companies and other company relationships.

Video Production Support

  • Video Production, film or television production, including supporting producers, networks, companies or other clients.
  • Specific freelance camera crew members with gear.
  • Entire camera crew: HD, 4K video, television, ENG, film or other type.
  • Script Writing, Story Boards, art, concept artist services.
  • 3D motion graphics/animation and post production.
  • Audio for broadcast, podcast or other needs.
  • Other media production services.

Still Photographer Services

  • Still Photographer services.

Video production, photography, and television production samples.


1 (720) 299-2084

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Skype: Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media, Colorado

Use the table of contents above this page’s table of contents to learn more about Mister Photon Medias capabilities for Colorado video production, film, television, photography, graphics, animation and art.